Thursday, December 16, 2004

LMAO! Please learn how to read!

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Somebody wrote this:
you fucking asshole. KL is the best place to be at okay. you should really burn in hell. you should enjoy the culture. you just complain and boast. this is you "oh singapore is so great bladibladiblah" well, in singapore you cant chew gum. at least malaysians are civilized and we can chew gum. unlike your stupid smelly fucking orchad street. wth is ochard street? haha.. sell cheap skate christmas toys. and whatabout your stupid dirty hotels? the last time i been to singapore i found 4 dead lizards in my toilet bowl. whatabout that huh? and.. singaporeans are all kiasi's haha. lousy bitches. your shopping malls? crap. malaysia's shopping malls? THE lousy asshole. go burn in hell.p.s. dont worry, i'll pray to God so that you can die early and burn in hell.bye bye lousy english people. go back to kindergarden.



CIVILIZE PEOPLE ARE ABLE TO CHEW GUM? WHAT'S THE LOGIC HERE? Yea, civilize people like you who chew gum and stick it on the chair, floor and wherever you like? HOHOHO!

ALSO, IT'S ORCHARD RD AND NOT ORCHARD STREET.Please read up before you even criticize others, you fool!

Well, after all I think this person is nuts. I didn't even say KL SUCK! I just said that the foods at 'Mr Ramen' & 'Mr Tepanyaki' suck! I think he/she got some problem reading my blog or maybe he/she don't understand English? If I think KL is a lousy place, why would I go there in the first place. Well, anyway, say whatever you want. If you don't like it here, then leave. No one force you to read. Lastly, THANKS FOR COMING, IP.! You are stupid! If god read this, I think you will be the one who got punished instead of me. Lol! Stupid food!

This pass 3 days...

13th Dec - I saw Tong2! He is so awesome and Im gald he looked back at me too. Hehe!
14th Dec - Nothing much happen.
15th Dec - My Mum is being unreasonable again. *sigh*

Im going to find a part time job tomorrow. Guess that's all for today. Bye!

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Friday, November 19, 2004

Snap! Snap! Snap!

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[Listening: N.O.R.E feat. Nina Sky, Daddy Yankee, Gem Star & Big Mato-Oye Mi Canto]

Wahaha! Samuel wants me to blog! Haha! I actually wanted to talk about graduation night thingy again but I decided not to. I decided to post photos instead. Hehe! I took lots of photos with my webcam today! Check it out!

This is for all lovely couples!

This is for all good buddies!

This is for all great sisters!

For anyone who is going to sleep now.

For those who didn't sleep well last night.

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Monday, October 4, 2004



In less than 1 month, I'll be taking my O level exam. I have to spend lesser time infront of my computer. I'll only come back after my exam. This exam is ultra important to me. I really want to do well and hopefully I can go to the polytechic that I want to. Wish me good luck ok? For now, I'll only update my livejournal. I think LJ is much more better than blogger and it's more easier to use. Hehe! If you miss me, feel free to go to my LJ to check me out.Best wishes to all my friends who are taking your O level exam. I know you people can do it! Work hard and don't let yourself down. Hey Ling Hui! If you're reading this, it's time for you to switch off your computer and study hard. Haha! Good luck to everyone!!!

Buona fortuna!

Friday, October 1, 2004


[ saintxsin ]
[Feeling: Look at the avatar]
[Listening: Maroon 5 - Through with you ]

I bought new Maroon 5 CD. I know it's a waste of money but I don't care. The person who took my discman will GET HE/SHE RETRIBUTION SOON!

I skip school today because I stayed up late last now and I can't get up the next morning. Hehe! Now, I don't know what excuse should I give my form teacher.

I really want to thanks my best buds. They always call me when I didn't go to school. They'll always call to see if I'm ok. My sis said that her friends don't even give a damn about her if she didn't go to school. I'm really glad that I know them. Although sometimes I'm really angry by their behaviour, action and attitude, I still have to say I really love you guys. Without you two, my life will be dull and liveless.

I'm quite happy that people actually come and confide their problems to me. I'm gald that they think I'm a trustworthy person. *Grin* I'm becoming a more spiritual person. Lol! J/k. I just hope I can do my best for them.

Mrs Tan wanted to see me but untill today I have not go and find her. I have to book a date with her tomorrow. *sigh*

To my other friends who feel trouble by some problems.. Here's some messages for you.
(Sorry I just love this so much. Lol!)

No matter how difficult the challenge, when we spread our wings of faith and allow the winds of God's spirit to lift us, no obstacle is too great to overcome.

Hope never abandons you; you abandon it.

Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine. I am not concerned that you have fallen - I am concerned that you arise.

-For CJS

When you're feeling sad, just remember that, I'M CUTE, YOU'RE CUTE and OTHERS IS UGLY.

- For HT

There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving and that's your own self!

- For LK

Forget about the sadness and sorrow and look on the brighter side of life.

-For Melvin

To get the rainbow, you have you endure the storm first.

- For everyone who is reading this.

All the best to everyone!

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Friends. Friends. Friends.

This morning was super duper scary. I felt really awful and I really felt alot for the whole suitation. I don't know why, maybe I experience a smiliar suitation before. When I see we what JC did this morning, I was really taken aback and I really takes my hat of JS for being so calm in all suitation. JS really has a very strong character, at least that's what I think. When JC threw something at JS's table, it hit my chair, suddenly I felt I was half deaf. I don't know why, maybe the impact was really big.

Seeing them this way, I nearly wanted to cry out because it just reminds me how painful I was when such things t happen to me. Also, I hate to see them this way. All the lessons before recess, I found myself can hardly laugh but I somehow manage to. Whatever happen to them. I wish them all the best. Well, we're all CAIs so I think I should send my blessing to them too. *wink*

During English lesson, I wrote something about them. I wonder if it's nice as my English isn't that fantastic after all.

One aways hide his inner emotion,
another often shows his feelings by making a commotion.

He smiles, laughs and make sure he is himself,
while another will flare up and kick the shelf.

To end the friendship, he throws all the past away,
but another never wants it to end up this way.

Why must they do this to each other,
whne they actually love one another.

To get the rainbow, you have to pass the storm first.

No matter how difficult the challenge, when we spread our wings of faith and allow the winds of God's spirit to lift us, no obstacle is too great to overcome.

Hope never abandons you; you abandon it.

Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine.

I am not concerned that you have fallen - I am concerned that you arise.

My another friend is feeling very down too. I just feel that sometimes she is very fake but I think she just doesn't want to show how she totally feel. But luckily, she did told me how she felt about certain things. I send her a SMS her before and tell her... "When you're feeling sad, just remember that, I'M CUTE, YOU'RE CUTE and OTHERS IS UGLY" Not much meaning, I just want her to be happy :)

Ok, forget about the sadness and sorrow... I shall talk about something else...Sorry can't think of one. All is just so... forget it. Bye! I need some sleep now.

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Monday, September 27, 2004

Shocking news about English Prelim Exam

Today school was quite bad. I was tired and my eye's lid was weighting heavier and heavier each time Mrs Tan spoke. Not long, I was caught by Mrs Tan, she asked me to go to the toilet to wash my face. Hehe!

There was also another SHOCKING NEWS! Do you know that only 20% of the whole secondary four students passed their English Prelim Exam? I was like, WTF? It's the first time I failed my English soooooooo badly for my English. Everyone was cursing and scolding Mrs Siew. She is soooo strict!! No teacher ever mark it such a way that so many people failed. I think she is sick! Her husband must had a quarrel with her before she marked the paper. SICKO!

Then after school I went to find Mr Fuad for my class photos and he told me that for the time being he can't find the photos so I have to come and find him again tomorrow to get the photos from him. I think Mr Fuad is getting old. *sigh*

I wanted to make my own POSB card today and later then I realised that I'm still underage to make my own POSB card! Dammit! That also means I can't buy my own discman and digital cam yet! Argh!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Mood: Happy!
Listening: Nothing!

Ian is more than just a swimmer!


Hehe! This is the one when he was preparing for the 100m freestyle. The one that caught me by surprised that he actually know how to act cute. Lol!

This morning I have my Prelim Science Pratical. The paper is still alright. Not too difficult and not too easy. I think I made some mistakes here and there. Hopefully, I can pass. Btw, after the practial, when Minyi saw Christopher, she immediately went to tell him her experience for her practical. Lol! I think she has misunderstood something. I bet she thinks her guarding star is Christopher. Well, her gaurding star was much bigger than Christopher. Lol! The story has just begin...

[EDIT] Singapore's Li Jiawei lost 3-4 to South Korea's Kim in table tennis. Although it's a little disappointed, there's still chance of getting the bronze! I bet many of my fellow Singapore are all behind her too! [/EDIT]

4E6 Rock!

[Feeling: Exhausted ]
[Listening: The Darkness - I believe in a thing called love ]

We have floorball competition today! 4E6'ians are a group of awesome people. All competitors and non-competitors was so enthusiastic. Although we lost, we gain another level of team spirit. I think I didn't play my best. During PE lesson, I actually had a fall. I hurt my old injury again.Argh! Not only that, I also have some blisters on my toe. I thought it's ok so I told them that I still can play. I wanted to play! I hope I can score and help my class to win! I think Im a little crazy to continue to play with my injury but I really wanted to my class to win.

I thought I don't like my class but now I realized, I do love my class alot!
We lost the first match. I was very angry about Mr Koh. He gave a controversial penalty to the opponent. I was also very sad because I think my class has lots of potetial and we have great players like Azmi, Mirza & Nurul, I thought we should have won. I almost wanted to cry when I see my class keep losing.

At last we won 2-0 for our last match. Almighty Mirza! He scored twice! He's a better scorer than I. Lol! I think Im not suppose to compare me and him. Sometimes, I really envy people like Mirza & Nurul. They're not only good in sports, they're good in their studies and they're also very good looking! Haha!

To add on something, I think Desmond is a real gentleman. Haha! During the game, he accidentally knocked me down. Guess what he did next? Most guys will just say sorry but he helped me up. Hehe! Isn't he nice? Haha! But too bad he already has a girlfriend.

Talking about sports. Hehe. Im showing off some of my trophies and medals I have won. Hehe! They're real one ok. Those trophies are heavy. Haha! I won all these are either because of Volleyball or from field track events.

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Monday, September 20, 2004

The Terminal

Feeling: Great
Listening: Usher - Confession Part 2

I went to see The Terminal with my sis! This movie was really really awesome. I sugguest all of you to go and watch it. The show is really hilarious. I was laughing real hard when Navorski, the guy who stuck at the terminal, helping his friend to ask Dolores many many question.

There's also some part which are very touching, esp, when the Gupta, the cleaner, trying to stop the plane from flying and also when Navorski was telling Amelia that he promised to grant his late father's wish - to go to New York to get an certain jazz player's signature.

Erm.. I was bad in describing something because my English vocab. is limited. Haha! Hope whatever I said doesn't spoil the movie. Haha! It's a great movie! Tom Hanks is brilliant! Steven Spielberg is a great director! Oh.. what's more can I saw. You better go watch it, if you have not!

Tomorrow is going to be my D-Day!! Argh!!

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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Romanisti Per Sempre!

Mood: Angry
Listening: Scott Stepp - Relearn Love

Fuck those people who kept saying "Shame on Roma". Can't you people realized that IT'S ONE STUPID FAN'S ACTION that lead to the whole problem. It's none of Roma players' fault! You people shouldn't just point finger at them. Now Roma might face a hefty fine and might even ban from Champion League, which I hope it won't happen. I hate read those stupid comments from some people's blog. Can you people be more sensible? Even if you hate Roma, it's not right to attack them this way. It's not fair to them! Fuck you people!

Romanisti Per Sempre!

Btw, today is Saturday, nothing much about it. I wanted to buy Roma's jersey today but I think it'd be better if I'll make my POSB card first then I can use it to buy!! Somehow I can't make up my mind whether I want a the name 'Totti' or 'Cassano' at the back of the jersey. Never mind, I guess I still have time to think.

That day I found tons of lovely Ian's photos. I kept drooling over those photos. Lol! I kept disturbing my friends, saying how handsome he was. Haha! Hm.. can't believe what Kim said yesterday. Although I have heard a lot about this, I can never really accept when people says that he's a gay. Whether he is or not, it don't really affect me. Well, I really don't buy that theory. I guess I just hope he swim well for all events, it doesn't matter if he's gay or not because I know he will never be mine. Haha!

I'm SO HAPPY! I manage to get rid of the gettymage tag!!!!!

Anyway, I realized that I blog again in less than 24 hours! Haha! So I don't mind having only 3 comments. Haha!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Away for 1 week.

Feeling: Sleepy
Listening: Switchfoot - Dare you to move

Ok I'll be away for 1 week. I'm not going for holidays although I wish I am. Haha! I'm occupy with tons of exam for this week. During exam, I guess there won't be much things to blog about. Haha! Do miss me ok? I'll be back on Tue! I'd love you if you leave a comment and I'll check back your site soon!

Fabio Cannavaro
My boy..*wink*

Hm... I'll just talked a little about today. I dream again. Some rubbish thing. I dream that Singapore, Jurong area had a blackout again and I was there cursing the government. Haha!

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Monday, September 13, 2004

Super Slacker!

Feeling: *sigh*
Listening: Switchfoot - Dare you to move

Today Chem prelim wasn't so hard after all. I didn't really study, so for some questions I can't think of the answer. Haha! Who to blame? Me! Many of the question, I answered using my memory. What's worse is that I can't answer some stupid-super-easy question. Haha! Who to blame? Me! *sigh* I didn't study much for all subjects except for my humanities.

I'm like waiting to fail all my subjects. *sigh* After today's prelim, Hui Ting and I was like, "
It's just a prelim!!" Haha! I know I can't do this for my O level. *sigh* I have to prepare for tomorrow Math & MT prelim. *sigh*

Ok, talk about something more happier. Roma beat Forentia 1-0! Just as what I have expected. A good start for Roma but a bad start for Cassano as he was being sent off. *sigh* Not too happy after all. Argh! Just can't find some happy things.

Probably this...

Happy 31st Birthday to Cannvaro!

Image Hosted by
Wish him all the best in whatever he do!

Yay! I think of a new good news! is going to have a new hostee! Haha! I have to go and practice some Math sum now. All the best to myself.

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Sunday, September 12, 2004


Feeling: Excited
Listening: My Dad is listening to his oldies' song again!

I can't help it when I see him. I'll jump up and down. Haha! I'm so smitten with my new neighbor. He is young and has a shoulder length, dyed hair. Medium built. Handsome. Tan. About the type of guy that I like. Haha!

The first time I saw him was when I was walking to the lift, his house's door was opened and I saw him mopping the floor and he was shirtless! Whaoooo... I kept looking at him and I only turned away when he look at my direction. That was the time I have fallen for him. Haha! My sis told me that he was looking at me. If that was really true, I'll be flying. Haha!

It's not easy to see him as his door is always close. So sad right? Haha! There was also another time that I played with his son when he's not around. Haha! His son is sooooo cuteeee. How I wish I can play with him again. *sigh*

Yesterday night was a total madness. I saw his door opened! Sadly, he wasn't around. But that was enough to make me felt so great. Haha! I kept chuckling to my sis but later it end up in some bad inccident with my Mum. *sigh*

This afternoon when my family was going to eat lunch, I saw him again!!! I was so excited and I tried to look at him but I turned away when he looked at my direction. I saw him smiling. Aww...He's so cute. I think I'm crazy. He's married and he got 2 children! Don't you think I'm mad? Haha! Yes, I think I am. I don't stand any chance at all! I'm only 16 and I don't know how old he is. I remembered that I told my sis that I wanted to leave a note at his doorstep. Haha! I'm crazy, insane, mad. nuts & obsessive. Ok don't talk about this. Hehe!

Milan draw 2-2 with a newly promoted club. Dida was sent off. This was bad enough but Roma fans said that Milan cheated. One of their goal was offside. Argh. I don't know. Who ask me to like Roma and Milan.

Ok, I'll have my Chem prelims tomorrow. Good luck to me. Bye!

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Monday, September 6, 2004

Girly Totti.

Feeling: Great!
Listening: Maroon 5 - This love

I found these photos last night and I just can't help it but to laugh.

Haha! If you're those young teenagers who regularly went to take the neoprints. You'll know why. Haha! So girly! Haha!

OMG! I can't believe that Totti went to has his hair straighten!! Argh! Missed his wavy hair. *sob* Can you un-straighten your hair back?

Well, what you guys thing about guys having their hair straighten? Well, it all depends for me. Usually guys don't look really great with their straighten hair. It's more suitable for girls!!

I wanted to post another pic but I think it's too obscene. Lol! So I decided not to. Haha! I'm also looking for suitable Ian's pic to compare with Ibrahimovic. I have so much to say about the lost twins. Haha!

Today was a great day. Chemistry practical was the simplest practical I ever did!! Haha! After that during Math lesson we got back our Paper 1. I didn't pass but I just need 5 more marks to pass. It's a great achievement for myself because I'll usually get some shitty marks. Lol! I must work harder during this 1 week holiday. I always say that but I'm not sure if I'll do it. Hehe!

Hopefully, I will pass as my future is important. I'm going to study for the rest of this 1 week except for tomorrow because I'm going to buy my Roma jersey!! Well, there goes my money. Haha! But to me, it's always worth it. If I can't get the new jersey, I might get something else. I'm not sure yet!

Also, that stupid Mirza said that Roma won't get the top 3 spot for this season.
I'm sure that he's wrong!! I can't deny Milan is great and I like Milan too. Hehe! Inter? Cannavaro have left them and their defence will be leaking because Materazzi suck! Juve? If they continue to use Del Piero, all their summer shopping will gone down to the drain. Haha! has closed for don't know whatever reason. I didn't know this is going to happen and almost all my fanlistings that is hosted there has lost all it's members!! *sob* I have moved them to my domain now. Only the members' list at Cannavaro Fl is safe. Other Fls members' lists is gone. *sigh*

Saturday, September 4, 2004

Old folks ain't that bad...

Feeling: Sleepy
Listening: Nothing

I don't feel like watching WWE anymore and I'm going to sleep soon but before that let me said what I want. Haha! I went for CIP today. We have to teach the old aunties and uncles how to use the computer. Well, I thought it'll be very boring but it turned out to be quite interesting. The 2 old ladies that Im teaching was so funny. They laugh over small little things. Those elderly are quite funny at times. Well, I think I didn't waste my time during my CIP. It's meaningful.

Good news! I finally figure out how to setup the database!!! Now all the fanlistings can host under my own domain!! Yay! Haha! But the bad news is... is down and many of my fanlistings are hosted there. *cross finger* I hope the server will be back soo or else I'll cry!!

Another good news... I just done a new layout for Indulgence and it's featuring Ian Thorpe!! Actually there's still things to edit and I wanted to use flinx but I just can't wait to put up the layout so... haha! I have upload everything when something is not done yet. Lol! Also new desktop! It's Thopey again! Hehe!

I watched the news just now and I'm so sick about what the terrorists did to those young children in Russia. They're so inhuman! Can't believe that such things actually happen. I don't know what will I do if I'm there. *shiver* That's all guys! Good nite!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Last post... before I prepare for prelim

Feeling: Ok
Listening: Nickelback - How you remind me

Thanks Jojo for reading my crap. I promise this is my last post! *swear* I'll blog again after my Prelims and I'll do a new layout after my prelims. I Promise!

Ok, before I go, I just wanna ask... Anyone know what's the real meaning of being a friend?

Also leave me some message while Im away ok? Lol!

[EDIT] *Heartache* Canna with Ibrahimovic (The guy that people said he looks like Ian Thorpe.)

No matter where he go I'll still like/support him. All the best to him!

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Life sucks!

Feeling: Sick and tired.
Listening: None.

I shouldn't be blogging? Sorry but I have to because I felt so sucky today. I hate everything around me now. Today we have teacher's day celebration, nothing much to mention about the uneventful event. SPY suggested that we shall go out and catch a movie after school and I agreed. SPY was asking Xiao Gang to go too and HT wasn't very happy about it. After I think HT said something that make SPY unhappy. When we're at the school's gallery, SPY was giving those black face with that kind of only-she-know attitude. I thought something is wrong with her or what, so out of concern, HT and I asked her but she didn't say anything. Should you be keeping things from us? I don't know. After HT called her boyfriend to go too. Holy shit!

Blah...That's nothing much about the things that I wanted to say. I feel so fuck up and pissed off. I feel that SPY, you're much happier with your boyfriend. Yea, I know he treats you very good and you wanna treasure him, fine, ok ahead, I don't care but why I feel you're much happier with him? Are we giving you too much pressure or you feel that we these fucking friends care too much about you? Seems like you only tell him about your stuffs. And we these friends know none about it. Fine if you doesn't want to tell us. Fine. I couldn't care much about it. I won't tell you any fucking stuffs about me.

I'm so sad to say that I never ever feel like going out with you guys again. NEVER!

Why everything you suggest to go out and I choose not to go? Because I don't want to see you two have fun with your boyfriend and leave me like that that's why I will always give you all excuses about not going. I'm not jealous that you guys have your boyfriend and for godsake, HT, I don't need anybody to introduce guys to me, it's not as if I have nobody to like and I'M NOT DESPERATE FOR GUYS!! I don't want any of them right now. If I want, I guess I already have it. Ok, I'm not boasting about. it's a fact!

Everything is so different now, I don't give a fucking care about you 2 have boyfriend or what but I just feel it's so different from last time when we 3 go out together. I'm not asking for too much. I just hope if we,3, can just go out without your fucking boyfriend? Maybe forget about it, I never want to go out with you people anymore. All I can do is to pretend nothing has happen.

I know you guys are really really nice friends of mine but I just can't help it but to say all these. This is just how I feel. Don't need to feel guilty about it or what. You all have do whatever you have. Good luck for your exams.

Another thing make me sad. My sis is a great person, she always spoilt me by buying the things I like. I really appreciate that little things s done for me. I'm so fortunate to have a sis like you. But I just can't understand how you can just waste your time away like that? I'm so sad to see you play that fucking game everyday! Can you do something more meaningful for your life? I don't expect you to do something great but I really don't see you putting in effort in finding a job. WHY? I'm so tired today, I take a nap and when I wake up, you're playing that fucking game again. Why? Even if you're not worry about your future but I tell you, I am. I am very worry for you. I'm very worry.

My Dad, can you please don't always be so mean to my Mum? Yea, sometime she some dumb things but you don't need to say such things to her. You're so mean. I wanted to scold you but I know I can't. Can't you just treat her nicer? I hate you so much something. Someday, I might just blast at you. I don't know why and I'm not waiting for it.

Why people I love keep doing such things that make me feel so sick and tired? I'm utterly disappointed with all these people. Do you know it may seem that such things is so minor but I'm crying when I'm typing this shitty blog. I'm so upset. I don't know who should I speak you. Sometime I really hate you people but I hate you because I love you. I'm sad. So sad................

I really just want to concentrate on my studies. As for Thurs & Fri prelims, I hope I can do well for my humanities.

Thanks: Niece, Luthien, Kimmy

Monday, August 30, 2004

Quick note for the day...

Mood: Okay
Listening: Counting Crows - Accidentally in love

I know I said that I doesn't want to blog. But... Well, I just can't resist. Here's a list of things that's has been going on for these days.

+ Cannavaro is joining Juventus! It totally sucks!Sorry Luthien, Nedved is a great player but I hate Juventus. All Roma fans love to hate them. Roma will still beat Juventus 4-0! Inter Milan is so stupid to sell him to Juventus. Stupid! I don't want to hate Canna!! He rank 2nd for my favourite footballers of all time, I don't know if he's going to drop?! Pirlo might be replacing him. *sad*
+ Lippi didn't call up Canna and Panucci for the World Cup Qualifying round! OMG! How can Lippi leave out Canna, Italy's captain?
+ Roma beat 5-3 against Iran in yesterday friendly match. Totti scored thrice, Cassano & Mexes scored once. The presentation of the whole squad was awesome. Although I don't get to see it, those photos I have saw was good enough.
+ Tomorrow is Teacher's Day! Happy teacher's day!
+ Melvin is heart broken because the girl he likes doesn't love him. I'm sad for him. I read the letter that he's going to give to her, I felt really sorry for him. I knew that he really likes her. I told him that he's a great guy, there's always other girls out there. Did I just say he's a great guy? Duh!
+ Linghui has been going out with Jasper & Jiesi these days. I smell something fishy. Lol!
+ Olympics has ended. *sob*
+ I'm nuts! I keep listening to Counting Crows, Accidentally in love!
+ It's the first time I got 10 comments (from the previous blog)! Wow! Thanks everyone who commented!

Question of the day:
Is any of your friends is homosexual?

Love you guys: Chreezy, Jojo, Crissy, Ashley, Dani, Betty, Iman, Luthien, Angela

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Forza Azzurrini!

Mood: Extreme happy
Listening: Counting Crows - Accidentally In Love

Italy beat Iraq 1-0 and clinched the bronze medal!

Italia! Italia! Donadel and another Italian sang really loud. Lol!

Sports bring countries together!

Flower given by Iraqi captain for memory of a late Italian journalist killed in Iraq.
Dear Pirlo, you look really fierce. Lol!

I was waiting for this moment! Lol! *Yelling*
I used my phone to take this photo.

I'm accidentally in love with you...

I was overjoyed! I was so happy that they won. Although it's just a bronze, I'm very happy too! :) Pirlo played well today. He passed the ball nicely to Gilardino and he scored and that's the only goal for the match. Pirlo also created a few chances but the others didn't manage to score. Pirlo even tried to score but I guess he kicked too light. Well, it's ok, they won! Their defence was quite solid, especially Peli! He managed to save a few goals. He should be the man of the match!! Ferrari did well too! Hehe! Hopefully, Peli and Ferrari will do their best for Roma too! ;) Forza Azzurrini!

Prandelli is really leaving. *sigh* All the best to him and hope Roma and quickly get a striker that they wanted. Gilardino? If it's Ibrahimovic... Not too bad but not advisable. Haha! Well, maybe... Haha! By the way, he looks like Ian Thorpe! Lol! It's true! Not only me, many Roma's fans agree too. Haha!

Being nasty and mean are somehow the same as being a bitch. I just don't like the word 'bitch', that's why I rather be nasty and mean. Lol! Anyway, looks like people prefer to be a bitch? Not just the ones who commented but also my friends too :)

Question of the day:
Have you ever love someone so deeply and knowing that you'll never get him/her?

P/s: I won't be blogging for about 1 week or more because my prelims is coming. I have to study hard for it. See ya guys! I'll be back soon! ;)

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Friday, August 27, 2004

Bad start for giallorossi

Feeling: No idea.
Listening: Simple Plan - Addicted

I really don't know what's going on. Everything seem so bad for Roma.

1. Prandelli might quit!!!
2. Roma are group with Bayer Leverkusen & Real Madrid for Champion League!
3. Roma has lost more for friendly matches than winning it. Hope it don't reflect much.
4. Mexes's deal not really fully done yet!
5. They can't get Gilardino!! Hopefully, they can get Zlatan?
6. Cassano & Mancini still lack match fitness.
7. Dacourt is injured.
8. Chivu won't be back so fast.

Isn't that bad enough? The worse is Prandelli might quit!!! OMG! This is the worst thing that can happen right now. I was so taken aback when i see this news. How i wish it's just a rumour. The new season starting soon and he's going to leave Roma?! I really really hope he can stay and hope his wife can get well soon. That's so sad. When all Roma fans is so optmistic about the new season., hoping they could get the scudetto this season and suddenly such things happen.

Btw, Ling Hui asked me that if I rather be a bitch or a slut? I answered her that I wanna be neither. I'd rather be someone who is mean and nasty. Lol! What you rather be??

[EDIT] I have revamped the gallery section. I have added more photos! Go check it out if you want to ;) [/EDIT]

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Sleeping queen

Feeling: Dying
Listening: Nothing

How much longer can I take, I feel like dying already. I feel so exhuasted almost everyday. What have I done? Why am I always so tired, frankly, I'm not doing sex at night, so why am I so tired? Lol! Yesterday, I slept during the 2 periods of Geo lesson, 2 period of POA lesson, 1 period of reading period and 1/2 alseep during math. Luckily, I didn't sleep that much today.

Dammit! Math test on Thurs and Fri. It's killing me! I guess I'm gonna fail again. I lack of practice. I'm so sleepy now so I'm not sure if later I can really practice some questions. I went to take a nap just now and I still think I don't have enough sleep. I'm slowly turning in a human-pig.

By the way... I don't know what to say about this morning match, Italy VS Argentina. I can't really criticize Italy because those players are just young boys. Lol! But getting a 3-0 lose was rather bad. They lose concentration during the 2nd half and they go forward too much. That's probably the reasons why they lost.

One last thing is... Pirlo!! I don't wish to say him because I like him but his freekick was so lousy. I don't know what to say, he was a magnificent player when he plays for Milan and his freekick is so breathtaking!

But when he played for the Azzurrini, his freekick is just so damn fucking lousy. :x I don't want to scold him. *sob* I feel so hurt too but I just feel disappointed. Pirlo has not been playing well for all the matches. He only play well for Milan?? Ok, on the brighter side, they might be getting a bronze if they can beat the Iraqis for the next match. For now, Argentina is the red hot favourite to win the Olympics football. No more comments.

Andrea Pirlo
My darling, Pirlo.

My virtual family

1. Husband - Totti
2. Outside affair - Cannavaro
3. Outside affair - Pirlo
4. Brother - Cassano
5. Best bud - Ian
6. Cousin - Mexes

Blah... so bored. That's all rubbish.

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

So many things to do.

Mood: Tired!
Listening: Pazza Inter

There's going to be a Chem mock test and Geo test tomorrow!! So boring and tiring. I don't feel like studying for Chem but I don't want to get a lousy marks too. *sigh* Anyway, after hearing what the french fry said today, I think my Chem practical is gonna be a gone case. *sigh*

Also, I think Mr Fuad is rather nuts today. He wanted us to write an art review!!! He also wanted us to bring any 'work of art' to school for the next English lesson. Oh gosh! I was so lost. What should I bring? As for maths, Ms Tiong wanted to go through the Anglican High P2, the last question tomorrow and that's also the question that I have not do. *sigh* So many things to do!

Nothing much happen in school today. I was very tired and I slept during Social Studies. Well, some kind soul helped copy the notes for me while I'm sleeping. Haha! Isn't it great. Haha!

Weimin finally buy me Char Siew Bao! Haha! I wasn't serious but he is. Haha! Thanks to him, I have bloated lunch. Lol!

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Friday, August 20, 2004

Fun and happy day!

Mood: Great!
Listening: Black Eyed Peas - Let's get it started!

Today was rather a good day. Minyi was slightly better today. Well, at least I did talked and laughed with her today. I can sense that kind of hatred in Minyi. I think she really hate Ling Hui although she didn't say it. These 2 days Minyi is trying to be very sarcastic to Ling Hui. Well, she didn't behave that way towards me. Hehe! After all, I'm still the Black Angel. Ling Hui the White Devil don't seem to be too good. Lol! Whatever it is, Minyi is pretending to befriend with Ling Hui.

During English lesson, Mr Fuad allowed us to do our own revision then there came the 3 cheeky boys - Mirza, Azmi & Ryhan. They tried to play a prank on Ling Hui, Minyi & me. Too lazy to describe. The most important thing was that I took my revenge on Ryhan! Hehe! Ryhan was taken aback by my action and everyone was laughing! Haha!

Is it wrong to paste a shirtless guy picture on the student's diary? Haha! During POA lesson, the french fry suddenly came into the classroom because she saw Belina was sleeping. I didn't know what she told her because I have my headset on and I'm revising my Bio. Before she go she walked near me and stand between me and Minyi. The french fry saw Cannavaro's shirtless picture on my student's diary! She flipped opened the cover page! She thought that belongs to Minyi so Minyi quickly pointed her finger at me. I was dumb-founded. The french fry knocked my head and said:"Aiyo! You're interested in such thing?" And she left. Haha! What's so wrong about the picture? Haha! It's not as if it's NUDE! Haha!

During Chinese lesson, Mdm Tan gave out the free newspaper. I told her that I want it. I turned to the sports section and saw Thorpey's photo! I totally went ga-ga over it. Haha! I took the newspaper home and took the newspaper from SPY and Melvin and cut it out. I guess I was nuts. Haha!

Olympics: Good news to Singapore! Li Jia Wei beat China's Wang Nan in table tennis. Will there be a medal after 44 years? Well, maybe her boyfriend can't do it, she can?

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

You have done well...

Mood: Semi- disappointed & semi - happy
Listening: Nothing

The Olympics badminton game just ended a few minutes ago. Susilo lost to the Thai player. It was rather disappointing. He lost 10 - 15 and 1 - 15! The second set was really a terrible result. Nevertheless, I did he has done his best. At least he have beaten China's World best! To able to get into the last 8 was quite an achievement but just not good enough to help Singapore to break the 40 years medal drought. My Dad was a great joker. He said that Susilo must be quarelling with his girlfriend, Li Jia Wei. She's a table tennis player. Maybe there's still a slim chance of hope?

Talking about doing well... I think I have done my best for my O level English Oral Examination. I really go all out to say whatever I want. I got the feeling that this was the best English oral I have ever done. For the reading section. I think I do quite ok. Although I do feel a little nervous but I'm still able to control my nerves and continue to read it smoothly. Not much mistakes as far as I know. I think I have done a better job than what I have done for my Chinese oral.

After the reading, I turned to the picture description part. I was rather stunned by the new syllabus! It's so different. I didn't even get to descript the picture much. The invigilator asked me what you think the teacher is telling the children. I said.........After saying my answer I tried to continue to describe the picture. Before I can continue to say, the invigilator suddenly popped another question. She asked me what I think those children will do after the teacher read the story to them. I answered that there might be 2 possibility...blah.... I think I talk quite a lot.

Finally, I ended my last sentence, the invigilator said:"Let's move to the conversation part." I was totally taken aback. I'm wondering, is that all? I have said all that I have prepared to say. Or did I say too much that the invigilator wanted me to shut up? Lol! I remembered Mr Fuad said that the invigilator usually will ask 3 questions but the teacher only asked me 2. I think the teacher really wanted me to shut up :x Lol!

Before going to the conversation part, the invigilator smiled at me and told me not to be panic and nervous. I was felt a little relief and smiled back. She's quite friendly after all. I remembered hearing Jiesi and Val's remarks about that Indian invigilator the moment they saw her face. Well, never judge a appearance by it's cover. Hehe!

At the conversation part, the invigilator asked when I feel lonely the most. I shared some of my 'lonely' experience and also crap a little. After all, it'll too dull to speak the truth. Lol! I also told them that loneliness is something that can’t be avoided because when we grow up we have to be independent and by that time our friends might not be there. Blah… Both invigilators nodded their head. That makes me really thrilled! Lol! I was like, wow, they agreed with me!! Haha! I crap after that. I somehow repeat my point by changing the sentence structure. Lol! I bet the invigilators don’t mind. Haha!

After that the invigilator asked me how I overcome my loneliness… I think I replied them with a convincing answered. Hopefully, they think that too. Finally, the invigilator asked the last question. They asked if I ever have a chance to work overseas, would I go. I gave them 1 definite answer, YES! Blah…Another convincing answer for the invigilators. Hope so. Ok, I'm allowed to leave their sight now. Haha! Hey! They only asked me 3 questions! I think that was good. Does it show I did talk a lot and it's enough for them to give me marks? Hopefully. Just have to pray hard. Overall, I feel great. I think I have done my best and there's no regret! For now, it's may God bless me.

Have to focus on my Chem/Bio practical now. It's on Saturday. Work hard and strive for excellence!

Talking about yesterday, I dream that Minyi took away my New Paper where there's Ian Thorpe's photo in it!! Haha! Isn't that funny. Actually, I can't really remember. I only remembered when I saw Minyi in school. Wahaha! This really amused me alot! Haha!

Lastly, I must thanks Ling Hui for reminding me to bring my IC and entry proof for today oral. Thanks alot! I feel so lucky. That might also be the reason that I did well (my own perspective).

Ok, ok, really the last time....I feel really sorry for Hui Xin for what's happening in her family. May God bless her.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Love prevail all!

I have a terrible headache right now. I guess because I'm depriving of sleep. After blogging, I'm going to jump into my bed. Anyway, I have edited someone love letter to someone. I think I did a great job! Lol!


I hope you like the rose that I gave you that day. Red colored rose symbolizes “I love you”. I really do feel this way about you. It’s not a prank and I’m not fooling. I’m serious. This is the first time that I’m so serious about a girl.

You’re the one who really can brighten up my days and you’re also the one who make me feel so enthusiastic to come to school everyday. No one ever make me feel this way, except you.

I really hope that you will accept me when I reveal my name to you. I really want to be with you.

Human being tend to cherish someone when they lost one. I never want that to happen to me. I don’t want to regret and start cursing myself in the future for letting you slip away from my life. I really can’t bear to see you leave my sight. I’m afraid that I won’t have any chance to find you back again.

However, I don’t wish to burden you, as I know you’re facing pressure for your Prelims and O level. Continue to work hard and strive for excellence! All the best to you! I’ll speak to you again in the next letter.

Love prevail all!

With Love,
Your guarding star.

That someone didn't write so well but I guess with my touch of magic, it's so much better. Lol! Love prevail all!

I show Minyi my mini Ian Thorpe's photos collection today!!! She said he's so handsome. Lol! Of cos he is. Always! I won't go into so much of his victory as my sis has already mentioned. Another news, Susilo beat the German badminton player. He's into the last 8! All the best to him!

Geo lesson: We have geo test today. One word, hopeless. I didn't study for it. So nothing to complaint about.

POA lesson: Nothing much. The only thing was that Minyi went to the toilet for about 30min!! When she came back, she told me that she was grooming her hair and stuff and totally forget about the time. Duh!!

PE lesson: Floor ball rules! I scored again! Yahoo! I feel like Im a fox in box. Lol! However, I hate to play with the sec 3. Feel so weird. It's like do I know you? After that we have a dance. Chicky dance? Chicken dance? I don't know what's that but it's fun.

Form teacher period: I got back my progress report card! Nothing to show off about. I got a mediocre marks for English (too ashame to say it. Lol), 70 for Chinese (no surprise?!), 64 for Combine Human. (Damn! Should have done better if not for my History!),& 92 for Geography (Bravo!). Math and Science? Failed! Haha!

Chinese lesson: Boooooo! Boring teacher bored me to the core. One word, boredom!

Chemistry lesson: Quite fun but I got some scolding from the French fry because I didn't follow the instruction. Lol! But I think I was clam and I feel like I was ignoring her words. Hehe!

CME: William Hung is in da house! Ok, it's just our stupid-irritating-it's-not-my-fault teacher! He's such an irritant and he look and sound so much like William Hung. Haha!

Ok, I can't stand it anymore. I gotta go and find my bed or it will never come to me.

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Friday, August 13, 2004

Friday the 13

So what's the big deal with that? Lol!

Happy birthday to my sis! I never bought her any present. Hehe! So sorry! I'm too busy to buy anything for you. But I give my big heart to you ok? Lol!

I watched Italy VS Ghana this morning so Im worn out when Im in school. Italy draw with Ghana. I'm satisfy with the result. I believe there's hope for the young Italian team. Gilardino was great. But his action always reminded me of Inzaghi. Lol! Kinda expected that Pirlo was going to be the captain because he's the oldest there. Lol! Actually, he's only 24. Haha!

Olympic soccer is only for players under 23 and they only allow 3-4 over-age player. The moment I saw Pirlo, I was like. Aiyo! That sleepy face again! Haha! Pirlo was wearing jersey no. 10. Weeee! Totti's number! Haha! No wonder in the senior team. When there's Totti, there wont be Pirlo. When there's Pirlo it means no Totti. Haha!

Thursday, August 12, 2004


Mood: tired
Listening: Nothing

Should I or shouldn't I?

I got a B3 for my Chinese O level which I think was NOT GOOD AT ALL! I got a merit for my oral which I also think that it was NOT GOOD AT ALL! I know I will get such result for my oral because I know I did badly for my oral. I'm so disappointed when my friends were able to get distinction for their oral and not me! I remembered I get the highest for my Chinese oral in MYE. But so what? I screwed all up during my oral! It sucks!

I only have 2 choices now, retake my Chinese O level or don't. I don't feel like retaking. Maybe if I get distinction for my oral, I might want to retake it. But I got just a merit! This really got me into trouble! I was afraid that if I retake it again, I'll still get a B3!!! Even my cousin said that I have to try my luck which I doesn't want to. I hate to play with luck and sort of stuffs. It's hard for me to ask others for suggestion because it'll just prove to be useless because the outcome will depend on me! Argh!

Anyway, my sis's birthday is tomorrow! Hm... Not idea what to buy for her. Haha! Maybe just treat her better? Lol!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I'm not a lesbian

Mood: tired
Listening: Amala

I don't know how those gang of girls arrived at this statement. They said Minyi is a lesbian?! This really put a big question mark on my head. How can she be one? I don't believe. Anyway, Minyi never say about thing about this, it's only those girls' theory. Ling Hui asked me to be careful because Minyi might target me. I was like... What? Even if she really target me, I can only say I'm not a lesbian. I definitely can be her friend but nothing more than that because I always love my boyfriend. Haha!

I think Minyi is really ill-fated. She always been treated like a little pest. I have already told her that Serene and gang are not a group of nice people. Yet, she refused to take my advice. Well, I can't really blame her maybe she's just too pure innocent or she's just plain silly?

Anyway, no matter what. I'll just stay to my own opinion about her. She's already ill fated enough, I shall be a little angel and continue to entertain her. Lol! She wasn't so bad after all. Only sometimes when she talked, no one understand what's she's talking about. Haha!

Nevertheless, I won't treat her like how they all treated her. It's not that I want to pretend to be nice. I just find that it's not necessary and it's plain childish to treat her this way.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Last day of holidays!

Mood: happy
Listening: Jet - Are you gonna be my girl

Booooooooo! Damn it! Have to go back to school tomorrow! So boring! Argh! There's History test tomorrow and Bio test on Thurs. *sigh* Prelim is coming and I have to work hard. I only study a bit of History and I just flipped through my Bio notes. *sigh* Have to study later. So boring!

Anyway, I'm still waiting for my new domain to be activate! Wee! At least there's something to be cheer about. Haha! My new domain will be Haha! My mum asked me why we choose this name because it's sounds like we're selling some fruits or something. Haha! Of cos there's reason behind it. Wait till the domain is up and you'll know. Erm... Currently, thinking of a new layout for the domain. It's just so hard to think. Can't think of a person to feature on the layout. Well, wait till the domain is activate then.

I love the new Nike ad!!! This guy is so handsome and cuteee! I wonder who he is. Lol! I took some screen caps of him in the ad.

Don't you love him too? Hehe!

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Saturday, August 7, 2004

Moscow Circus!

6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th! Wee! No school! But I have to study for tests. *sigh* Well, it's ok, it's only Bio and History.

I went to Moscow Circus with my sis yesterday. I thought it was rather boring but it turned out to be quite fun to watch. Some performances are awesome and it really make us laugh. I love the the last performance! The guy who was performing is soooooooo handsome!!! I get so excited each time when it was his turn to perform his trick. He's so cuteeee! Oopps! So sorry, there I go again. Haha! But too bad didn't mange to take his photo. What a waste right? I can only count on my memory to remember his face. Aww...Haha! Anyway, I took some pathetic photos using my phone. Haha! Although the pictures seem to look so small, we can actually see very clearly. Don't you know that photos tell lies too? Haha!

1st photo (The starting performance) 2nd Photo (Just the stage) 3rd Photo (Some awesome performance. Lol!)

Thanks to those who comments on the site. I'm going out now. I'll get back to ya guys later!

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Thursday, August 5, 2004

Time & tides, wait for no man...

Mood: Bored
Listening: 3 Doors Down - Here without you

Today is 5th Aug 2004.

2 more days to the activation of our own domain!!!!!
4 more days to National Day.
5 more days to Ilhan Mansiz's birthday.
6 more days to history test.
7 more days to Bio test.
8 more days to the release of O level MT result!!!!!!!!
10 more days to erm... LH's birthday.
12 more days to the due date of CME project.
16 more days to Prelim Bio & Chem practical!!!!!!!!
28 more days to the start of Prelim!

There's not much time left!!

Anyway, I think I'm going to Junction 8 with my sis then we go to the Moscow Circus together. Hm... Nothing much today. Oh yay! When we were buying the tickets, we saw a guy that looks like Zambrotta! Lol! Isn't it Ironic? Haha!

M is such a troublesome person. If you like a person, yea maybe you can seek help from her friends. But don't you think you SMSes me too much? He kept asking this and that. So irritating. I can help you but not as much. If she don't like you, what can I do right? Frankly speaking, there's 99.9% that... She won't like you! Hehe! When I asked L, if M like you, will you like M? She said she rather like me!! Lol! That's hillarous!

According to today's Speech relay (if I didn't hear wrongly), gay sex is banned and it's illegal in Singapore but lesbian sex is not (but you have to do it privately). WTF?! Lol!

My Antonio Cassano fanlisting is approved by TF.Org! Yay! I'm so happy! Now I already got hold of Totti, Canna & Cassano FLs! So happy!!

Borrowed 2 books from the library today. Also borrowed 2 comics from Melvin.

Nothing much. Bye!

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Where is the french fry?

We have Chem practical after school. Before the practical, LH, M.Y & me was sitting somewhere outside the Chem lab. We're talking about 'What kind of guys do we like?' It's pretty interesting. When it's 3:27 PM, Melvin came and tell us that Mrs Tan was already here. So we quickly went to take our stuffs.

When I looked into the lab, I saw no one. So I was like talking quite loudly, "How come I didn't see her? Where is the french fry?" To my horror, Mrs Tan, indeed, was already in the lab and she heard what I said!! Haha!

Those who where outside the lab were all laughing. I can't help but to laugh too. Anyway, she did call herself 'French Fry'. I don't think I'm wrong and I'm just kidding. Lol!

Also, I found out that Mirza was reading my blog. *ahem* I think he didn't read something I blog yesterday. Luckily, I deleted that sentence before he see it. Phew! Or else when the secret is leak out. I become someone who is not trust worthy anymore. Hehe!

After practical, I saws someone familiar sitting at the bus stop. Before I could figure out who is he, he saw me and quickly stand up and walk to another seat to sit down. I felt weird. Aha! It's Xiao Gang! I ran to the bus stop and he kept running away from me as though as I'm a ghost or what. He's so 'Dao'! Argh!

After that I SMSed him asked him why was he so scared of me. He replied me by saying that actually he was scared of my friends behind me. *Diao* He scared they got the wrong idea. He's so DUMB! Just can't help saying that. He is really dumb!

If he didn't react in such a weird way, my friends wouldn't even notice him. I told him that they all knew that he's SPY's boyfriend, there won't be any misunderstanding! Oh God! Dumb! He even blamed me for not accompanying him to wait for SPY. Argh! *Kick him*

Boyfriend or friends? Can you make a decision? Which one will you choose? Who is more important? Which one will last longer? Who will you choose to treasure more? Who will you neglect more? Is it really hard to balance both friends & boyfriend?

Should be 100% confirm not going out with SPY & co. on Saturday. Go ahead with your own date. I have mine too. I'm busy too.

Oh! Forget to say that I got 20/25 for my social studies! Hehe! But Mrs Yeo said that I got language problems. Well, sort of. But the problems only applied on the 2nd question because when I was writing my answer for the 2nd question, I was already half asleep. My language became atrocious. Hehe!

M keep pestering me about LM. Haha! That's the power of love. I don't think he will suceed. Well, even if he slim down I doubt he can win her heart. Haha!

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Tuesday, August 3, 2004

I'm the top scorer!

Mood: Excited
Listening: Hoobastank - The Reason

We played floor ball during PE lesson. Surprisingly Im the top scorer together with Mirza! Hehe! I'm so happy! Hehe! My friedns started calling me 'top scorer'. Hehe! The difference between me and Mirza is...I'm a girl and he's a boy! Lol! I felt great! Anyway, I think I was rather lucky to score both goals. Those girls are just...*ahem* I shall not make further comments. Haha!

When you're doing well, people will warmly welcome you. When you're down and out, be prepare to say goodbye.

I did study for Chemistry but the result didn't reflect much. Well, I quite dumb and hopeless. Nevertheless, I can't give up :) One day, I want to hear Mrs Tan praise me instead of Minyi. That girl, I think she did study but she keep saying she didn't. WTF?! Oh god! She's always like that. Mrs Tan was acting cute again. Haha! She name herself the french fries and together with Ms Fahizah and Mdm Soh, they're the 3 french fries. *diao* After that Nurul said that Ms Sudeeren is the NUGGETS!! Haha! That's funny!

During CME, it was damn lame. Mr Tang was simple tooooo boring. So, I used a red marker pen and wrote "you suck" on a piece of paper and paste it on the table so that he can see. Lol! That was fun! Jiesi & co. was there laughing away. Well, CME really suck!

I'm going to the Moscow Circus. Erm... Excited or not? Not sure. Although I have never been to the circus before, I have never thought of going. I think it's a waste of money and boring. Well, I don't really know if it's boring or not. It's my sister who requested to go. I told her it's quite a waste of money but she insisted that she wanted to go.

I felt... I really got nothing to say. Maybe that's her wish. Just like how much I wanted my Roma jersey so much. She might think it's a waste of money too. What's I wanted to emphasis here is that.

I really really wanted to say to my great Papa, I love you so much! He's so nice. He eventually took out his money and give it to my sis and allowed her to go with me. To me it's really a waste of money but I just wanna say it again, but Papa willing to spend such money! He always tries to give us whatever we want. I really feel so fortunate.

Liverpool V Roma tomorrow. Totti is injured again!!!!!!! Damn! Hope he get well soon. Miss ya!

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Monday, August 2, 2004

Classroom aroma

Mood: bored
Listening: Outkast - Roses

I have a headache when I was in the classroom. Victoria's perfume is making me giddy. The smell is simple too strong!! I wonder did she buy those cheapskate perfume. Lol!

1 more month to go. Prelim is coming!! I'm quite scared! I'm not really prepared, esp, for subjects like Maths and Science. Others is still alright. *sigh* Also, 13th Aug is not only my sis birthday, it's also the released of Chinese O level result!!

It's mean, that day is not just a Friday the thirteen, it's also my doom day! *finger crossed* I really really hope I can get the grade that I wanted because I doesn't want to study Chinese anymore! I have already dumped all those 'Chinese stuffs' behind!! I don't want to go back and study everything. Chinese is my best subject but it doesn't means I like this subject! It's sickening!

Anyway, I really want to tell LH that I'm so touched by her action. Hehe! I was just kidding that I said I wanted to go ITE and she was like hitting my head and said I wont go to ITE. Hehe! Thanks! I hope all of us get to the Poly that we wanted to. I hope she get to the right place for herself. Be it to JC or Poly. Even if your parent want you to go JC, so what?! You know yourself more than your parent. You'll know what's best for yourself. Don't be too pressurized by your parents ok? :)

Actually, I think our friendship really build up a lot during the June holidays. Sometimes, it's pushed down a little because of some problems. I think that's perfectly alright, that's just part and parcel of our life. Sometimes, I'm wondering, SPY, HT & LH, who's better. Haha! One day, I'll come to a conclusion. Sound a little pathetic that seem like I only have 3 friends? Lol! Nah! They're just the 3 exclusive ones. Although I never seem to find someone who share the same interest as me but having these 3 is already enough. For now I can only say that my sis is still the best!

Good guys are always not availiable! :(

Sunday, August 1, 2004

I cut my hair!

Mood: happy

I cut my hair again. I think I look better this way. Haha. More like my own age. I look older with my long hair. Haha! Also, I don't know how to tie my hair. I always feel I suck so much with my hair tied in school. So that's it, just snip it off!

Roma won Celtic 1-0 and Totti scored! That's good enough for me. Nothing much today. Yesterday Chem mock test was quite easy but... Don't think the result will be very good. hehe! That's all for today!

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Things are just ironic

This morning when I saw him, I suddenly remembered what he wrote on his blog. Somehow, something urged me to ask him is he ok. Haha! But before I could open my mouth, he suddenly said, "CD!! CD!!" Haha! Then I just grin at him. Hehe! Sometimes, human can be so ironic. I used to see him as humorous and yet a nasty person. He's someone who can joke and also someone who is very sarcastic. He don't seem like to be someone who have problems. Hm... Really can't judge things by the appearance. All the best to him.

Does love really makes people go 'blind'? Is boyfriend greater than your friends? Or it's just the power of love? I don't know and I shouldn't have bother too much. I have done my part as your friend. I don't know what you're thinking and I don't wish to say too much. Am I over sensitive or it's just a true fact and it can't be deny. Again, I don't know. Maybe there's no such things as TURE FRIEND? Or again, I think too much. Maybe she doesn't want to lose this one and wanted to treat him better. Maybe. Period.

Blah... I recorded Canna's singing on my phone. he sound so awesome! He has a deep voice and he sound so man!! Woo! He look extremely cute when he's singing. He kept smiling while he was singing. I think he has the best voice among those Inter's players. Hehe! Maybe he can be a singer one day. Lol! Pazz Inter Amala! It's just the song. I don't like Inter. Haha!

Our class got scolding from our principle, Ms Chamb. I was like WTF? Isn't it all because of all those guys faults? Ok, I mean those who played. Also, Mr Tang, YOU'RE A LIAR! I LOST MY RESPECT FOR YOU. YOU JUST SUCK. You told us to do our own stuffs, you'll only start teaching after we get back our Chinese O level result. What happen in the end? Yes, those students are wrong to play games in the class, fine if you told Ms Chamb to come. But you lied! You lied! You lied to Ms Chamb!!!! Instead of saying those things that you told us, you said something else. You're a bad teacher! I used to pity you. For now, maybe I shouldn't anymore.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A much better day...

I was supposed to wake up at 4am to practice my math but when the alarm rang, I decided to went back to sleep and wake up at 5am. When the alarm rang at 5am, I decided to wake up at 6am. Lol! Ain't I funny? Haha! When the alarm rang at 6am, I told myself, "Oh! My! Math test today. Maybe I shouldn't go to school!" Hehe! But I still manage to wake myself up. Hehe!

After flag rising, I found out that Minyi didn't come to school! I thought she's late but she wasn't! Well, she choose to be absent on Wednesday, just like me last week, I absent myself from school last Wednesday. Haha! I guess she needs a break too. When everything seem like going wrong for you, it's good to take a break. Well, at least for some people, it does help. Minyi seem like to be blame for many things, maybe she's too dumb, that's why. I don't exactly why. It's hard to understand others' problems so don't try to.

Luckily, I came to school, or else Ling Hui will be bored to hell. Hehe! Hm... I don't absent myself unnecessarily. During Geo, Jasper, Jiesi, Val & Shir was eating?! Yes! They're eating bread with tuna! What a joke right? It's not the first time anyway. I think Mr Taib caught Jasper eating... Not sure why, after that Jasper was like very furious. He blasted at Shir for not telling him that Mr Taib was looking at him or whatever. I don't dare to anyhow write here because I'm not sure myself. Maybe my ears was playing tricks with me but I'm sure that he make Shir cried and he also quarreled with Val.

If it's so, I think Jasper is really... Petty? Maybe. He's always so hot temper. Or all Chuas are like that? Haha! Jiesi who is also Chua, he's also someone who can be really fierce and scary. The same goes for me. I'm Chua too! Not much logic here. Haha!

I was practicing my math during POA lesson. One thing to note, Minyi, I don't miss you at all! However, I still pity you a lot. That is also why I never really blasted at her or really criticize right in her face. I think others' have criticize and scold her enough. Even though she's a bit sarcastic to me sometime I still don't care much because I know I'm much better off than her.

During LV lesson, Mr Fuad was talking about what's the latest trends among the teenagers. Beth raised up the wearing of hipster. Although it's quite interesting to listen, still nothing much to comment. I don't wear that. Even if the person is daring enough to wear but she doesn't has the figure, I will beg her, PLEASE don't wear it! Esp, if you're fat! That's worse!

There's weekly Social Studies test today. No sweat. Just a simple question. There's also Math test today as I have already mentioned. I think I'm gonna failed again! No hope. The paper is tough. I can manage both Vectors & Probability but it doesn't guarantee that I can get it right. :( It's a doom for Transformation! I suck at this man! So sad! I can't pass again...

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Get well soon

Christian was injured! Canna papa is sure very anxious about it. So poor thing. Here's the news:


MALPENSA - After having lunch at Angelo Moratti Sports Centre and after arriving at Milan's Malpensa airport just after two o'clock this afternoon, Fabio Cannavaro received a telephone call when the Inter players were boarding their plane for Japan. From his expression it was immediately apparent that something serious had happened. The defender was informed that an accident had happened to one of his sons, currently on holiday with his mother who is pregnant with the Cannavaro family's third child. The boy has suffered a deep cut to a toe and after receiving medical assistance at the accident & emergency services in Ischia will need to remain in hospital.

Informed about what happened, Massimo Moratti (present at the airport for the team's departure) and the Saitama City Cup organisers have understood the serious and sudden situation. Cannavaro has asked to be exempted from the Japan trip and has been given permission to join his son in Naples. Deeply shocked, the defender has said he is sorry he cannot be in Saitama with his Inter teammates and immediately made contact with Nerazzurri chief of medical staff Franco Combi to organise appropriate examinations

Saturday, July 24, 2004

I want to buy a domain!

Domain! Domain! Domain! Domain! Domain! Domain!

I want it so much! Frankly Angel-Eyez.Org SUCK SO MUCH! So I make the font colour for that words the same as my background. So you won't know what did I write. Hm... Didn't blog on 23rd July, so here's what happen on that day...

23th July
Lionel is such a nice and awesome gentleman. Hehe! He always act like as if he's a real pervert but he is actually quite a nice person. Those smses he send touch my heart! Lol! Not really. I think it's just nice of him to say that. He gave me the Fahrenheit 911 CD rom today and he gave it to me for free! Well, just wanna thanks for for whatever he has said and done. *wink*

I went to War War site yesterday and saw she actually auctioned her stuffs! What's more? I saw her pink Roxy bag is for sales! No wonder I don't see her using that bag anymore. She also sell her Reader Digest!! That's ridiculous! Haha! Because that's suppose to be our reader for our so-called English Reading Program. One word for her, BEST!

I feel like auctioning my stuffs too! Like one of my black jeans which I didn't even wear before!! I bought the wrong size so...Also, another blue deuter bag. I only used it for like 1 week and after that I didn't use it anymore because I hate that bag. Lol! Hmm... There's also some clothes that I only wore for once or twice...Opps! I feel like I really wasted my parent $$ on something that I didn't like.

Cross country! Among 500 over students running, I'm no.40 to finish the run which was quite a good achievement. Haha! I'm a short distance runner not a long distance! haha! So it's definitly a good achievement. Hui Ting just need to run 3 secs faster in order to finish the run in 35 min. Isn't it a pity?

24th July
English common test! I saw Minyi this morning. Well she stick around with me because no one was talking to her. Well, I didn't talk to her much. There's nothing much for use to talk about anyway. When she saw her friend(s), she just flew away. I must WIN HER FOR THIS ENGLISH TEST! I don't know if I have done well for this test or not. I just pray for the best. If I failed or what...I might as well go and die.Maybe just half dead for that day.

I reformatted my computer today...AGAIN! What's new man!?

Thursday, July 22, 2004

I am late... for a good reason

Nothing much for school. I purposely late for school today. Just wanna try new things. I reached school at 8am! It's great to be late! Haha! There's no one try to push you around in the bus and I don't have to go for flag rising. Frankly, flag rising suck! Opps! Minyi and co. asked me why am I late.. So i'm being lame again, saying that Totti wanted me to stay with him for a little while more. Haha! This morning just doesn't want to tell them the truth because the actual answer is lame too. Sometimes, things just need to change. I guess everything is soooo much better today. Suddenly think of this song...God put a smile on my face...Hehe I feel that now ;)

Able to talk is a fortunate thing, so please talk more!

Time to get back to normal. Old stuffs and stupid things should be thrown behind. Ha! Ha!

Live your life as if you gonna die tomorrow! Haha! Miss Fahizah told us that. She said that in this way, you'll be treasuring every min and sec in doing your work. Well, I don't think so. If I'm going to die tomorrow, I'll just sleep in the bed and for tomorrow to "visit" me. Haha! Jk!

Hm... Didn't brought History textbook, I brought the wrong one so have to sit outside AVA room. Well, I think that's better. Lol! We're like chatting away outsite. Hehe! After that Lionel show us the video about the US & Iraq... It's rather interesting and I'm always interested in such things. I always watched the news and read the newspaper about this and of cos about other news. I make sure I'm not a 'square-head'. Haha! I msg him and "ordered" the Cd-rom from him. Ha! Don't know how much he wanna charge me.

Yesterday is a perfect day break for me. Or else today I might feel so good. I feel a bit guilty. I shouldn't have pile on extra burden for her. I'm so dumb. Hm... That's why I it time to get back to normal. She already so much things to trouble about and yet I still add more fuel to it. Well, I shouldn't have think so much. Everything should be fine now.

Finally, the dark clouds have passed.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Top news! Not really...Haha!

Didn't go to school today so I stay up late last night. I went round the net to surf. Hehe! Here's some top soccer's news!

  • Shevchenko said that he has wed his girlfriend, Kristin on 14th July! He really know how to keep a secret.
  • Yes, I hate that Capello went to Juve but what makes me laugh was that THEY ACTUALLY SOLD DI VAIO TO VALENCIA! They sold him at a loss. They gain no profit for selling him and they lost a good striker. So Juve is going to depend on Trezeguet or Del Piero to score? My toes are laughing. Also, Miccoli is not good enough. Capello said that winning the CL is their next season aim. I guess they might even find it hard to get the top 3 in Serie A! Yesterday, I just saw the photo of Di Vaio wearing the new Juve jersey and today.... Haha! I think they have to re-take those photos again.
  • Juve still can't get Emerson! Haha! All my fingers are giggling!
  • Mexes finally signed the contract with Roma!! Yeah!
  • Chelsea bought Drogba... Haha! I think he'll be another flop, just like other big stars Chelsea had signed.

    Roma 4 - 0 Juve

    Just enjoy looking at this animation. Hehe! "Shnn...It's 4-0! Juve go home!" Haha! Seem rather proud but I like it. Hopefully they can repeat this scoreline for the next seaon. Haha! With Totti and Cassano leading the attack,what can go wrong? What's more there's Mexes now! Who's Emerson, Capello, Samuel & Zebina?

    Roma biggest rival is not Juve nor Lazio. It should be AC Milan! Milan is the only club that Roma didn't manage to beat them for even once! Hm... I really can't complaint much. I like Milan too. So that's the problem for liking both clubs at the same time. Hehe!

    I feel so good! Not going to school is a good thing. I'm tired and I know everyone else is, not only me. But I can do this, not others.

  • Monday, July 19, 2004

    Ran out of petrol...

    I'm so tired! I'm suppose to wake up at 3:30am to watch Uruguay V Paraguay and also to complete my homework. Hehe! In the end, my alarm clock didn't ring and I woke up at 6:25am!! That's the time I should be going out of the house but I'm still at home! Looking at the time I decided to go out at 6:50am. Hehe! I took a taxis to school. That's faster and I won't be late for school. Hehe! MRT and bus are too slow. Hehe!

    When I was at the school gallery, I saw many of my classmates was reading their social studies textbook. I was there wondering why. After that, I then realized that there's a Social Studies test today!! Also, I realized that I didn't bring my Social Studies textbook to school so I have to borrow it from Qian Ru. Argh! Anyway, this MYE, I study Social Studies like hell so I manage to remember most of the important points. Just have to wait for the result now.

    I wanted to go and sleep the moment I reached home but I wanted to watch the encore of today's match. Hehe! In the end I only watched half of it because I was stuck to the monitor screen. Hehe! Nah! I was actually looking at lots and lots of Roma's photos at the forum. They're so awesome!

    Saturday, July 17, 2004

    Outing with SPY & Xiao Gang

    [EDIT] Pei Yun said Xiao Gang cute because he used the phone when the train was in underground. That's the time the reception in the lowest. Hehe! How stupid is he?! Lol! [/EDIT]

    I went out with Pei Yun and Xiao Gang today! Get to know and see lots of things. I thought it'll be quite boring and I'll be the brightest light bulb there but things don't seem to be in that way. Haha! As usual, Pei Yun will always be late. We actually meet at 2pm but in the end we meet at 3pm. Haha! Lucky I was smart to go out late. I already know her too well. Haha! We went to Tiong Bahru to eat KFC. Pei Yun said that she had not been eating KFC for a very long time so she 'die die' also want to go. Hmm... Xiao Gang knew about this but I don't know!! Haha! Pei Yun insisted that she told me before. Well, I don't think so. Hehe!

    At the MRT train, I think I talked a lot of crappy things again. I can't remember what I said. I only remembered that I told Xiao Gang that Pei Yun said him CUTE! Haha! Actually she said it because of something. I can't remember. Lol! Hmmm... Trying to refresh my memory. Er... Xiao Gang said he wanted to copy and paste my blog to his blog!! So it's like I have to think for him what's happening. He's so cheapskate! Haha!

    At KFC... Pei Yun treat him. Whatever Pei Yun wanted to eat he wanted the same too. Hehe! Also, I took his photo! Ha! Can send to Pei Yun handphone on Monday. Hehe! Blah... Xiao Gang went to gents and when he's back he suddenly touch Pei Yun's hand. I was...DUH! Hehe! Then Pei Yun said Xiao Gang only wanted to let her know that his cold was cold. Well, I don't think that way. Hehe!

    We went to Great World after that. Hm... I have free dinner there! Haha! I saved my money! Hehe! Hm...After that I got hold of Pei Yun's handphone because Leng Keong called her and she's too busy to listen so she handed her phone to me. Hehe! I found out that she has a special folder in her inbox! That folder is specially for all Xiao Gang's messages! Hehe! She still said that she don't like him or whatever so. She's a bad liar! Haha!

    At about 7 plus I went home with Xiao Gang. We have a long conversation. Hehe! Get to know about so many things!! Hm... His longest girlfriend only lasted for 2 months. Duh! So poor thing! But I can assure him, if he can get Pei Yun, they can last even longer than that. Who knows, maybe forever. Hehe! Also, because of him I go home late!! Argh! He purposely missed 2 buses and lend me his EZ-link when the EZ-link don't even have any value anymore! Argh! Haha! But I think it's ok because I have a longer chat section with him. That's why I can know so much! Wee! I'm not to last to know anymore!

    Can baby laugh when he is only 12 days old?

    Im kind of like cant believe it myself when I heard my baby laughing. I just fed him and he fell asleep. Shortly, he smiled and “hahaha” sof...