Thursday, July 29, 2004

Things are just ironic

This morning when I saw him, I suddenly remembered what he wrote on his blog. Somehow, something urged me to ask him is he ok. Haha! But before I could open my mouth, he suddenly said, "CD!! CD!!" Haha! Then I just grin at him. Hehe! Sometimes, human can be so ironic. I used to see him as humorous and yet a nasty person. He's someone who can joke and also someone who is very sarcastic. He don't seem like to be someone who have problems. Hm... Really can't judge things by the appearance. All the best to him.

Does love really makes people go 'blind'? Is boyfriend greater than your friends? Or it's just the power of love? I don't know and I shouldn't have bother too much. I have done my part as your friend. I don't know what you're thinking and I don't wish to say too much. Am I over sensitive or it's just a true fact and it can't be deny. Again, I don't know. Maybe there's no such things as TURE FRIEND? Or again, I think too much. Maybe she doesn't want to lose this one and wanted to treat him better. Maybe. Period.

Blah... I recorded Canna's singing on my phone. he sound so awesome! He has a deep voice and he sound so man!! Woo! He look extremely cute when he's singing. He kept smiling while he was singing. I think he has the best voice among those Inter's players. Hehe! Maybe he can be a singer one day. Lol! Pazz Inter Amala! It's just the song. I don't like Inter. Haha!

Our class got scolding from our principle, Ms Chamb. I was like WTF? Isn't it all because of all those guys faults? Ok, I mean those who played. Also, Mr Tang, YOU'RE A LIAR! I LOST MY RESPECT FOR YOU. YOU JUST SUCK. You told us to do our own stuffs, you'll only start teaching after we get back our Chinese O level result. What happen in the end? Yes, those students are wrong to play games in the class, fine if you told Ms Chamb to come. But you lied! You lied! You lied to Ms Chamb!!!! Instead of saying those things that you told us, you said something else. You're a bad teacher! I used to pity you. For now, maybe I shouldn't anymore.

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