Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dairy Farm Got Talent

Hello! I wonder if anyone still bothers to read. Anyway, I finally got the free time and mood to blog today! Yay!

*This is my 3rd attempt to type out an entry. I keep deleting after what I have type and this is not the first time. I have alot of drafts and deleted entries. My brains are just too complicated. At this point of time, I just wish I can type out some decent entries like SPY. At least when you read, you know her feelings and whats shes thinking (sort of). Unlike myself... Maybe Im thinking A but I wrote B ... Later then decided to delete it.Ironic. Lol* 

Anywya, my company did a 6 months long project - Dairy Farm's Got Talent Season 2. Last Saturday was the D days for the finalist to perform.

My lady boss asked me and other 2 colleagues to pick 1 of the contestants and be their "Nanny" for that day. I actually wanted 'The Brothers' (On the right) because they looks cute what :p But end up i got Gabriel.

I really love all of their performances as all of them put in alot of effort to make this happen. Esp for the 'Sexy Angles', definitely not easy to do cross dressed dance infront of 2500pax. I really must salute them! I was backstage during their performance but I can hear theres alot of applause and cheers the moment they go up on stage. 

When it was The Brothers's turn, I thought this will be the same for them. But Im wrong! I felt freaking sad. After their the performance, there isnt much claps or cheers for them.  After all the practice and hardwork, HELLO? Diary Farm peeps? Can clap anot? Its really sad to see them feeling dejected after the dance performance. *shake head* Esp when emcee Justin said out loud to the audience, Im so upset. =/ Heartless people! ><! I went up to them immediately after they got down the stage to give them some encouragement. =D 

When they are back to the changing room, I went to the room and passed them their hp. Then one of them keep chatting with me. =p Hmmmmm... Not bad la, after married still got people interested even im no longer listed in the market. He works for Giant, I should have ask if which branch he is from so maybe can get more discount or FOC items. Hahaha! 

Probably, my dear friend, SPY should joined my company instead of doing Advertising and Promotion. =P There's so many eye candy in doing events. Haha! 

Its really all about the passion. Its a rare thing to see you bosses dont mind trying to help to style the contestants' hair and stuff like that. 

Nice & chio pic taken by Jara. Its hardly I wear so nice right? Waaha! 

ME with a similar pose again... Because thats the only way that you can make your arms look smaller! 

Me & 1 of the contestants from The Brothers. I actually have to fake my height here. Lol! 

Really a wonderful learning experience for me. Gonna miss them even thou Im not very involved in this projects. These people are so fun! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I am not an angel

I always believe in everything takes 2 hands to clap. Just like if one day, a couple, 1 of them decided to stray, it does not necessary mean this guy is a cheater, asshole or the girl is a slut or bitch. It just simply means there are something wrong within their relationship. I have seen too many to understand this.

If both wants to keep it together, they will automatically find ways to reconcile, to talk to each other and not say things like 'its over', 'we got nothing to talk about' and etc. Outsider simply can't control because only both of them know if they still want each other or not.

So when comes to me giving comments about such things, my reply can be very blunt... Often I feel people can't stand my comments as they feel I shouldn't "encourage" people to leave their partner, or "encourage" to cheat or etc. The fact is... Im just stating a fact. -_- I want people to see the real picture (though  i'm not always correct) and not hidden but the inner truth. Maybe I just hear and see too much =(
So here I am, the devil. But of cos... I 
But that is when you find the right ones and not with the wrong ones and continue to suffer...

Last Fri, I have an event with this XX MC, he just got married too and I congrats him. I teased him and said "wah so fast want to tie down your gf". He gave me a very sad look and said "no la, its more like the other way." Regardless, he is joking or no... I find that replied very saddening..... WHY! WHY! Why I always hear this kind of stupid comments like "Cos i need to give her a  status so I married her", "I married her cos she is stable and is those type that can put at home." or "I married her because we have been together for many years. It's about time." WTF... Why cant they say " I married her because I LOVE HER!" =(
Oh well... Last of all, may all happy couples stay happy... Unhappy couples, do reconcile if theres still hope =O

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Appreciate and thankful!

Sincerely, Im really happy and thankful to have my bestfriends. Meet up with my Monz friends few days ago, we have a lot of fun chit chatting and discussing about my wedding stuff. :D Hope they will find their Mr right soon and to HT hope she can settle down soon as well. 

Why am I feeling thankful? Im not too sure but just got this feeling when I ask them what to wear for the gate crashing and they all so excited about it. Normally, the bride will buy the bridesmaid gown for their sisters but I didnt ><! Didnt really know what should I ask them to wear. So in the end I came out with an idea... 
The happy fact is that none of them actually complaint things like "Eh not you buy for us meh." Instead, they were like excitedly planning when to go shopping and buy the clothing etc. :')  As compared to someone's experience, his is so different. The guys wanted him to buy for xxx, this and that. Not really being cooperative. Probably this is the time you will see who is your real friends. 

At the end of this post, Im not sure what im blabbering about... Just feel happy about or im just easily contented :)

Anyway, heres a random pic of me... My colleague lend me his spiderman jacket when im feeling damn cold in the office. 

Got the spiderwoman look ma? Lol! 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Not so blissful after all

We saw Bliss House at The Central and decided to try it because the interior decor is so nice! They got a nice floral entrance and a horse carriage ... Beautiful fountain and bridge. So we decided to go in and ordered our food.

 Total the bill was like $90+ and sadly the food was like SO mediocre that I will never go there again. I'd rather spend more money and dine at Forlino or just save the money to eat pastamania. -_-

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stress is can be good

Few days ago, my company had a mini calendar competition that lasted for 8 days. Personally, I feel sucky because the design in my group technically is NOT a designer but an artiste. He is good in drawing but he is not those graphic design. I was damn stress up seriously but no one knows it. When the result is out, the winner goes to team 1. Immediately, after that my bosses came up with ANOTHER competition... Its the night that I can't sleep... blah blah. Its all because of this stupid calendar, I dont have enough time for myself. I spend my weekend doing it. So I went to tell my boss that I spent the weekend doing the calendar. I told her I'm tired of competition, can I just don't participate.  I nearly tear because I told her that its like a shame and embarrassment... The other 2 groups got a proper designers to do a nice job. Our group.... So frustrated at times that I dont know how to describe! But she did mentioned she actually like the design, which I don't even know if its real. The other one mentioned that he actually like the theme. Oh well... Anyway, whatever. It's over!

After that I gotta go for a meeting which I actually messed up the schedule. Lol! Lucky for me, the mess up is a blessing in disguise! =D I went with AZ for the meeting as I feel more comfortable working with him. Plus, I was really having a terrible headache after a lack of sleep from the night before, I need a DRIVER! WAHAHA!. The meeting was awesome! I got a confirmation from them immediately the next day! *throw confetti* While Im happy for myself, Im happy for AZ as well because finally theres 1 client, who actually acknowledge his name in the email. Lol! Normally, if I went out meeting with him, clients tend to left his name out like his is nothing. *clap clap* 

My lady boss actually asked me to go home and rest after the meeting but instead I went to PS to have my lunch with AZ at 4pm plus. T_T Feel like dying actually and the food was served at 5pm. I didnt eat much as I vomited before that. Grrr! Anyway, saw a Mickey mouse & Minnie mouse bed sheet and immediately I was like YAY! I shall buy it for my future double bed. But guess what? I didn't see carefully... I actually bought a QUILT COVER and 2 pillow case. *sigh* What a waste of money!!!!!!! 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Life is never perfect

I saw a comment left by my dear friend and I feel her words are half true. She's right that my bosses are good but I got that through hard work. That also means working super extra hard than the others in order to achieve that. The hard work, OT and working till wee hours are something people don't see.However, my basic is only $20xx and if I never hit my sales target, my salary is lower than you. Haha! =p Sometimes I really don't know if its worth to work so hard for them. Sometimes I do get pissed at my male boss as well. Sometimes he is good but sometimes he is an axx.  Also, I gotta agree that, at the end of the day, if the client appreciate my effort, the sense of satisfaction is great. However, the true hard fact is that only 10% of the client really appreciate what I have done. Anyway, its a NO PAIN NO GAIN game at work!

No guy is 100%  great, we gotta shape them up! WAHAHA! Don't have to envy me, your life can be good as well. To you especially, stop going for FUN and non-committed guys.They are a total waste of time and money! You will never know a normal sincere guy can turn out to be someone who is fun as well. =p

Anyway, I wanted to start blogging for my wedding blog but this weekend I have my time wasted doing my company calendar and WORST of all..... My wedding album layout. I finally get past the stage of asking the editor to edit this and that... NOW....... It's the layout time! I really got a shock at how lousy and awful that some of the layout are. I edited only 1/4 of it and decided I should just throw it back to them and ask them to look at my sample and re-edit. Seriously wtf! The photographer and service are good. The photos taken are really nice but their editor is really shit especially when it comes to the layout. *sigh* So much of my time wasted.

Things im gonna do tomorrow:
1) Go for my cousin's shower
2) Continue to edit the calendar
3) Send email to bluebay TW about the layout

Wow... What a "nice" sunday to look forward to. I dont even have the time to go for a run anymore.

Yesterday, my colleague was playing some old 90s techno and it get me and J so hype up and start playing other 90s techno. Then from techno to boyband pop. SO FUN! *sigh* I miss the 90s seriously.

Can we just go back to 90s?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

From Feb till now...

I promise SPY to blog something so I must blog something now before I sleep. Haha!

I shall use 1 entry to summarise all the stuff that I have miss out in this blog...

Feb - 
Did an Sketcher D&D event with my colleague. To be more exact, Im actually there to just print the instant print out because I got nothing better to do. Haha!

Took a photo with my favourite DJ, Tom & my funny lame colleague, Alanzo. Love the photo template. Looks so cool ~ 

Change new wallpaper for my work laptop. Nothing much but I just find Tommy Ratliff so cooool! 

Went for a MC meeting at Pet Lovers Centre and saw this! Caesar Milan's photo with his signature. I love watching his show, Dog Whisperer. He is so damn good and taming those dogs. 

Anyway, really love my this client from PLC, they are so easy going and fun people to work with. They don't really bargain much and are willingly open to my ideas and accept the proposal without any questions. If only all clients are like them... 

March -

My signature D&D theme that I did for MINDEF Transport Formation. Damn! Im the producer that day, why am I NOT standing in the centre! ><!!!!!! I should have at least take some photos with my clients. Haha! Anyway, the event is a success and thanks to this, the different Transport Battalions look for me to quote for their event =D I always believe that EFFORT & HARDWORK will pay off. On top of that, customer service and good sales tactics must be good. 

Just let me show off abit... This is 1 of my slimmest photo after I grow fat for so long. Keke! That time I lost like close to 6kg just to get myself ready for the wedding photoshoot. I swear I look slim not because of the photo angle. Haha! 

1 of the most memorable and funny D&D I did for HOYA. The Japanese are really very fun and enthusiastic. I doubt any Singaporean will dress like that for their performance. 

I slim down abit right? Waha! *Self-praise* 

I went Adam Lambert's concert with my sis! I was sitting in the 2nd row! Can you imagine how close I am to the stage? When he came closed to the audience I totally went crazy and screaming like hell with my sis. I never knew that I still will go gaga over an idol when I'm already 25 years old. Haha.

Seriously, who cares if he is gay or what as long as he sings well and he looks HOT! Wahaha!

After this concert, im so totally inspired to buy a new camera because Im pretty disappointed with my lumix lx3 during the concert. Alot of photos are not very sharp -_-

So there you go... Panasonic GF5. So far I only used once for my TW trip. So far so good but Im not sure if its good for concert. Haha! 

Went for Orange Clove event and enjoy our free food and free medicure. The best part is that I won the 3rd prize. Wahaha! Never really expect it or won anything in a lucky draw before. Anyway, in this photos, my colleagues said that Alanzo looks like my siblings. Lol! 

My bb came back from Shanghai, China, and bought this stuff. The word "fresh meat" reminds me of a show  call '八仙飯店之人肉叉燒包 or Bun Man: The Untold Story 1993'. A totally sick and gore show. 

A show about this crazy man....

April -

Alanzo did a flower balloon sculpture for all of our colleagues. I find it nice and yet so feminine of him. Wahaha! Is there any other guys out there who like to do such this as well? Sometimes I wonder why is he single since he got so many tricks in his hand. 

Nice view from 1 of the office I went. The sales pitch went pretty bad. That period of time Im like totally lost of touch of doing presentation. Im so turn off by myself and my own low self confidence in selling the show 
-__- Totally failed! 

May -

I went for a free shopping trip with Erykca!! ><! Thanks to my 2 awesome bosses. That period of time Im really tired and seriously... I always think gotta think about I have to earn the money for my future and etc to keep myself going.... Im really TIRED!! So I posted a status on my facebook..... Then the next 1-2 days (I can't remember) my lady boss actually pass me some $$ to to go out, shop and relax. I got a 1/2 day off that day. O_O Where on earth can you find this kind of bosses! (Just FYI: Ery also got the money because of her birthday). Anyway, Im really grateful =) 

My loot for that date. Its not alot. Erykca bought even more ><! Did you see that cute thing on the top? You know if its my own money, probably I wont even bear to spend $10 to buy it. Lol!

Okay, now let me introduce a very nice iphone application for ladies who loves to take self pic photo. The apps is call, Camera 360.Seriously, the apps make your skin looks damn smooth and flawless. You dont even need any makeup. Lol! 

See! See my skin looks as if as its so perfect. If only if its real..... 

During this month, there's a new colleague who just joined us. He is deaf but he is good in his design. Sometimes it just makes me feel like we should treasure whatever we have. He is tan and fit looking but he can't talk and can't express his feelings using his mouth. At times I just feel kinda sad and hope if theres a miracle somehow that someday he can suddenly just speak. =O Anyway, on a funny note... He told my lady boss that Im the prettiest among all the female colleagues in the office. HAHA! THANKS! Im so flattered! Erykca said that I got that kind of look that a typical Singaporean guys will like. Thank you many many ... but Im already taken and now im not very skinny so there wont be alot of guys who will like me. Oh well, who needs those guys love when I already got the one. 

1 of the most yandao MC in Singapore industry! Lol! He came to our office yesterday and I was like Ooooooo.... (I still have the rights to ogle at guys ok! HAHA!) We were wearing the same colour top that day. Woo! Wahhahah!! Im not very close with him so I merely just said hello to him. I only know that everytime I propose him as the MC or client requested for him, its a 100% sure fail to clinched the event  T_T But everytime I propose another MC, Wayne, my rates in closing the sales is close to 90%. SO SAD! Anyway, when my other colleagues and I  were having a group discussion outside the office, he walked passed us and he suddenly called my name in his high pitch tone, I gave him a "huh" look and he said "nothing" and smile. I wanted to like strike off a conversation but maybe he is too yandao that I think its better for me to just continue to ogle and shut up. Lol! Okay, at least he remember my name. =P

Lastly!!! I met up with Grassy & SPY TODAY! OOPS! I mean yesterday. The time is already 2.50am =O Anyway, its always nice to catch up with super old friends once in a while Guess there will be alot more to catch up to discuss on my wedding stuff. Hur hur ~ I don't mind SPY coming up with games for the gate crashing but definitely don't wish any of the guys to get injured. Haha!! SPY better tell me all the games she planning to have before the actual day! This is an order! HAHA! 

Im already trying my best to type as many as possible in my blog entry. Haha! I think pictures always speaks louder than words. I find that the older I grow, the lesser words I have. I always find it pointless to complaint so much in my blog which I used to do it in the past. It's better to share more stuffs that makes you happy than to share more stuff that makes you angry & sad. Thats why I choose to either forget it, dont blog it or dont bother to mention again.  

Anyway, this is my another blog, its mostly about me and my the other half. I am still trying my best to complete all blog entries. *Bless me* 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New hair colour!

I went to have my hair done before CNY and was pretty happy with the result. =D I always look for the same person to dye at Chapter 2 since Im 18. Lol! I think Im a pretty loyal person.

The process.... 
The result! Swee bo? haha
After that I went out with my Monsters. Its been a longggggggg time that we took photos together. So since BB is around, he shall help us to takes lotsa photos.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Im going to DYE!

New year is approaching and yes, it's time to dye my hair again! Anyway, this is what I did last year... (dark brown and copper red at the bottom)

Like the idea that my hair stylist came up with and I like the end product. However, I pretty hate dark colours. It makes me look older. Now when I look back at this photos, I don't think this is me! HAHA! I prefer this bright colour...I think the craziest colours I did was brow dye with orange + red highlight. I look so super ah lian back in those days. 

This year I should really try something new. Probably, I will do ombre colours again but this time I will probably go for a light brown + baby pink at the tip. Sound quite cool isn't it? Haha! 

I think this is how it gonna looks like? 

A colleague of mine dye his hair purple! I find the purple is really nice and it only cost him $50 T_T Where got such good deal! I never really trust neighbourhood salon. Anyway, I don't really has such courage to do such BOLD colours. My only asset is my hair. Haha! I simply can't take too much risk! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Feeling a little inspired

I always wanted to blog but always being defeated by my own laziness. So happen today that I read SPY's blog and I decided to blog a little. Haha!

My first 2 week of Jan was not so smooth but still not too bad. Firstly is my bf's sailing date. As per planned, our wedding shoot is on 8th April and we are traveling to Taiwan on the 5th April. Its only this year then my bf' announced that his sailing date is from 28th Feb - 8th April. Oh sian! But well, its not much of an issue because whatever can be solve by MONEY can never & never will be an ISSUE. Unless it's a lot of money! In the end, I have to spend extra money to buy him a ticket to fly him back to Singapore from Shanghai. Full stop.

So now it comes to work, I have plenty of issues but due to my low memory disk space in my brain, I can't remember alot of stuff. The most vivid issue that I can remember was the MC (Master of Ceremony). I shall not name him but he is really quite an asshole. I hate people who betray my trust and as a SALES person I can proposed him for all my events and whoever pissed me off, he can stop dreaming about having any more events from me.  He tried to lie and cover his lies but thankfully I went to find out from my client! Client mentioned to me that she did told him to seal his lips about their own secret arrangement and blah blah... Whatever! Both idiots! Waste my time going down for meetin and this is what you both did to me. Go and die la seriously! Make me lose my this share of commission. Haha! Especially to that MC, I give him a total of 4 shows in just a short few months and he dare to play punk with me, it is really the end of him. I WILL NEVER proposed him again even thou my lady boss asked me to talk to him. *PUI* Other than my boss, my another favourite MC will be Wayne Chua. Same surname as me, no wonder he is a nice dude. Haha!

Right now I have 2 more "Ka Kia" under me, which also means I have more work to do. While I was typing this, I can't really remember what the problem is.... So the more im telling myself, when I have something in my mind, I should just blog it out. Har har.

Anyway, I still gotta update my another blog with lots of stuff, the HK trip, his birthday and etc! *sweat* As for this blog, I promise to myself I must blog more often, I only have 10 posts in 2012! OMG! That's record breaking man! I believe I will have tons of time when my bf go for his sailing. I must blog more to keep more good and bad memories here so I can laugh at myself when I grow old! Wahaha!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 New Year Resolution

Oh wow! It's already 2013! I have not been blogging for months... Strangely, this year I have not set any resolution! As I grow older this year, I feel that there is NO need for what stupid resolution because I will always FORGET or never bother to fulfill it after 1 week. Haha!

Oh well, not sure if I have accomplished alot in 2012 but here are some more significant stuff that worth mentioning:

1) Met the one
2) Sponsored my parent to Vietnam
3) The proposal
4) "Level up" in office

Still... I still have to set some targets for this year and they are...

1) LOST at least 8kg or more by April! C'MON! I can do it!!!!! Less carbo, less sugar, less tibits and more exercise!!
2) Successfully bid a BTO flat
3) ... Live happily ever after! HAHA! Damn! I still have alot of to do list for my wedding T_T

Can baby laugh when he is only 12 days old?

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