Monday, October 30, 2006

Another sucide in MRT again!!

Man killed by train at Clementi MRT station

SINGAPORE: Westbound train services between Queenstown and Jurong East MRT stations were disrupted after a man was hit by a train, and died, at Clementi MRT station.

SMRT says buses were provided for about 11,700 passengers who were affected by the disruption.

This incident comes almost two weeks after a similar death at the Chinese Gardens MRT.

Police have classified the death as an unnatural one and are investigating.

source: CNA

WHY!!! MRT station is really such a good place to jump mehz? Pity those people who can't take their train home at that time. Luckily, I'm already home by then! Haha!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New layout and better days?

Weeee! The tile said it all. Nice right? Haha! I know it's nice =D Sadly, I can never be a pro web designer or something.

Working is not so bad after all. I love beginning of the month. Every 25th of the month shall be the darkest day. Haha. Stupid default order.

I was kinda pissed yesterday because no one told us that we can dress down on the eve of public holidays =( Anyway, we ain't the worse. Aaron was more like an idiot that day =X MuaHaha ~

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Perfume hand!

Today, my sis and I went shop around at Jurong. Poor me, I spent alot of money again! Then sis went to body shop and wanted to test the perfume. Poor me again, all the different perfume was tested on my hand. What was worse was that I found out 1 of them was for the toilet!!!

Greedy Greeny Grace is asking for present for her coming birthday. Haha! Well, I have decided, she can choose any present that she likes but my budget is $10.55. Muahahaha.

A nice photo to end today's blog.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another sucide at MRT Station

Why do human like to end their life at MRT station so much? This time there was a man who is in his 40s died after being hit by MRT train at Chinese Garden Station.

Frankly speaking, I'm not trying to be mean here but if you really wish to end your life, kindly please choose somewhere else like, your HDB flat or wherever you like. It's kinda like a very selfish act and causing a nuisance to the public. For example, ME ME ME ME!

My train has to stop at Jurong East MRT station. I went to the Jurong East interchange to take bus but the quene for the bus to Boon Lay was so damn long!!!!!!! Then I decided to take a cab. All greedy taxi driver decided to put their taxi either 'on hire' or 'on call'. #$%#$^@%@#$@#$ Luckily, I'm still smart enuogh to think of something else. I went to the bus stop which is behind the library to take bus. Oh man! How many of my precious time was wasted just because of a man who wish to end his life.

Unless this man die not because he wanted to die then I got nothing to say.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Another week of heavy eye lid

More complaints on this entry? Most likely, so don't mind me. Haha!

Working stuffs
- Another week of waking up early is making me like a panda. Hopefully the new program will be much more efficent.

- Eris is really super duper big mouth. She really can gossips and complaint about this and that everyday. She yank yank yank at the pantry about Joey, complaint about Randy and blah... However it's always interesting to hear her complaints. Haha.

- Kenji is an idiot. Ok, not exactly but he is a BIG SKINNY BULLY. He always 'shoot' me like as if I have offended him. Then we will be like 'shooting' at each other. #%#%@#^@# Alright, I'm just kidding. He ain't that bad other than he likes to say me >.< - I love the company's MSN communicator. Whatever I need to ask help I can just click 'Richard' and send my message. However, I think I will be in a big debts because of Atlas aka the-stupid-system-that-require-supervisor-ID-when-you-edit. Haha. Richard always charge me for using 'his service'. Thankfully, we just shut down Atlas today! - We have the so called SAP test yesterday. *ahem* I got the highest score!!!!! In order to show off, I will not count the 'show hand' questions. The last question is damn idiot. LOL!

Misc. stuffs

- I didn't manage to take any pictures of my new hair because I find taking photos of myself is very er sin. Randy said I got a new nice hair. Muahaha.. He even asked the rest to cut like mine during the Monday breifing. Muahaha~

- Alright, here is something before I sleep...

I was so bored yesterday night. So I went to observe everyone. Then there's one Cheena girl wearing mini skirt and a transparent lace blah blah. This ah peh kept looking at her legs as if as she is so sexy. Booo! Whenever there are girls who wore slightly lesser, he will just turned and looked at that person. Yawn. Nan ren shi hao she de. Lol! I think I got nothing better to do.

Ciao~ I'm going to sleep.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lil red ridding hood

I finally figured out why my new entry can't up show!

By the way, I got myself a new hairstyle. Erm.... Red and brown dyed and erm... I cut my fringe. I can said that the hairstylist is pro! Haha! If I got a chance, I will take some photos and post it. Haha! I shall blog everything at the end of the week!


Sunday, October 8, 2006

1 week of hell

1 week of waking up early in the morning is really torturing. Haha! The training is alright, but it can be quite confusing sometimes. It's rather hard to squeeze everything into your brain in just 2 weeks. It's just like an exam, how is it possible to stuff all the information into your brain when your exam is going to start in 2 weeks later.

I was talking to Aaron yesterday, we were talking about something that I can't remember the details. I remembered asking him where is the number 1 yandao in the warehouse. Hahaha! Then he added by saying there's another called Alex, who is coming back on Monday from reservist. Then I asked him if he is more yandao than Henry then you introduce to me or I'm not interested. Lol!

Talking about guys, I somehow think Randy is a little crazy sometimes. That time we were having our SAP training, no matter how I tried I just can't login. I complaint to him and then I try again. I try many times then I finally login! Then Randy asked me how come I can login now. So I replied by saying, "eh... because just now I forgot to put the SG in the login name". So you know what he did? He throw the small tiny bits of candies on his hand at me. -__- I know he is just playing but just seems a little crazy too. Hahaha! Another thing, he likes to use his elbow to erm... how to explain... It's hard to explain in words. Unless you are interested then ask me. I shall stop talking about him.

Before Joey & Yenny leave, they gave us candies & chocolates. I was asking them, "today is Childrens' day?" Haha. Sometimes it's kinda sad because when you found 2 person who can make you feel comfortable tlaking crap to and become rather close. The next moment, you know you are not going to see them everyday. Having a boyfriend working in the same company with you is kinda different from having a friends there.

Well well... Yesterday outing with Monz™ was fun. On our way to Cineleisure, Grassy and me saw a lady in yellow... No speech was needed, we both just burst out laughing. That lady was really funny... Her clothing and the way she walked was just... WRONG WRONG WRONG. Haha!

We went Seoul Garden to eat. *pause a minute* I pity my money. *sobz* Haha. While eating, I always remembered how much I can eat... Plates after plates. Then what happen in Genting really taught me a lesson. *scary* Then I didn't even eat the desert after that.

Surprisingly, Grassy suggested that we should take neoprints! Alright, that was really amazing. Haha! But she got her reason, it's really hard for the 4 of us to go out together. Here are some silly neoprints that we have taken. I kinda regret for not wearing my home clothes inside my polo tees. >.<

Ahhhhh! Monday is my performance review! I wonder what Randy will ask me.... That's all for now. Hopefully, it's long enough. Lol!

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Happy Children's day!

Erm... Yep. That's all folks. Hahaha! I'm no longer a kid anyway. If only I can be a child on every passing day. Talks about children just makes me feel kinda confuse. For the sake of money or interest? Money or interest? Some people will go for money. For my case, this time round I have chosen money. Hopefully it's not a wrong choice. Even if there's future plan, I doubt it's too late to change. It's still flexible =)

Anyway, I got some compliments from the distributors that makes me happy. One praise me for being patient and another said that I never fail to smile at her even though she keep asking and complaining. I guess that's the satisfaction you will get for working at that place.

Aaron is a smartass. Lol. On his 2nd guess, he knew who is the person who said that nasty phrase. The person's name is not even worth to mention in my blog. It's funny that he ask if I speak mainly English at home. He also added thatI sounded more pro in English than Chinese. Who ask me to be best known for being an ang moh lang. Lol! Maybe I just don't like to speak Singlish infront of of important people or people who are more foreign to me. Lol! *ahem*

Anyway, I got my 2 weeks pay! It's not alot so I guess I can't really treat anyone yet. Sorry Grassy. Lol! I doubt we have to meet too. Should I just send the present to all of you? *sigh* Grassy, how about Thai Express the next time when I see you again? I wonder how long will be the NEXT time. I shall just sigh for another minutes.

Anyway, I read my a ex-schoolmate's blog and I just find this pretty interesting.

"...there will be moments whereby, its always happy and you feel like you're in your own fairytale with your own prince charming. The next you know, theres endless misunderstanding where u wish you won't play a part in it."

Sometimes, I really get tired of repeating myself. I don't like to be a nagger but somehow I'm made to be like one. Sometimes I just can't help it by feeling a little less happier.

Once again, Happy Children's day. I wanna be happy too.

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