Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Can baby laugh when he is only 12 days old?

Im kind of like cant believe it myself when I heard my baby laughing. I just fed him and he fell asleep. Shortly, he smiled and “hahaha” softly! My hubby heard it too!

I went to google about it and it wrote that baby only know how to know when they are about 1 month old. Hmmm... Something to ponder about. Maybe Kristoff is way smarter. Haha!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Welcome Baby Kristoff to the world!

"Giving birth is easy", said no one ever. Lol!

I'm pretty surprise when my gynae and nurses told me that I'm very to give birth to the baby. Normally, pregnant took around 8-12 hours (or maybe more) to give birth when they starts to feel the contraction. As for me, I think it took me about 5 hours (counting from the time when I'm in the labour room).

Haha! Apparently my hubby is the one giving birth =P 

I was pushed to the labour room early in the morning. My gynae, Dr Tan, came around 2 hours later to check on me. I told him that I hope to quickly give birth so I don't have to keep waiting and feel the pain of the contraction (the pain was still minor). When he checked, the opening of the cervix is only 2cm diluted. He said he will come back about 4-5 hours later. 

Shortly after he left, I suddenly felt the super duper painful contraction! I thought I have the capability to endure and can do it without the epidural. I tried to endure twice. I almost felt like dying! Haha! That pain is taking 90% of my energy away. My hubby kept asking me if I want to take the epidural, it took me another few minutes before I agree. 

The epidural really works like a magic! It was almost painless when the doctor "poke" the needle. Within minutes the pain was gone. I can finally start smiling again. Hahaha! The nurse then came and check on me again. To her surprised, she said my cervix opening was already 8cm diluted! From the time that my gynae came to the dilation of 8cm,  it was like only 2 hours. 

After awhile, I could already got the "passing of motion" feeling. The nurse told me that means the baby was ready to come out! They then quickly prepared the stuff for labour and called the doctor back. 

The whole pushing thing didn't event last for more than an hour and my baby was out! Though its less than an hour, it almost felt like forever as its so hard to push!! 

Dr Tan told me that I got what I wanted - Fast delivery. Lol! Well, maybe baby heard what I said. 

I guess Kristoff is same as "kan cheong" as mummy. Haha!
Weee! My cute little baby Kristoff! 

Friday, July 29, 2016

My bf is a superman!

Today is the day to collect our gowns at BQueens!

My bf is the type wont allow me to carry heavy items, its not because he wants to treat me like a princess. If he is able to shoulder it or simply just carrying heavy items for me, he should be the one doing it because he is a man and its his duty to do it. 

You may think the gowns are very light but I tell you, the white gown is very heavy! 

Thank you baby for being the best that you can be for me. ^_^

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gown rental @ BQueens for pre-wedding photo shoot!

Its always a girl thing to try on different gowns but for me I just want to try on what I like! Hehe! 

After sourcing for quotation from a few bridal shop, I decided to go with, BQueens. They are really good in their customer service. Super friendly and nice! Even though they are slightly more expensive than the other bridal shop but because of their good service and beautiful gowns. I really can't say no. 

Photos are taken using my bf's phone. I quite regret as his hp has bad resolution! The gown really looks good in actual! Lol!

This is the first gown I picked and its a love at first sight! Other white gowns simply cannot compare with this. It has nice sparkling effect on the top and elegant "cloud feel" layered for the bottom. I "chop" this immediately! 

I cant decide to pick this pink or the next white short gown that Hebe, the coordinator recommended.

Im not so fat la! The waist is very lose as its has yet to be altered. 

I only wanted to rent 2 gowns but couldnt decide to rent the pink one or the white short gown. But guess what? Hebe decided to throw in as a package for us! So nice of her! Hehe! It save our headache and $$$$ 

Heres other gowns that I didnt choose. 

Red makes me look too serious or old which doesnt suit my style. Haha!

Bf said this is too short and I agree... Hais! Too bad I dont have a slim leg. I dont know if I can ever slim down again. Lol! 

Nice white gown but it cant be compare with the first white gown that I tried. 

Its a happy trip to the bridal shop! Now we look forward to our photo shoot day! ^_^

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Blissful solemnisation at Bliss House

This place is definitely 1 of my favourite but being my favourite always comes with a price. Lol!

For minimum spending for the Garden area is $3k, which means... most likely its OUT. Four the House area, minimum spending is $2k so its still healthy =D

Photos for the 'House'.

The door to enter. The chairs outside belongs to the Garden area.

Their food menu & must be minimum 30pax
$55++ x 30 = $1650
$65++ x 30 = $1950
$75++ x 30 = $2250

Drinks for 4 hours 
$15++ x 30 = $450

Lets say, I just take the cheapest menu $1650 + $450 = $2100++

Quite a good package price as well. We are going down this coming Fri. Lets hope theres no other hidden cost when we meet up with the coordinator.

Wulu wedding solemnisation @ Skyve Wine Bistro

Here's the next venue which I find it quite cheap. The place looks nice but its not very convenient. Im not sure if I will like the place but if its value for money then why not? I must keep in mind that we still need to spend for a bigger wedding next year =)

Heres the reply from the venue:


Thanks for your email and also interest in having your wedding event at Skyve.
We are pleased to inform you that we are still available on the 26th Oct and we are all excited to have you and your guests with us.

Attached will be the Solemnisation Package which we would like to propose to you.
This menu and food style is actually good for small parties and gathering for couples to host for their immediate families and close friends.
Since you are having 25 pax would recommend you to take up our Lounge area (min 40 pax taking up the canapes menu or min spend: $1800++) for this joyous occasion.
This package would entitled you the exclusive usage of the area for 3 hours, 10-1pm11-2pm12-3pm1-4pm or 2-5pm.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something which is more filling for the guests' stomach, you can consider our buffet lunch too.
However, for our buffet lunch, we have a MOQ of 30 pax.

For kids, we also have a kids menu for your kind consideration.

Alongside, we are also pleased to offer decoration & floral services to make it seamless for planning and which includes the following:
- One Solemnization table decor and styling with floral centerpiece and table runner
- Bride & Groom chair decor with flower posies
- Solemnization/Ceremony backdrop with a Choice of: English Paper Lanterns or Farm-inspired Buntings or Elegant Drapes or Bohemian Leaves
- One Bridal hand Bouquet
- One Groom Boutonniere
P.S. Choice of Flowers: Roses, Eustomas, Gerbera, Baby’s breath
Flowers and colors can be tweaked on preferred theme

For the above decoration items, it would be an additional of $680 nett (optional and paid to our vendor directly)

Here is another link which lead you to an article which we host a similar scale wedding event as yours. Hope this is would be a good reference for you.

I would recommend us to have a meet up and share your requirements and expectations with us so that we can then put together a suitable and unique proposal for you.

Photos credit goes to the link above


Their menu - $60++ x 30pax (must be minimum 30) = $1800++
Solemnisation decor - $680nett
Total - $2480++

The amount is not too expensive. It still within my $3k budget. Maybe can go down to have a look as well. 

Have some coffee @ Coffeemin for solemnisation?

I got quite shocking news last week that more of my bf's relatives are coming. From 20 pax increase to 26 pax. Which means I need more budget for the solemnisation and also 1 of my preferred choice - Fullerton Bay Hotel: The Pod will be out of my sight soon.

Oh well, so my search begins again. I found this cute coffee house available for booking. Heres the email reply from them.


Thank you for your interest in Coffeemin! Our Clarke Quay outlet is available on 26th October 2016.

By leasing our cafe, you get to enjoy exclusively all the facilities as well as free flow of specially brewed coffee and snacks.

The estimated cost for a 3 hour event is as follows:
Venue booking fee
$60 x 3h = $180
 11am - 2pm
Cover charges
26 x $12.60 = $327.60
minimum 15 pax
Event administrative fee
Weekend surcharge




The estimated cost for a 4 hour event is as follows:
Venue booking fee
$60 x 4h = $240
 11am - 3pm
Cover charges
26 x $14.40 = $374.40
minimum 15 pax
Event administrative fee
Weekend surcharge




Catering can be provided at additional cost of $13/pax (high tea) or $18/pax (lunch/dinner), or you may bring in your own caterer at a surcharge of $2/pax. Please kindly find the lunch menu attached.

Kids under 24 months old can enjoy Coffeemin's facilities for free as long as there is an accompanying adult.


If Im gonna book for 4 hours = $674.40 
Currently total 26 pax = $18 x 26 =  $468

Total = $1142.40 (WOW! This is so much cheaper than my budget!) 

The venue is walking distance from Clark Quay. Im not sure if I will like the place but maybe we should just pay this place a visit.  

Can baby laugh when he is only 12 days old?

Im kind of like cant believe it myself when I heard my baby laughing. I just fed him and he fell asleep. Shortly, he smiled and “hahaha” sof...