Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wake up!

I feel so tired at the moment! I have too much of work/school/games. Everyday, I just feel like sleeping. Haha. By the way, I have change the header. Well, I know the whole layout is still like black, white, gray and more gray because I think that's how my life is at the moment. It's just so dull and repetitive. That is also why when I posted some pictures it has colors! That's only the time when my lifeless blog got something interesting to show. Anyway, I'm bored of this layout.

Today, I told my dad that when I finish my DBA course, I wish to take the advance diploma. I might consider to take the full time which I can complete the course in 9 months whereas compare to the part time, I will need to take another 1 year and 2 months. By then, I think I'm already dying. The my dad told me to save some money because by then I won't be having any income. He then added that I can keep the $X that I always give him every month as he is still working and has some income. I felt very touch at that moment. You may think it's nothing but my dad is always so understanding but somehow I will feel very bad if I didn't give him any money. =/

Anyway, last night my mum came home and told us that her right eye wasn't feeling very good. It was like she will keep having a slight pinch of pain. There was also some discharge kept coming out from her eyes. It really don't looks good. I told her to call the doctor asap as he is off duty on weekend -_- When we were having the conversation, I looked at her eyses and expressions , I can tell that she is worried. I really hope she will be fine.

Life is just so sucky these days. Things are always not very going very well at work and plus all those above. *sigh* Someone please bring back some sunshine for me. =(

I shall go and bathe now and do some homework.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

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98% true. Hohoho.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Who is missing me?

Anyway, I was trying to play along with SPY so I changed my nick to, "Who will ever miss me". Surprisingly, that Nu Star's Jordan came and tell me something like this..."Me and the rest of my gang will miss you. Blahh.." So darn funny but too bad I won't miss you people. Haha.

Thanks Grassy! I know you miss me the most la! Haha.

My blog getting abit boring. It's time to post some pictures! Well, some FOOD pictures!

The new dish at Thai Express. Black pepper hei bo + thung hoon.

Last Sunday, we went to Jurong East to eat Zhi Cha.
Salad hei bo. Haha I have been eating alot of hei bo lately.

Pai Gu. The taste was not bad but I felt it's too little for 4 person.

Kang kong! It's quite delicious but I still prefer the one at East Coast.

The steamboat was more typical but overall the food there was not too bad and it's not expensive too so it's still value for money.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Enjoy & endure you life & work

Last Sunday, my mom was off so in this rare opportunity she bring us out to eat zhi char. As the photos are still in my hp right now so I can't show you anything. Haha. Maybe pictures will be up by Thursday. Meanwhile, here are just some nonsense again because working life is so boring at the moment. Plus, I guess now there is some conflicts between some issue with Jean so blah blah blah. Maybe I might just post what she wrote and what I have replied.

Well, everything in life is unfair so just be it or just learn from what the Ah Peh, Aaron said about the 2 E.


Thanks uncle for the nice advise. Please don't collect $5 from me.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sick and tired

I'm getting more and more sick of working here. How long more I can wait before I finally call it a quit? *sigh* Should I leave...

1) after 911, which is 1 year that I have been here.
2) before Jovin's get married, which is around nov.
3) wait till 2008, when she promoted me officially as a SENIOR.
4) after I complete my studies, which is super darn long


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Monday, July 9, 2007


Is this date really that special? Then maybe I should get married on 12.12.12. Haha. Anyway, nothing much to update. Boo hoo hoo.

Some bad new from my mother. Recently, she went for checkup because she felt the side of her eye has a little pinch of pain. After the checkup, the doctor said she has some 'eye problem'. I'm not sure about the scientific terms. She has to go for treatment or even some injection near the eye. That sound pretty scary huh.

I was a little worried for her that day when I hear the news so I actually went to internet to search stuffs regarding this illness. Thankfully, it is not some cancerous illness. It's something that can be cure but it takes a longer time. This will also means that she has to spent more money on medical fees. Why does this has to happen? Even though the doctor mentioned that she should has go for the checkup earlier because the 'thing' in her eye is quite big but on the happier side it's good that it's still not too late or else we won't know what will happen next.

Anyway, I saw Siang Long again on Saturday. Then on Sun, he left a comment on my friendster:

(part of the comment)
Whrz the BIG SIS who alwayz stood up for me laz time has now transformed into a PRETTY GIRL sia! LOL

Eh. I seriously cannot remember I got stood up for him before or what but I can remember I always stood up for justice. Haha. I always thought I should be born as a boy when I'm young. Haha.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Movie Review: Transformers

The trailer is enough to make you go, "woah". Needless to say about the full 144 min minutes of the movie. It is a MUST watch movie for all Transformers fans. Even if you are not a fan and you love action movie, one must not miss it!

The beginning of the movie already made my heart thumping and clasping my finger. When the devious Deceptions first invaded the Earth, it destroyed the entire base in Qatar. The scene really leave my mouth wide open. Haha.

Other than all the actions, some of the lines said by Sam Witwicky and the autobots was really funny. As a fan of Transformer since I was young, the moment I saw Bumble bee transformed itself from a car to a robot, I was really excited. Haha. The scene whereby he got caught and when he lost his 2 legs were really touching. My heart pained for him.

The most impressive aspect of Transformers was most certainly the special effects. The robot vs. robot fight scenes were, in a word, remarkable. The robots didn't seem computer generated at all. The interaction between human and robot was beautiful and flawless. It seemed like the actors were actually interacting with real, 50 foot tall robots during the movie.

Although the ending was a little flat(the death of the Megatron seems like chicken feet) I walked out of the theater in disbelief. Not because the movie wasn't what I thought it would be, but on the contrary, it was so much more than I had ever expected. It's really more than meet the eye!
I will rate it as the best action movie of the year!

Optimus Prime!


Picture credit

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