Sunday, April 17, 2016

Garden Wedding @ Lewin Terrace

Alright I Know its a little bit misleading, I should write it as "Garden Solemnisation @ Lewin Terrace".  Hehe! Anyway, I saw the pictures of Lewin Terrance, it looks really nice and peaceful. Heres the reply

Our restaurant has a maximum capacity of 80-100pax for sitting and 150pax for standing, and the minimum spending will be at $8,000++(Lunch) and $12,000++(Dinner) for exclusivity. For your group of 20pax, you can occupy the private dining area which will be perfect for an intimate wedding at Lewin Terrace and the required minimum spend will be at $1250++(Lunch)and $2,500++(Dinner). Depending on your requirements and budget, we will be able to work out a package catered to your needs.

Hmmm... I think if only spend $1250 for lunch doesn't sound too expensive after all. I wonder how much is their menu and how is their food there like. However, Im also not sure if the private dinning is indoor or outdoor as those pictures the venue i/c sent looks like an its a non-air-con but sheltered area. 

EDIT: Latest update - We went for the site visit. End up there is alot of hidden cost. The coordinator didn't mention in the email the setup for the solemnisation tables and chairs requires additional $200. Also when we meetup with the coordinator, she seems not very experience. That time we are looking at around 20 pax. When we at onsite to check out the private dinning room, theres a 14 pax long table seating setting. It already look very cramp! She still mentioned can squeeze in another 6 more chairs. Why would I want my guest to suffer? -__-

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