Monday, December 29, 2014

The story of a iphone

My family has this thing, "we always give without asking for anything in return" or "spend your money on people you love without thinking of getting anything in return". Its a good attitude but we might end up getting bullied if the person that we "give", doesnt appreciate it. At our worst time, my mana blame hersef. She said its bcos of gentics and therefore my sis will get bullied... I cried the moment I heard this. Its supposed to be a good characteristics but why people have to abuse it?

Many times, I also prefer to spend my money for the people I love. Sometimes I rather dont buy the things that I want as I wanna spend the money on something for the person I love. 

So.... Why I talked about this? Ok, its bcos the back of my iphone 4s was cracked. I plan to get iphone 6 next year as Im still saving up. (Currently, I have some money issues) When my mama knows about it, she wants to sponsor half of the amount. I am happy but at the same time, Im abit sad bcos shes no longer working and yet she wants to help me. I felt abit useless.

I share my story about what my mama wanna do for me to my sunshine as I was abit sad. 

Then on 26th Dec, my sunshine actually buy it for me T_T Its not just a simple Christmas gift. Its something way more meaningful. He said he didnt want my mama or me to spend that kind of money as well. So he will be the one to buy it for me. Im so touched and thankful. 

I know he wanna get a new hp as well as his current hp is way too big -_- but instead of using the money to spend on himself, he decided to spend it on me. T_T 

In return, I offered to give him my old iphone 4s so he can use it for work. Hes that type of person that dont mind using something thats already very worn out. He also dont keep on buying new clothes and stuff for himself. He will keep on using the same thing as long as its still can be use. This "ching cai" attitude is something that I like the most about him. Most importantly, he is the type that "others before self". A rare gem indeed. ^_^ 

Now I truly know how it feels like to have someone who rather spend the money on the people they love rather than themselves. 

The new meaningful iphone 6! I will keep on using it until its no longer working. Hehe! 

Thank you iphone 4s! You have serve me well :)

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas (late posting)

I have not been blogging for the longest time! From now on I will try to blog as often as I can :)

I have a wonderful Christmas spent with my sunshine. We watched The Hobbits at town area, its quite a good movie but the ending is abit... No surprise. Hmmm... 

Anyway, sunshine bought me iphone 6 for my Xmas gift! ^_^

Then then next surprise was this... Hehe! Now, every night I can sleep peacefully. 

Well, the greatest gifts I got is not all these presents but is my wonderful family, lovely friends and him ^_^ 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Dairy Farm D&D 2014

First year I see him as a DFGT contestant and champion in the final, this year I see him as a Giant's dance performer for the inter-biz dance competition and 1st runner up. Hehe. Time do really fly faster than you know. 
Well, from the picture, I think I have slim down abit haha!

Friday, November 21, 2014

SME Awards 2014 company won an award at Singapore SME awards 2014. We all get to dress up and MAKE UP >_< for the event. In order not to waste the Chinese costume I bought during Kat's birthday, I decided to wear it again for this event. Hehe!

I look like some Shanghai lady. 

Looks like 3 kids at the gala dinner. Lol. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Im on half day leave yesterday as we worked too hard for the company =P Anyway, Samantha wanna watch a movie call,"等一個人咖啡" (Cafe. Waiting. Love).  The moment I heard the movie title, I was like WT? The movie title don't makes alot of sense to me. However, I still watched it if not she will be watching it alone.

Surprisingly when the movie end, I quite like it. Some of the quotes they said in the movie are very meaningful. Some parts are rather touching too. Im not a huge fan of romantic movie but at least there are some fun comedy parts in the movie itself.

Here are some of the quotes that worth mentioning.

(Everyone is waiting for someone who can see the uniqueness in you.) 

你的笑容 是我這輩子最想得到的寶藏。”




Sunday, September 28, 2014

Good location for photography - West Coast Park!

Last Sunday, I went for photoshoot with the Monz! The photos are already ready! I will post some once its ready. 
Anyway, after the photoshoot I was a little inspired on where will be a nice place in Singapore to take photos. It can be for friends or wedding or whatever. I find that these places, you can have many difference scenes in just 1 location.

West Coast Park
 - Reason being that its much less crowded as compare. In 1 location you can have difference scenes - playground, greenery  and sea view

Source: here
Source: here
Source: here
Source: here

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Friends that can never be replaced


Some friends come and go... some stay forever. 

We had our photo shoot at West Coast Park, the place where we had our first celebration. Hehe! time passed by reallly way too fast. Its already 10 years! I think Im getting old >_< 

Here are some photos that we have taken. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Photo Whore

Who said girls are the only one who like to keep on taking pictures? I had an event and this little boy likes to keep on taking pictures. Hehe! He is so cute ^_^  

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Samantha!

For a moment I hesitate to type this as I don't know if someone out there will read my blog, misinterpret the content and message me, questions me or start scolding people. Nonetheless, this is my life... I have no control of others' life. 

Anyway, here's how it all goes for Sam's birthday celebration on the 15th & 16th (together with JW)...

It all started off with a simple conversation with Samantha about what is the MOST romantic things your bf has done for you. I can't remember what is her answer but irregardless I decided to do something "ROMANTIC" for her. Lol! The project is a success! Thanks to all lovely and awesome peeps! =D

I brought the light sticks so I just lepak 1 corner and see them doing it.

Sam surprise look when she saw the heart shape. LOL! 

The happy girl! 

She said that now she has to marry me. LOL! But I didn't propose to her! 
2 tiny taking pic.
The celebration continue! Hope she enjoy the BODY SHOT! LOL! 

Dont worry its not submarine. Its only Jagger Bomb.

Good night, JW.  
Nice cleavage there. Haha! 
Everyone have a enjoyable  & fun night together. We promised to disturbed each and everyone when its their birthday! HAHA. WATCH OUT PEOPLE! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Moving forward...

In the past, I used to blindly listen to 1 side of the stories. Now, I have learn that I must always listen to both side of the stories because no matter how much you trust someone, he or she may not tell you the 100% truth. If you only hear 1 side of the story, never judge the other party because you do not know the whole story.

Anyway, whatever it is, I wont care about what other think about me as you can never stop what others want to say or think. So CHEERIOS & LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST~ 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Be positive!

I wanted to post something negative then when I think about it for many times, I decided that I should not even waste my time talking about it. I dont need someone to come and judge me when the person dont even know me very well or just critisize me base on all the wrong facts.

All I need is someone who will be there for me when I needed someone and not someone who come and tell me all the things that dont make sense. Oh well, I shall remind myself again that I dont have to spend time explaining to people who dont understand. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Happy moments!

I was looking through all the photos in my external HDD and so here I am decided to recap on the happy things I did for the first half of 2014. Even no one will be reading this, I will still blog it so I can laugh at myself 10 years later.


Aye! This is so cute to the max!! 

Borrowed a cap, just to look cool. 


Thank you for celebrating my birthday =) 

Photo taken when Im in Venice, Italy. I bought this cute little hat last year when I went shopping with Erykca. Hehe! That time Chris gave me $200 or $300 (I can't remember) to spend because I have been working hard for them T_T *So touch*

Anyway, the best thing about being Asian is that we CAN ACT CUTE & BE CUTE! Hahaha! I won't dare to wear this in Singapore but I can act cute and wore this when Im oversea! Hehe! I walked past a food store and the store owner was like, "Hello kitty!" It was very funny and of cos its fun to get abit of an attention. Muahaha!

Im on top of the world! Im at one of the taller mountain in Switzerland. Wish to go back there someday with the real who will truly love and treasure me.

Hehe ^_^

1 of the funny day when I went drinking with  SPY and her male friend. He basically just died somewhere after the "On the Rock Challenge". HAHA~ Poor SPY had to go around searching for him.


In the month of March! I just think I look very cool with outfit. Hmmm....

Event at a club near St James. Pretty fun to work in at at place whereby its not a ballroom setting ^_^

Went to drink with SPY after the event! This picture of her was really funny! I wonder what is she trying to do at that point of time. LOL!

Nicer photo of us together.  Hehe! 

Kanna molest. *sigh* Hahaha! 

Like my little badass look after I shaved my side of my hair. Hehe! 

Got style anot? HAHA! 

Went for the stupid carvival event organised by Power 98FM and didn't win anything. Haha! 

Fried food! 

I think we are out of our mind to order ALL the finger food in the menu. LOL! 


Im having a blast trying to make Tofu drunk! HAHA! She is really cute when shes drunk =p


A rare chance that I get to wear a super thick hoodie in Singapore. 

Just trying to look like some cool dude in an anime. 

A fun day times during event. I purposely asked everyone to bring a cap for photo taking. Hehe! 


Celebrating friend's birthday was fun. Especially when comes to the planning and doing things together. The pumping of the balloons was so tedious! Next time I shall borrow the balloon pump from the office! LOL!


SPY having a fun dance with Ken made my day =D

That's all folks! 

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