Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I'm not a lesbian

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Listening: Amala

I don't know how those gang of girls arrived at this statement. They said Minyi is a lesbian?! This really put a big question mark on my head. How can she be one? I don't believe. Anyway, Minyi never say about thing about this, it's only those girls' theory. Ling Hui asked me to be careful because Minyi might target me. I was like... What? Even if she really target me, I can only say I'm not a lesbian. I definitely can be her friend but nothing more than that because I always love my boyfriend. Haha!

I think Minyi is really ill-fated. She always been treated like a little pest. I have already told her that Serene and gang are not a group of nice people. Yet, she refused to take my advice. Well, I can't really blame her maybe she's just too pure innocent or she's just plain silly?

Anyway, no matter what. I'll just stay to my own opinion about her. She's already ill fated enough, I shall be a little angel and continue to entertain her. Lol! She wasn't so bad after all. Only sometimes when she talked, no one understand what's she's talking about. Haha!

Nevertheless, I won't treat her like how they all treated her. It's not that I want to pretend to be nice. I just find that it's not necessary and it's plain childish to treat her this way.

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