Wednesday, September 27, 2006

All about working again

It's officially that Yenny & Joey are leaving! Once Randy hire somebody to replace them, they will be gone for good. Oh well...

Today, Richard assigned Yenny, Joey, himself and me to eat lunch on 1pm. It's the 2nd time he had such arrangement. He is really a Mr MacDonald or erm.. Mr fast food. He ALWAYS eat fast food but he is still so skinny.

I asked him why is he so good that he arrange us together to eat. Hm... I can't remember what he said to me. I can only remember that we complaint to him that whenever we go out and eat with other people, we are so damnnnnnnnn bored!! He asked us to make some efforts to interact with them. I argued back that it's not whether we make an effort or not, it's whether we got the "mo qi" or not. Just like in the beginning, when I just joined the company, Joey came talking to me and *tadaaaa* that's how we spark off and able to get along well with each other. Joey also added that among so many people, we can only get along more well with him and well we are more comfortable telling him this and that.

I also told him that someone in the company condemn us saying we, newbie won't work for long. He actually asked me who said that but I told him that I didn't wish to pin point at anyone if not I will be as hypocrite as that person - talk behind people's back. At the ending, I told Richard that he is the only one that we trust and said all these to, if he ever went to tell someone else, I will condemn him too. LOL! *ahem* It's not easy to be an assistant supervisior after all.

We discussed about a lot of things which I can't remember everything. When it's about time to go back, I told everyone that, "hai... Happy hour is going to end soon".

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Queen of burgers!

The menu for today

Morning Breakfast: Burger King
Afternoon Lunch: Carl's Junior

Wahh... I'm going to die of too much fats.

Anyway, here's how my working place looks like.

Losing money

Yesterday was so tiring because there were tons of last minute Singaporean trying to clear their default order. They are making me a sad girl because I don't know why I end up paying $8.25 for them. Thanks alot.

The things that upset me was I double check twice but I still make mistakes. *sigh* The other day, I don't even bother to check and yet I got a 'tick' and vrooomm I can go home without feeling sad because my $ just left my pocket. Well, I guess I won't stay at the company for long.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Work washed away my brain!

I guess everything will be short and sweet. Haha. My brain can't type too many things at the moment.

1 week 5 1/2 days I'm working! That's how sad life is when you started working. After I have experience the crowd for Saturday, I have make up my mind that I won't stay long. Lol. I don't know why everytime I have lotsa things in my mind that I wanna write but whenever I wanna write an entry, my mind just went blank.

Yesterday buffet was insane. It was very Chinese style. Erm.. Hard to explain in words or maybe I'm too lazy to think. Haha. I'm getting more lazy these days. Yawnz.

That day I went for lunch with WL and Richard. WL was telling me that guy called, Kenji (who will report back to work on Monday after his reservist) is very HANDSOME -_- I saw him yesterday. Aiya, he was just so so. He is quite so OUT!

Anyway, it's kinda sad that we don't get to celebrate or do anything for our Monz™ day. You guys' presents is still with me. Frankly, I still don't have the time to wrap. Haha. Maybe I will do it later. So little time, so many things to do. *sigh*

Grassy ~! I have already hand in my timesheet because the agent said that if I hand it in on Monday that will be too late. So do you still wanna see my face in the afternoon? In case you didn't see this, I guess I have to sms her later at night. Haha.

24th is the day ~

How I miss the days whereby we still have tons of time together. Seriously, I saw Grace on Wednesday night for dinner, I was very happy. It was just like seeing my 2nd boyfriend. Muahahah =X

Monday, September 18, 2006

Working life

The morning train was awful! The driver should take his driving lesson again. Haha. Joey didn't come to work today, making me so bored. I was there alone listening to "San Gu Liu Po" gossiping. One of the person said, "Aiya, the new comers won't stay long one." Haha. I was like, "Yar yar... you are so darn right. Working here is insulting my intelligence." So darn bored la! I think I can only talk more to Joey or Yenny. The rest like..."San Gu Liu Po". They are already so familiar with each other and can talk anything under the sun, unlike me. ZZZ

I asked the assistant supervisor during lunch time, she told me that currently I am still consider as a temp staff so I need to work on every Saturday!!! WTH! That time Randy told me it's alternate Saturday! Yenny also told me that she felt so cheated and wanted to complaint. LOL!

There is a company dinner at Suntec this coming Saturday! BOOOOOO! I wonder how am I going to meet the Monz™ and pass them the presents. GRASSY MY SAND! LOL! Hm... Should I get something for Grassy only for our 24th? Haha. Even if I want I also don't have the time. Hm... I should start digging things in my house! Muahahaha. Hmmmm....


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Greatest mum in the world!

This is the second time I heard a salesgirl saying this to me..."Your mother is so good." Thanks alot aunty, I do know my mum is good. In fact, despite all her nagging and er... more nagging, she is actually one of the greatest people that I could ever ask for. =D

Saturday, September 9, 2006

I'm finally hired!

I shall blog before I start work on Monday!! Ok, let's rewind the time back to Wednesday, 6th September.

I went for 3 interviews erm... The first one sucks because the idiot lady looked down on me. She thinks her company very good..#%^#$%# Now you give me $5000, I won't want to work for you.

The second interview made me so nervy. I was interviewed by the head of something and another lady in the HR department. They asked me tons of questions to make sure I am very sure about working in NUH.

Thankfully for my smart brain (HAHAHA), I managed to answer them without wasting too much of their time. One of the lady questioned me about my choice of my career path. Actually, I doesn't know how to answer her so I just came out with a stupid story and lied. Lol. Well, sometimes during the interview you just have to lie to show your confidence so as to make sure that they will hire you!!

After like 10-15 minutes of interview, the HR asked me to wait outside and so I waited. When she was out, she told me that she was going to bring me to see the head of other department. Then there I met another 2 ladies. Another 1--15 minutes or so of interview. They said they were keen to take me in! Hoooo! I was so darn happy! Then she said the HR will contact me later.

Then I was like smsing my agent that I didn't want to go for the third interview because I thought it will be a waste of my time. However, the agent insisted that I should go. -_- So bo bian, I just went for the third interview with my tummy 1/2 empty.

I went for the third interview with the bo chap mentally. I just like crap around with the interviewee. He is quite a funny guy. Then he was like... "Okay, if you want I can hire you now. Then I can don't need to interview other applicants." After hearing all the benefits and etc, I decided to say, "yes". So sorry to NUH. Haha =X Oh man, I'm hired! *knock knock Grassy* I'm not a shi ye ren shi anymore. Lol.

Friday was a super tiring day LA~! I bought 4 shirts and a pants in total. It cost me $100+ *faint* I shall earn them back in no time. Crap alot with the Monz. Kinda sad that next time I won't have the luxury of time to spent with them anymore. =/

Then that aunty SPY was so vex thinking about the "lu di ku" guy. HAHA. 80% of her brain is usually make up of the word, "love". Awww... Well, I might be wrong. Why girls have to go sleepless night because of a GUY? I wonder if there is any guys will be like this too. *faint*

At the Expo, the first stop was the food fair. *slurp* I swear we didn't eat alot, we only eat till we didn't have to eat our dinner. Muahaha. At John little, Grassy bought a black shirt... Then we were like planning for our next meeting we shall make everyone wear something formal. Sounds fun. Then the evil me was so happy laughing whenever Grassy bought something. The more she buy the merrier because I can laugh at her for spending more money. *evil grins*

*yawnz* Today my leg is aching!!! I shall just rest and sit on my chair for a longer time.

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Blah blah blah

30th July - First Job Interview

I went down to have my first ever interview at Raffles. Hm... I suppose it went quite well. I wasn't really that scared. I just went in and chat with the interviewee. She agree with some of the things that I said and laughed along with some other things that I said. Haha. She told me that if I got selected I will need to come for the 2nd interview. Before I go she mentioned that she hope to see me for the 2nd interview. Well whether I can get the job or not will be another thing. Please hire me! Haha!

2nd Aug - Goodbye

SPY and me went to attend Grassy's ah ma's funeral. *sigh* Ren jiu shi, shen lao bing shi. Didn't do much there... Just sit and eat peanuts & sweets. AHHHH! SPY's peanut shell dropped on the floor and I went to pick it up! AHHH then my hp dropped on the floorrrrr! @#%@@$^ There's a slight scratch. Careful people, please do not hand your hp to me, I might just drop it. -_-

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