Sunday, July 31, 2005

Football! Please come back!!

Mood: sad
Music: Tommy Lee - Good times

I miss football!! I miss Serie A! I miss Pirlo! I miss Totti! I have to wait till September before Serie kick off again! Argh! Those friendly matches is so boring.

I don't know. I just feel that they look alike.

Anyway, NO ONE guesses the answer correctly for the previous question! The answer is false!! Haha! Too bad, guys!

Today question:
Amphibians see no color; they perceive only black and white. True or false?

I wanted to buy the book, Tommy Land but it's quite expensive. Even I have the money, I still don't know if I should buy the book or not. If I wait for too long, I’m afraid the book will be sold out because I went to borders yesterday, it has only left one copy!! Maybe, I should start selling some of my Jon Jonsson's magazines to get back some of my money! Haha! I have already counted; by selling some of the magazines I can earn about $25+!!! The temptation to buy that book is so strong. Maybe I went to check my bank account on Monday before I decide whether I should buy the book or not.

I also can't wait for 9th Aug! Tommy’s new CD will be release on that day! I already heard 3 of his new songs and I can't wait for his new CD!! It's so coincide that 9th Aug is also the birthday of my country but you know what, I really don't give a damn about that. *Hide*

Hm...Suddenly remember what I told Stephanie that day. I told her that I'm going to download *censored* and I will tell her the content. Lol! Shnnnnn......

Going for my aunty’s BBQ afterwards. I know it will be damn boring but what to do?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Not cute? Not cool?

Mood: sad
Music: Nickelback - How you remind me

Congrats to… Eh? I don’t know whom I should congrats to. Lol! The first person who answered the question correctly is my ex-classmate so you know I can’t give her the permanent plug. Then the next is… and the next is… Alright, the other 2 who have answered the question correctly have already got the permanent plug. Weird isn’t it? Lol! No winner!

Question for today:
A snail can sleep for 2 years. True or false?

Wendy!! Lol! How can you don’t believe in thre are actually rooms that neat and organized? Picture 1 is my room!!! Lol! Anyway, I love it when she said, “Picture 1 seems too cute to be yours!” YEA! This shows that she thinks that I’m actually someone who is freaking cool and rocks! Haha! Am I finally getting out of the “cute” label? Thanks a lot, Wendy. I think I just make a fool of myself. Sadly, my room is picture 1! I was craving to have a room like picture 2!! Just for your info, picture 2 is my friend, Grace’s room.

I can't do much to my room because Im sharing the room with my more lady-like sister!!! Wait till one day I get to have my own room!!! Frankly, she has never ever decorate our room before!! All those stuffs on the wall are put up my me! (Too bad you can't see the other side of the room. )

Anyway, I'm still label as 'cute' to my friends. Lol! Look at Grace gave me that day I went to her house!

YES! IT'S A WINNIE THE POOH'S STICKER!! How nice of her! Ok I think I'm not cool.

Oh.. Talking about my ex-classmates, I didn't realize that Linghui visited my blog! All along, I thought I’m the one who read your blog and thought you’re already having a great time with your new friend and forget about me. So it kinda surprise. I don't know what went wrong actually. Maybe I’m too blunt with my words. Yea, too straightforward but I don’t think I have said anything to hurt you! If you have read the post on ‘Graduation night’ and feel that I’m being a hypocrites then what more can I said? I just think you got the wrong idea. I think you have read it wrongly and get the wrong idea!

I remember that time I saw LK and QR at Jurong point, they ran to me and greeted me. They told me that you’re with them. I already sense something wrong because you didn’t come to me. They told me you were still sitting in Long John Silver if I didn’t remember wrongly.

That day, I finally took the initiative and talk to you on MSN. Do you know it takes lots of courage? Freaking funny right. I even said ‘sorry’ to you when I don’t know what I have done wrong. I said, ‘sorry’ to you because I just feel that maybe all these crap began with my stupid graduation night post.

We bought the same dress for our graduation night. If I am a sucky friend, I think I won’t EVEN BUY THE SAME DRESS AS YOU. WTF are you thinking about me?

Yes, I heard those people said that you look like a slut that night. So? I didn’t even agree with them. I just listen and shut the fuck up. I didn't even think that you look like a slut. Do you know why they said that? I think it's because when they put you and me together, I am look so ugly compare to you. They are just jealous! You were stunning that night. I feel so ashamed of myself because when I stood beside you, I feel I suck so much. Fuckit. I suck. I ACTUALLY WANNA DRESS LIKE A GENTLEMAN THAT NIGHT! I rather be a man.

See this! Still remember?

I am very upset. When I saw those neoprints and photos, all I see was you and me, this two freaky Ah Lian on the photos. Do you even know that I fucking miss those days? If from the beginning, I already I don’t like you, do you think I bother to go out with you, wake up early just to eat breakfast with you and .................? Do you even know I’m FUCKING MINGNI. Am I really a hypocrite to you? If that’s what you think about me then ok, I think I’m not cute, I’m not cool, and I suck. I hope one day you’ll sms me and tell me that I am still very “handsome”.

Even if she didn't read this, at least I have finally said out whatever I want to.

I think I need my Tommy now.

Much better now.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Don't let me get you!

Mood: happy
Music: The Corrs - So young (What an old song that I heard from the radio)

I'm so pissed off yesterday! One fucker keeps messaging me. On Sunday, this fucker messaged me and said that he wanna know me and asked if I could be his friend. I don't even know who the hell is he and how the hell did he get my handphone number! I stop replying him when he refused to tell me his identity.

Then yesterday this fucker messaged me again! In his message, he wrote "I just wish to be your friend. Hope I am not disturbing you." Then I asked him who was he and he told me his alias. Then I replied by asking him that do I know him. That fucker answered me by saying that my handphone number was given to him by his friend and he gave me his friend's name. What's bothering me was that I don't even know his friend!! Plus, I have no interest in being his friend at al!!!! By the way, I suspected that this fucker might be the one working at my ex-workplace. Argh! If I ever catch him, I won't let him off.

Well, let's talk about some happier things. I'm giving out a free CD compliation to one lucky Pirlo's fans for my this site. Today I received one application from a guy today. He sounds so funny because of what he wrote. This is what he wrote, "I’m a Pirlo fan from SINGAPORE. You may not have heard of my country because its a tiny country in south east Asia. " Did he even realize that I am from Singapore too! Lol! Well, finally I found someone on Singapore who loves Pirlo too! Awww....

Anyway, congrate to Chau! She is the first to guessed the answer correctly! The answer is "True!" Wanna get your site plug here be sure to answer the following question.

Question for today:
Which photo shows the picture of my bedroom? Picture one or picture two?

Happy guessing!

To Wenhui: Yea, go ahead and add me you your friendster!

To Wendy: Yep, Tommy Lee is the one going back to college. Actually, it look quite stupid because he is already 42 years old! Lol! Well, this shows still seem going to be a funny reality show so I will watch it for sure.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Freaking new layout again!

Mood: Blank
Music: None

Don't be pissed off by me. Haha! I know I have been changing my layout alot. You can't blame me for doing that. Wenhui told me that she has problem viewing my page and when I went to check it out, I was freak out! Yikes! Damn! I can't fix the damn problem and so I change the whole layout in a verge of anger! I hope it's better this time. Well, the layout just suit my mood now.

Well... The following question is not yet answer. So just be the first to answer the following question correctly and you can get the permanent plug!

Here's the question:
Turtles can breathe through their butt. True or false?

[Edit: 1226pm] I was talking to Delphi about Tommy Lee just now and suddenly she told me she heard his news on Perfect ten. She told me that the DJs said that he is the only rocker who do botox. Lol. Freaky.

I'm so sleepy now. I slept at 4am. Oh well..

Friday, July 22, 2005

2 more weeks

Mood: Mad
Music: BSB - Climbing the walls

Yup. I have 2 more weeks of holiday. Frankly, I didn't know what should I do during this 2 weeks! Blehz! It is going to be a boring holidays. Poor me.

Im so pissed off! I can't show 2 post because there will be a HUGGGE gap between today's post and yesterday's post and I don't even know why! Arrrrgh! You can scroll down and check it out. I hope someone can tell me why and eventually solve the problem =( Or else, I can only show 1 post at a time.

Anyway, be the first to answer the following question correctly and you can get the permenant plug! Look at those people names that are listed udner 'Smartass', don't you wish to be one of the too?

Here's the question:
Turtles can breathe through their butt. True or false?

Hehe. Simple right?

Thursday, July 21, 2005

What future?

Mood: Pissed off
Music: Rob Thomas - Something to be

I have put up a new layout. It's featuring Tommy Lee. Don't know who is he? Then don't bother. The quiz shall stop for today. I will continue for my next blog. The person who answered the question correctly is Josephine! Your name is now listed under 'smartass'. =)

Hm... The following is my thought about my future....Yea, lots of f-word is being used.

I am taking the Early Childhood course in AIT Academy. I am going to be a yea, your so-called professional teacher. There is no doubt that I truly love young children. I do have fear about working in this line but I dare to take the challenge. Hey, who says being a teacher is easy?

Don’t I sound like some passionate soon-to-be teacher? You must think that I am some kind-hearted, gentle and lovely girl? Hell no! Get this clear; I am not your angel or anybody’s. I can be rude and violent, dude!

Being a kindergarten teacher used to be my childhood’s dream but not at the moment. I am taking this course right now because I am living in this fucking-small-peanut-country. What else can I do? I used to dream of becoming a graphic or web designer but being a girl, no one will hire you in here! Isn’t that fucking unfair?

I also used to dream of being a sports star. I used to win trophies for my sports’ day. I remember that day, I can run faster than my friend, who was ridding on her bicycle. Believe it or nor, what I said just now is fucking true. My friend was so impressed with me.

When I was in primary, I was in the volleyball team. We have also won several trophies in many competitions. Although volleyball isn’t my favorite sports, I still enjoy playing it. If I have a chance to nurture my talents… I tell you, you might see me at your TV screen. Oh yea, I know you are laughing your ass off now.

Now, when I try to hit the volleyball, my hand hurts like hell and I can’t run like a superwoman anymore. My talent is fucking wasted on this island.

Come to think again, I am going to be a kindergarten teacher soon! The world is still not collapsing on me. I think I still have my future. At least I am going to make my childhood’ s dreams come true. Who is so lucky to make heir childhood's dreams come true?

Well, Singapore is one of the safest places in the world! What the fuck can I asked for? I can’t take things for granted.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Too many stuffs to write!

Kill me! I have not been posting here for ages I have been posting @ my GJ and LJ. I have come to this decision that my I will post icons & football related stuffs on LJ and GJ will be more on my daily rant. Well, about GJ, I bet a lot of you won't understand what I wrote there. Haha! wayyyyyyyyyy too much singlish. Lol!

Thanks everyone who gives me the suggestion about the skinny thingy. I still have not try it out yet! Haha! But I will, I promise but not today! Ok right now let me summarize what has happen these few days ok? Let's star from today...

15th- Book me before hand:

I came to realize that if you wanna go out with me, you'll have to book me first! Haha! That day Xiao Gang wanted to go out with me to eat on Wednesday but I told him Im already booked by Grace. Lol! So Xiao Gang said that he would book me on Friday. Lol! So happen that today Q called me and he wanted to go out with me. Whahaha! I told him that I couldn’t because I'm going out with my friend. Hehhe! So next time if you wanna go out with me, please book first. First come, first served. Lol! Kidding. Anyway, I don't really like to go out with a guy. *Ahem* I'm still straight. For some reason, I don't see myself having any boyfriend anytime soon. I’m just not interested to have one right now. Call me a sick or what, I prefer to have imaginary boyfriends. Lol! Maybe I will change my point of view when I grow older.

13th - 14th- Green house:
SPY and I went to Grace's house for these 2 days! SPY was studying for her exams next week, Grace was trying to complete all her homework and me? I'm helping Grace to do her homework! Lol! I do have my assignment to do but I only need to hand it in by next week so.... Haha! I love going to her house! We all have fun crapping around and for sure, I’m always the clown among them.

Well, the rest are al at GJ. I urged you not to go and read. Haha!

Anyway, the permanent plus is going to Jannicke because she got the right answer!

Last questions' answer:
The horse name is Friday!

Today question:
A man is lying dead in a field. Next to him there is an unopened package. There is no other creature in the field. How did he die?

Can baby laugh when he is only 12 days old?

Im kind of like cant believe it myself when I heard my baby laughing. I just fed him and he fell asleep. Shortly, he smiled and “hahaha” sof...