Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Grit one's teeth

I read a new testimonial from a 15 years old boy,whom I know during the days of A3-ing. To him I am always ever so inspiring. He is only a 15 years old boy and yet he has so many family and *ahem* relationship problems. I eventually urged him to end the nonsensical relationship. Yes, he felt bad now but I told him he will feel better soon.

And I went to to search for my name and I happen to re-read those whom once blogged about me 1 year ago so I decided to pick out the things they said about me.

"mingni my dearest listener,rough she might be but still patient loving and gentle.though your efforts people don't appreciate,but go on, it's certainly great.remember your first impression of me?oh thinking i'm lowly, rude and dirty.but don't judge a book by its cover,you'll never know what comes we're getting along well as friends,bringing all previous concepts to an end.just don't forget about me after we leave,because only you will be there to hear me grieve." - Jiesi

"Mingni!!! yes.... i know her in pri 6, and oso aft that in kr... but only start toking to her alot in sec 4... lol... she was one of my helper in chioing my... lol... but hav 2 say thx alot to her... coz she comforted me when i feel sad... she is a great fren to be wif, she is cool and wild!!! hope you do well in the things you are doing now, thx for all the support in the class..." - Melvin

Am I really that wonderful? I patiently listened to people's sorrow, complaints and etc, whether I give them an advice or not it doesn't seem to matter as what is more important is that they are satisfied and felt better. This is what it all matter.

So true. Everyone needs to move on.

Here is a good quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

Thanks Jo the gay... You woke up so early and let me disturb you. Muahahaha!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Finger licking good!

When the match begin, my parent began to ask me.. "Where is Totti?" Lol.

Italy didn't play their best and I'm so upset when Materazzi was sent off. I thought Italy is going to go out. My dad pat me and asked me to relax before he go to bed. My mum was so funny, she knew that I'm disappointed and she kept telling me, Totti will play very soon. Lol.

I screamed like hell when the referee pointed that its a penalty!! My mum even woke up to see but she missed Totti's penalty. I pray so hard because I'm so afraid that Totti can't score as he is already under alot of pressure. Oh boy! He didn't let me down. I was jumping with joy after that.

Then there my mum went, "You see, I told you Totti will play." Haha. Ain't my mama cute? Immediately after Totti scored, Dex called me... I don't know what to say to him, I was laughing and I was so damn fricking happy on the phone. He was like in tears of joy, his voice was like trembling. He admitted he was in tear when Totti scored. Haha. Stupid boy. We both were so happy hanging on the phone and I don't know what the hell are we talking about. I was just so damn exicited!!!

Totti is my man!! HAHA!

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The Aussies really did so well to get this far. Well, the Italians better improve their game and wake up soon. Whatever people going to say about Italy... They have won so just accept the fact. You can say Grosso dived or whatever, at the same time, you can ask yourself why didn't the Aussies take advantage of the 10 men Italy to score at least a goal? At first it looked like a clear cut penatly though the replay suggests that Grosso was playing for the foul. Though Lucus was in the way so I'd say it was a 50 50 call. Some refs would give it, some won't. Though that probably evened up things as Materazzi sent off was a very bad decision.

#%#$^#% I can't understand why Lippi allows Del Piero to start. He suck so badly on the pitch! Also, why Iaquinta get to play ahead of Inzaghi again??? Canna & Buffon are still the best players on the pitch.

Now it's

Monday, June 26, 2006

Bring it on!

Italy is going to face the Kangaroos, erm.. I mean Australia. I hope Italy don't make any mistakes! James kept saying them as the Kangaroos and said if only this is an rugby match, the Aussie sure win but well it's not. HAHA. I guess we are both complaint king and queen, we were blasting about the SPH! SPH is full of shit! There always tons of pages on England and Brazil. Nothing much about the Asian teams and of cos our beloved Italian team!!

Joke of the day:

十赌九输- 我们还是东亚病夫. When you lose, don't blame it on others, blame it on your greed. says:
i think totti must score then have izzit
十赌九输- 我们还是东亚病夫. When you lose, don't blame it on others, blame it on your greed. says:
brazil ah, that period i remember ronaldo's face and illustration come out non stop
十赌九输- 我们还是东亚病夫. When you lose, don't blame it on others, blame it on your greed. says:
but they didnt know that we Singaporeans are not interested in overweight players

Anyway, in case you still don't know about this site, Post secret, you should go and take a look and read what the others have sent.

One of the postcard from Post Secret

Anyway, I like summary done by Grassy. My memory is failing, I can't even remember I did watch Garfield on Thursday! LOl.

At the same time, Grassy, HT & me were on MSN talking about this Thursday. Then here comes the 2nd line.....It was Dex. Everytime the first thing that come up from his mouth is always about ITALY and *ahem* he will never say anything good about Itay.

Then we talked about from Italy playing the Aussie tonight to the kelong world of football to Victoria Beckham's boobs being over sized to that way that Beckham seduced the girls in the Gillette's ads and yea... Asking me to go his house to wash his toilet. I told him my hands are too clean to wash his stupid toilet... Then he said this, "You want to wash my body right." Then I replied him, "wao lao, don't always explosed me la." LOL. OK that was just a joke. Who the hell that wanna wash his body. HAHA. Then off he go for his lunch.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Oh Grace? Grace again?

Thursday, Friday and Saturday! I have been seeing Grassy's face for consecutive 3 days!!!! Well, it's don't seem to matter. I think I don't mind seeing her face. LOL.

I shall recap the 3 days....

Eh... Where the hell did we go? Lol. Oh yea, we went to Bishan. We met at Silly hall... Then here comes my 20 cents comments about SPY's new Zara top. My first look at her, I was like..."Is that her?" Haha. She slowly begins to step out of her aunty shadow eh? Hm... That's a good sign.

Other than her clothes, I don't seem to remember anything. OH NO! My memory is failing!! I can't even remember what we ate there.

Yea..Yea... I remembered Italy WON and I promised to give them a treat.

We went to Silly hall again! Erm.. Just to get my Italy jersey printed with Pirlo's name. Well well... The Indian uncle told me that they only has his number, his name is gone! Then he showed me other names that was available... No Cannavaro and I don't want Totti's name. Lol. So I told him that I wanted Gilardino. That uncle was so funny. Upon seeing my disappointed face, he said:" Gilardino is also a good man." I really wanted to laugh.. To me, that's just so so so so so funny. Haha.

After that we went to T... My memory is really failing... I kept thinking about "Tanjong Pagar". Ermmm... T... What the hell is the place? Someone plesse help me.... Ok, it's just somewhere that's not near to my house. That's also the place where I went broke. Haha. Well, it's ok that once in a very long long while that I treat them. We didn't talk alot in Sakae eh? Hm... Where has the story-teller gone?

After that I bought a Winnie the Pooh t-shirt!! HAHA. OOps! All because of Grassy! At the same time, I found out something that make me angry. #%#$^#$% Stupid school. The student there get the piority and those who got transferred don't get it? AARGH!!

Oh no! I'm seeing Grassy again. Ok.. We went for the concert. It was so damn cold there. *Burrrrr* The drama was terrible and horrible. I don't know what the hell are they acting about.. .BORING.... Chior was BORING... Only band was good and I only like it when they play the song, "Dancing Queen" and "Mama mia". I felt like singing, "mama mia, here we go again, my my, how much I miss you. Mama mia now I really know, my my, I will never let you go..." Haha!

So the side note, Kevin Richardson has decided and declared that he has left the Backstreet boys. Awww... Thanks for the 13 years =)

For now.. it's hey hey.. bye bye...

Friday, June 23, 2006

Italy 2 - 0 Czech

I'm so happy for my boys last night! I was screaming like mad everytime they scored. Luckily, yesterday the match started at 10pm. It wasn't so late like 3am. XD Anothing thing... Happy to know that SPY was watching too. HAHA.

Few pointers here.
+They are playing a new formation and I'm so worry for them.Poor Gila, he didn't seem to get any ball from the midfielders but well thankfully, they won after all.
+ Materazz scored! I hated it when he came on to the pitch! I thought he was going to give away penalty like 2 years ago, but it never came.
+ Canna & Buffon was rock solid at the back. I know I can relied on them to do the job.
+ Though I was happy that Pippo scored, still I just wanna said, he missed several other good chance to score.
+ Seem like Totti was trying his best last night, he got a few shot saved by the GK...Those shot are rather weak....Just hope to see him score real soon to silence those haters.
+ Gattuso got a yellow card for nothing!

We're meeting Gus Hiddink agin!!! Erm.. I mean Australia. I can never forget what happen 4 years ago.It's time for some revenge!

I'm too happy that I'm gonna give Monz a treat..erm excluding Ht. Lol.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hot or cold

Why is it always cold the early morning and hot in the afternoon and night? This morning the weather is so cold that I felt like I was being frost-bitten.

Here something HOT for me too de-frost. LOL.

I am supposed to meet James tonight for dinner but I was too lazy to get my butt off my chair so I told him that I'm not feeling too well. Oh no! I'm such a liar. Haha. You know, there are moments that you don't really feel like going out.

Suddenly, I felt like everything is failing and falling on me. My memory is failing, I can't remember did I buy the blue-tack or not. If I have already buy it, then where the hell it is. I don't even know alot of things!! My "Roma" & "Pirlo" fall off my wall yesterday night. Is it there is some kind of bad sign coming? Oh no... I hope it's just that Im thinking too much. Haha.

I read the following at friendster about my today's horoscopes:

The Bottom Line
Your latest triumph has got people noticing you more. Revel in this attention.

In Detail
The buzz around you is rising to a fever pitch and people you thought didn't even know your name are giving you a lot of attention. You have a unique energy that is pulling people toward you, and that magnetic effect will pull in some people with real power. Match everyone smile for smile and be more outgoing than usual. You could really make the most of this newfound popularity, if you just buy into your own fabulousness -- for once!


Monday, June 19, 2006

Italian men most yandao!

Probably, this is the joke of the day...

*░I-[Red Monster™]-*░* Kimchi draw with the french fries! says:
italy produce de most yandaos
*░I-[Red Monster™]-*░* Kimchi draw with the french fries! says:
十赌九输- My tip for the day: Don't bet today. When you lose, don't blame it on others, blame it on your greed. says:
十赌九输- My tip for the day: Don't bet today. When you lose, don't blame it on others, blame it on your greed. says:
where u saw tat from?
*░I-[Red Monster™]-*░* Kimchi draw with the french fries! says:
no where... from my brain
十赌九输- My tip for the day: Don't bet today. When you lose, don't blame it on others, blame it on your greed. says:


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Italy 1- 1 USA

This is a crazy match. Even my Dad woke up in the middle of the night to watch!! The referee was throwing cards around like confetti.

Totti don't deserve the yellow at all! It was so unjustified! He was aiming the ball and not the player's leg.

De Rossi made a silly mistakes and cost himself a bad reputation and a red card! Zaccardo's own goal was a SO DUMB! He really suck at that. He is too young and inexperience! Gosh! I can't imagine 4 years later, when Canna and Nesta retired from the national team!! If only human don't grow old. I miss Maldini in the old Azzurri team.

Gila disappeared after the goal, I think he's the one who should've been subbed and not Toni. Iaquinta was bad today, shouldn't Super Pippo be playing instead of him? Maybe Oddo & Camoranesi should play for the next match? Get rid of Zaccardo and bring in Oddo!

Italy couldn't finish off the 9 men USA team. I'm disappointed with my boys. I can't say Italy deserve to win, a draw is fair enough.

The Americans looks like they are playing American football. James was equally pissed off as me and he said this to me, "F the Americans!" Yea, Fuck the Americans! LOL. No offence though.

On the other side, Gila cut his hair!! The heat over at Germany must be unbearable. Also,the way he celebrated his gaol by kneeling and pretending to play the violin was so cuteee. This is the only thing that can make myself happy -.-

Ghana’s 2-0 victory over the Czech Republic was a major shocked. In Group E, any of the teams could still qualify. Italy will be through on top if they win against Czech. A shock First Round exit will be something that I don't wish to see. By hook or by crook Italy has to win the Czech!


Friday, June 16, 2006

Piu Bello

Woohaaa.. I spent another $20 on clothes!! OMG! I'm geting broke! Anyway, before we end the day, we sat at the food court and chatted for around 1 hour? It was nice and I hope we can talk more. Haha.

SPY was asking me about my crush. She then bring out that Dex again. -.- I have no crush on him please! LEMME TELL YOU!! My crush is always from ITALY!!! FOREVER AND EVER! I don't mind if you mention that Vampire! =D

Although the lighting makes him looks like he has white hair, I still LURRVE this photo and of cos him! I looked through the Sport Week magazine, all the yandaos & Shuaigeis od Italy is there but no Totti =(

HOOO... I got a new layout up over here.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Football mania

Maybe next time I shall comment after all the matches that I have watched. LOL. Imgaine my blog is flooded with ONLY comments of those football matches!!!!!! However so far I think I have been considerate. Lol. My friends who is reading... maybe during the world cup season, it's not a good time to read my blog. =p

Spain 4 - 0 Ukraine

So far, it was the WORST lost ever! I start to wonder how the hell did Ukraine qualify. Is it because Turkey, Greece and Denmark are too lousy or is it Spain is too good for them. Everyone was predicting a draw because Spain has been playing badly, I guess the Spaniards have prove the critics wrong. Sheva was totally nothing nothing much today. Too bad for him, he got no support. No good ball was pass to him either. Anyway, this group (Spain, Ukraine, Tunisia & Saudi Arabia) doesn't really has any good team other than Spain so Ukraine still has a pretty much chance to qualify.

Saudi Abrabia 2 - 2 Tunisia
James said if Saudi can win, pigs can fly and his surname will follow mine. LOL. Too bad that didn't happen.

All the previous matches I shall not recap because it's already 2-3 days back. XD I shall do that the next time.

Going out today! It's time to get my jersey printed with Pirlo's name & no.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Italy 2 - 0 Ghana

Ghana make the boys worked very hard to win the game. Credit to Ghana who played extremely well considering their opposition. Essien was the only player doing all the shooting... and he's moves were easily read by Cannavaro and Nesta. I didn't like Essien's attitude (fouls, elbows, etc). Great game by both of them. Del Piero looks like his career is ending for the Azzurri, sorry to say that but it's so true.

Not forgetting to mention that my dear Pirlo's goal was amazing!!

Pirlo's goal celebration is priceless. He repeatedly kissed his ring... One for his son, wife and the God. Aww.. What about me? Lol.

I wish Gila score too .. but he was unlucky .. just like in champions league games with Milan .. I am sure he will score soon.. in the next game!! Toni looks like he is always hungry for goal, hmmm he was unlucky not to score too. Totti took powerful a freekick but too bad the ball was caught by the GK.

Aw... I just love their way of celebrating.

*Look at the last picture* Canna looks like a little boy over there.

At the end of match, Totti was so sweet.. He kept comforting his fellow Roma's teammates, Kuffour. On the other side...Totti got a new hair cut!!

Haha. He looks like a new schoolboy! Lol! No longer that "Zhen dian" but I still like him. Hohoho!

During the match, James and I were exchanging smses about the match. At the end of the match, James joked that he smsed me more than his gf. Lol.


Monday, June 12, 2006

Forza Azzuri!

Today my dear Italians will be playing against Ghana!! It shouldn't be a problem for them yea?!
I can finally see my Totti, Pirlo and Gilardino!!

Hmm... Anyway, here something about me here. I think Im like a female warrior. I will fight for my rights till the end. No fear no nothing. Whatever the guys can do, I think I can do it too. When my armor is removed, it will be the same old me - a plain typical girl. If there are any troubles, it will be keep inside me until it's gone or it's solve by myself. I can cry inside but I would hardly say out my problems. At the end of the day, I'm still the happy me because I tend to look on the bright side and throw aside all the unhappiness. Still, it's always not easy to be me.

Another good news, I'm no longer deaf!!!!! HAHAHA.HOOOOO!!!

Can baby laugh when he is only 12 days old?

Im kind of like cant believe it myself when I heard my baby laughing. I just fed him and he fell asleep. Shortly, he smiled and “hahaha” sof...