Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Breakfast @ Toast box

Another out dated post. Hehe. Mama brought me and my sis to toast box for breakfast many weeks ago.

Curry with toasted bread. Yum! I love the bread more thou. lol!

Laksa! Taste not too bad.

The nasi lemak is just so-so.

So conclusion is, Ya Kun is still better! Probably they are selling different things and I shouldn't compare this way. Lol. Well, I think it's still more worth the money to have breakfast @ Ya Kun.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dinner @ Xin Char Chan Teng (Jurong Point)

Im backdating some entry as I didn't post them up. Hehe.

This was taken I think last early March. We went to Xin cafe to eat as I'm really out of idea to eat what in Jurong Point -___- It's always foodcourt and the food there is not really that nice after all.

Grape juice =D

Seafood fried rice with sambal is really awesome!

Curry paste (chicken chop) is okay. Quite typical taste, nothing special.

Steam beancurd roll. Hmmm.. It supposed to be fu pi juan but it turn out to be like that -___- I'm disappointed.

Fried carrot cake with XO sauce. Haha! I can't even taste the XO lor! Nonetheless this dish is not bad.

Ok here's the bill.. Not really worth the price. So I shall not go there again.

Some people might think that that I am rich or whatever because I am not working now and yet I can keep going from place to place to eat good stuff. First I'd like to say, these aren't very expensive food! They aren't fine dinning and lastly I am not the one paying for it! Lol! Even if I do pay, he doesn't want me to give a single cent. So the morale of the story is... I am still a poor student. HAHA!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dinner @ Sakae sushi + random posting

My blog has pretty much nothing about my life except for those tons of pictures. Hehe. So here I am, trying to update a little bit on my life so far.

As usual, nothing very interesting. I just finished my mock exams last week. As much as I want to go for Math mock exam, end up I didn't go because of the killer Ya Kun breakfast. Dear took a day off that day so he came quite early to my house and he bought me Ya Kun breakfast. Shortly after eating, I had a very bad tummy ache which made me went lao sai for like 3 times. Boo hoo so I ended up sleeping whole day at home =|

Last Saturday, dear finally bought me my belated present. As the sales person said, usually the thing that caught our eyes are the one that is from the bottom of our heart and its what we really like. Hehe. So true! But the rest she show us was like so expensive la!!! Its either a $500+ necklace or $600+ earrings. Thats so ex! I don't think I need a pair of expensive earrings on my ears as for strange reasons I will always drop them. Haha.

The tea served there. It taste really nice. Nice smelling too =)

Dear trying to act pitiful as he gonna pay for it. Lol!

Well, finally mock exam is over so now I am waiting for the real exam at 1st and 2nd week of May!!! I'm so scared! Oh...I don't know you mean now." If not now, then when? Its either men are dumb or they just fail! Lol!!!

Okay, so after buying my gift, we went Orchard Central to fill our tummy! We went Sakae sushi for dinner =)

Ni hotate with tobiko - Love the scallop =)

Fried Hotate

Salmon sashimi - The dish that I will always order!!

Agadashi tofu

Fried maki

Tempura udon - Shared by the both of us.

Hotate mentai yaki - Slurp! It's abit burnt though.

Look! Focus on the plate not the food. My dear, the siao kia put tons on wasabi in it.

Dear trying to act tough while eating the salmon sashimi that was SOAKED with the wasbi + soya sauce. Haha! He actually cannot take it! I told him not tortured himself with such a delicious food. Lol!

Me!! The picture is abit blur... This tells you HOW GOOD the camera man is. Lol.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My bedroom

This was take many years ago when I still shared the room with my sis. That period I think tare panda was the most IN thing.

This was taken in like 2008 when I'm still a crazy football fan. Hehe. I bought the white transparent cloth and the cute little hanging thingy from Ikea.

This was taken in 2009. I have changed the curtain to orange. I bought it from Ikea too. Love Ikea's stuff! The round cyan thingy is from Ikea =D

p/s: I swear I did change my bedsheets regularly ok! It just so happen that whenever I take a picture of my bed, it's the doraemon bedsheets. Lol.

I took down white transparent cloth and use it as the table cloth for my study table.

This was in later 2009, I decided to shift the bed to the another side.

Tadaaa! My new bedsheets! that my papa bought for me in 2009. Hehe

Bought a new pair of pink curtain in 2010 and got myself a new wardrobe. Guess who is behind the curtain!!

Ans: my sis. Haha!

I removed the bed frame and my mattress is now on the floor. More comfy this way.

Im gonna make changes to my room soon so till then I will update again =)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dinner @ Ichiban Sushi

I went out with the Monz gang to celebrate SPY's belated 22nd birthday =) Let the picture do the talking because Im too lazy.

HT's order. I forget to take the whole set =p

Grassy's order

A close uo of her chicken ~

My order.

Yummy! Love sashimi!

SPY's half udon

Grassy playing with SPY's i-Touch

The birthday girl =)

We saw this when we passed by the Singapore art museum.

Hmmm quite interesting. Haha.

Before the day end, we went coffee bean to slack as SPY got a $10 voucher from God. Lol. Pretty interesting.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Jerk Neo Wayang Scandal

I bet everyone has already saw the press conference video of the Jack Neo yesterday. I kinda pity the wife. It's already sad enough that her husband cheated and she still has to endure all the nonsense from the paparazzi. I don't care if the whole conference thingy is scripted or whatever, it is JUST NOT RIGHT FOR MEN TO CHEAT!! The wife is working so hard for the children, family and yet the husband still go out to play with other young chicks! *spit*

Also, I won't pity Wendy Chong at all! She said that she wanna expose this scandal to the media because she wanna warn this to other girls. Well, once the news broke up I think people will condemn her too. I think it's also very selfish of her to expose this to the media as this also bring harm to Jack's wife and kids! Wendy's family members' face sure all kanna throw by her!! She is either too shameless or angry that she forget about her family members' reputation!

Well, she is also the willing party!! It is not as if that Jack Neo trying to cheat her for free sex. So what the hell she wanna warn other girls? Warn other girls don't be be other people's mistress? She is the one who WANTS to be his mistress and I'm 100% sure that she knows Jack is married with kids! Everything just need 2 hands to clap! I can't stand people like her who try to act innocent and act as if she is the victim.

Anyway, starting I though Jack Neo is like Tiger Woods but come to think about it, I don't think so. Why? Tiger's mistress are so muchhhhhhhh more prettier and sexier. Lol! Jack Neo's mistress is just another plain Jane, Wendy Chong. News said that she's a MODEL???? I think she's more like those cheapskate freelance model. You should know by know that every tom dick and harry who do freelance model will put their occupation as MODEL!

Pretty meh? Lol!

Jack gotta learn from Tiger! Learn how to pick prettier girls mah! Lol! Joking aside, I think in terms of "sincere apology", Tiger did it way better than Jack. Hur hur!

Be honest, Be True, Family Man that's the message Jack usually sell in his movies but guess all is not so "him" after all. I think Jack can say bye bye to his career.

Case closed! Next!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dinner @ Gelare

I had dinner @ gelare last Tuesday and I only post it today. I am so inefficient. Haha.

Their waffles ice cream is cheaper than on Tues as compare to normal days. Our choice of ice was cookies & cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (this isn't very nice).

bacon & mushroom spaghetti. The sauce is different from what you eat from Pasta Mania. This taste nicer.

Dear's order. Hmm Mushroom pie with chips.

The pie is really awesome! Love the mushroom!

Me! Looking tired... Probably its the effect of studying too much?

Overall: 6/10

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Argh! Damn blogger!!

Why do they have to stop the FTP support!!! I didn't know they gonna have this migration tool and I went to manually switch it to host under Now all my site traffic is gone due to the fact that when people are googling stuffs, all the links are pointed to blah blah.... =(

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random posting

I saw this in a man. This picture actually illustrated a men's brain which you can see that 'sex' is taking up most of the space in their brain. Lol. I think this is so stereotyping. Not all men are like that but of cos I think most men are. HAHAHA. Anyway, this model can be use on women too. Some women are just like that... Some women are just as equally as horny as men. *rolleyes*

Anyway, exams are coming so Im kinda busying studying and well at times I am just practically slacking away. Lol! I realized I didn't post anything on CNY this year!! So I'm gonna post 3 photos to make up for it. Hahaha. I know it's so damn overdue.

Steamboat for the first day.

Lunch for the 2nd day =D

This is what I wore on the 2nd day.Kinda look like me pooh bear eh? Hehe!

Oh ya btw, I bought a new calculator just for my statistic exam because scientific calculator is not allow and I realized that I got no simple calculator at home =/

Look!!! My calculator is so mad chio! Lol. I'm so love the colour ;)

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