Friday, October 30, 2009

Smile! Because it brighten up your day.

Im so uninspired to blog anything. My brain is empty. Anyway, I was late for work today and so I took a cab. This cab driver was interesting. He seems to be a very happy go lucky guy. He told me that working life is hard but we have to learn to take things lightly and smile always. Haha. That's what I do all the time.

Some people just take things very hard and end up make things difficult for others. What worse is, this type of people will give a 'black' face when they are not in the mood and they EXPECT others to behave like them. HELLO! Some people may not be in the best of the mood but they are still cheerful on the outside. Those sulky people simply just imply that those cheerful people got no problem at all. They are so childish! *pui* Either they are too naive or they just think that happy people can always solve their problem without thinking or stressing about it. They are just so narrow minded at times.

See! I'm the yellow head!
Smile always even though shit happens! What about you? Choosing the blue guy or the yellow guy? =)

Brainy job Versus non-brainy job

I have a little chat with Wang Wang and it’s quite a fruitful one even thou it’s just a short conversation.

He said to get promotion in a department; the most important thing is NETWORK (kao guan xi). No matter how hardworking the person may be, without any luck or good relation with the boss, it’s not easy to get promoted. Blah blah… then we go on saying about so and so being unlucky not to get promoted and such.

Then we talk about XX and he mentioned that she used to be from Call Centre. I then mentioned that being in a Call Centre suck because of the rotating shift but he beg to differ. He said what suck is not because of the shift, it’s because it’s a no brain job. After working for 1-2 years, you will find that all the calls that come in are about the same old thing but then, there’s nothing to learn anymore.

Why I didn’t realize that? I quit Nu Skin after 1 year plus, why? Because I already know everything – all the customer complaints etc etc etc. Oh well… He is totally spot on. Why I never think of that.

I also asked him, he given the same salary for 2 different jobs, 1 is very free and 1 is very busy and you will learn new things, which he prefers. He said he will choose the one that will learn something. Reason is, if the previous job is so ba long long, what makes you think that your next employer will hire you? Wow. So true again.

So what is a brainy job? A job that requires you to think and the must not be an operational job. Then I asked him so what job Is better, he mention marketing as 1 of the job, the rest I can’t remember.

Alright, time to get my brain working...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dinner @ Sakae Sushi

Nothing much to blog about as life is pretty much the same. So just let the pictures do the talking. =)

Me with the menu! =)

Ajitsuke Idako
Dear ordered this and claimed that it's nice. So I just ate it. Hmmm.. taste ok. Not too bad.

Enoki Niku Maki
Yum! Yum! Love the beef with golden mushrooms!

Ika with teriyaki sauce.
It used to be yummy but now the sotong was like so hard to bite. Booo!

Weet weet! I bet Grace is still waiting for her 3 plates? LOL.

I have eat this before. I wonder what's the difference between this and tako ball. Hmmm.

Fried Maki
Dear ordered this and claimed that it's VERY NICE! Hmmm to me it tasted ok. I'm not very sure what's so nice about it. Hahaha.

Fried Tofu.
I alway order this. Haha.

Egg Mayo

Hmmm.. *put on thinking cap*
I can't remember what is this. Haha.

This used to be my favorite but it tasted so weird now.=/

Overall, I'm sort of satisfied. I should have ordered more salmon instead of all those that I mention that it's not so tasty. Hmmm...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Prolong period of not driving, I'm a noob again

After I have stopped learning from the private after 2 lesson, I felt like a noob again when I have my first lesson with BBDC. My speed control wasn't good, probably because I didn't drive on the circuit before or maybe perhaps under private, at the beginning I already can speed up to 40-50khm/h. So to start driving at 20km/h, I can't control the speed. I feel like I'm going too slow. Argh! I need more practice!

I think my turning of steering wheel is kinda bad. Haha. But well, at least I finally get to hold my wheels independently! Under private, the instructor keep holding on to my wheels and I don't get to feel like how much turning I should go when reaching the bend. Towards the ending, I think I get just a little bit better but still vast room of improvement is needed!

The instructor was nice and patient but I guess he was laughing at me on how I turn my steering wheel. I obviously have forgotten how the correct technique to turn the steering wheel. I knew he was like giggling but it's ok! I know it's my fault. (although I know it's ok to be a noob for the first lesson).

So for the first lesson, I only gone through 3 stages. I will be doing my steering techniques again for my next lesson. I believe that he feel that I still cannot make it for the steering.

I hope somebody will cancel their slot in October so I can take more. If not my next lesson is like 2 weeks later =(

Friday, October 23, 2009

Food @ Marina Square foodcourt

It's just some overdue photos but well, I love to find good food (that's why i'm getting fatter -__-) So just sharing some nice food found @ Marina Square foodcourt. BTW, I didnt eat those food all in 1 day. The food that are shown in the photos are ate on different days.

Me! Getting ready for all the food!

From the Indian stall. The mutton is yummy but I forgot what this dish is call. Haha

Seafood spaghetti. Not so bad but there's only 1 calm and the sotong tasted rather tasteless. Luckily it's not me who ordered this. Wahaha.

Woohoo.. Stingray spaghetti! The chili for the stingray is *thumbs up*

Black pepper chicken chop! *slurp*

See! I have been eating unhealthy food. Begin chanting..." fats please go away... fats please go away..."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Argh! Someone cracked my laptop screen!!!!!


I was away just for a day and the freaking cleaner auntie did this to my work laptop!!!! Everyday, I will put my token and a pen on the laptop and go off from my work place. Please note that I always leave my laptop open as there's a laptop lock. THEN... to my horror, when I reached my workplace yesterday SOMEBODY CLOSED MY LAPTOP! I qucikily flipped the laptop open and... SAW THE DAMN CRACK!!! ARGH!

My colleague said yesterday the cleaner auntie was cleaning the table and well... the auntie just happily closed the laptop without thinking the THICKNESS of the token. %$^$%&$%&$ It's not like I want the scold those poor cleaner auntie but this is abit too much! Why can't they just put my laptop to 1 side before they clean it, why does she has to CLOSED my laptop without removing my token! You know, she just spoil the new laptop like that! Although it's more my laptop, I always use this for my work and it's 1 of the fastest laptop as compared to my other colleagues (HAHA.)

Look at right side of the screen. Poor laptop. (Ya, I know I'm playing Cafe world. Lol)

A clearer picture of the crack. *sigh*

Anyway, last night my colleagues and I went Crystal Jade to eat La Mian. The main purpose of this is actually for my boss's farewell dinner. Hmmm oh well... Anyway, I ordered Beef La Mian with Ma La and peanut sauce. It's yummy! =D

After that, I went Neverland with Wang Wang, Kai, Shaun, Nick & LK. It's the first time I went there and I finally get to see how Tanny look in real life. Haha. Before all the performance start, we sat there and play some random games. The performances by those Thai singer is not too bad. There is 1 male singer looks quite yandao and I asked LK if she will spent $ and 'tiao hua' for him.

Too bad I didn't take photo but Wang do. Haha. I didn't take those photos from him thou as it's like just some random snapping of us. He took a photo of me and Kai and both of us were like closing our eyes -__- Then LK was like every excited about taking photos with me and Shaun.

That night alone Wang spent $250 to 'tiao hua' for the Thai singer, Tanny. Wahaha. Then the 'tiao hua' lady came and asked Kai to 'tiao' for the girls, he did not want to spend any money, then he start to act like as if he is my bf and he told the lady that he can't 'tiao' or else I will get angry. He then added by saying, "don't make us quarrel ah." . Haha. Damn funny.

I guess the most surprise part was seeing Shaunie spent $50 to 'tiao hua' on Tanny too! Haha. He is someone who don't really spend alot of money so it's like an 'wow' thing for us.

Anyway, we all have fun. =D

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cheer you up

"What's the use of worrying?
It never was worth while,
So pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag,
And smile, smile, smile."
-- George Asaf

P/s: Pls do laugh at the person posing for the pic =P

Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's BIGGER than you think it is!

Wow! The hotdogs from Botak Jones are really huge. Don't believe? You should go try it some day.

MINE! I like their spicy fries =D Just look at the hotdog, it's longer than the plate! Lol.

This ordered by another colleague. The hotdog is really huge.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My favourite cooking experience!

Nuffnang Movie Contest

Personally, my favourite cooking experience should be the day whereby I decided to cook western food for my Da Xiang (who else? My bf =P)! When you see those pictures you will definitely thinks, "Wao liew! You call these western food? Everything is like 1 dish by itself. What is it sia!" This is exactly what I thought too. I don't really know what I'm doing, I just basically cook whatever I know and it's just for fun! Haha. You know, I'm not a "cooking person" so the person who gets to eat my food should count themselves lucky. Hahaha.

I already tried to cook same thing for 2 days. LOL. Anyway, just let the pictures speaks for itself :)

The colour looks nicer than the 1st attempt but... The chicken was harder =/

This is what it happen after cooking the chicken. Haha.

My personal favorite and the most successful 1.

Baked potatoes with ham, cheese and bacon! =D

Overall, it's really a fun experience even though my cooking looks kinda horrible =P
Oh yea, remember to catch the Movie, 'Julie & Julia' in Cinemas 15th Oct!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

21 lesson learn in my 21 years of life

1) Always look on sunshine side of life instead of the gloomy sky

There's a Chinese saying, "一种米,养百种人” (Litterally translate will be, "1 type of rice, breed different types of people with different personalities.) So in this world, there are usually these 2 types of people.

1st type are those like try to enjoy their life no matter how bad their situation is, these type of people usually tend to look forward and enjoy their life while i last. Then the 2nd type of people is those who always complaint about every little things and making life difficult for themselves.

Well, to me life is short why bother and keep whinning non stop. No one owes me a living, I will treasure whatever I have know and keep moving forward. Yes! I'm happy =D

2) Accept the uniquely you (not unique Singapore. Haha)

I used to think that "WHY MY BRAIN JUST SUCK @ NUMBERS!!" or things like, "wao lao, how come my nose there got a red birthmark". Sometimes certain things you just can't change the way it is. Why fight it? just got to accept who I am and I believe I have both uniqueness of my strength and weakness.

3) People come and go but true friends & family stays on (ok include my bf too. LOL)

Those who claim to be your bestfriend but fight and argue with you over small things and REFUSED to admit their mistakes and even if it's not their mistakes they REFUSED to talk it out and solve the problem or accept your apology. They just keep whining about the issue. Such friend will never last because they are just full of themselves. My advice is, leave such people alone. You deserve better!

I believe true friends and your family will always be around you whenever you need them. A friend in need is a friend indeed. I think this is very simple to understand.

4) Life is just a temporary assignment given to all.

Life is just fleeting and temporary. Enjoy while you you. Treasure whatever you have and the people around you because you never know when they will leave you or perhaps it's you, yourself might just leave one day. Why bear so much grudges and make your life miserable?

For me, I try to have a hot & spicy MacChicken whenever I can. Hoho! Do what you love to do and eat whatever you like to eat now! (But I'm still scared of getting fatter! LOL)

5) Stretch out your life!

Take abit of a risk in your life won't kills you. I didn't ask you to go for a bungee jum, I merely just mean that just go ahead and do things that you never try before!

Just like me & my friend, Grassy, before we went KL, we know nuts about that place. (Ok not so true for me I been there before when I was very young. Haha) We just relied on a map and embark on our journey. It's really fun and it's something I never really did before.

Life is too short for us to scared about this and that.

6) Life is not like a bed of roses.

Wake up!! This is a real world!! Things won't be always going smoothly for you. So never take things for granted.

7) What goes around comes around

The day I came back to Singapore from KL, I sat a taxi back and this taxi driver is definitely it's very enlightening trip. He chatted alot with my bf and this is 1 of the He told us, "Sometimes you may be cheated by people or someone out there try to cheat you, it's ok, but never attempt to cheat others. 人在做,天在看 (whatever bad deeds you did, the God is looking and they know)." In simple, he just means there's karma!

Never try to harm others, things might just get back to you!

8) Land a extra helping hand.

Aha! I learn this from Grassy during the KL trip. Help others who needed your help and who knows when you need help on some other day, someone else might just help you back.

Helping people doesn't means that you have to do BIG things. Simple things like helping someone to pick up their coins when they drop it is doing a favour for someone too. =)


Alright I can only think of 8 lesson for now, I will continue more tomorrow. Perhaps I will look more into relationship with friends and whoever rather than keep talking about life. Haha.

To end this post, I just wanna say... HOHO! Da xiang bought me a necklace for our 10th month.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lunch at Crystal Jade

Last Saturday, my mother was off and it's a rare opportunity that the whole family to go out and have a meal together so I suggest that we should eat at Crystal Jade because I have the $30 voucher. Wahaha.

My mum and my sister! Look her my sis funny face. Hehe.

The appetizer. Doesn't really looks appertizing to me. I'd prefer if it's a peanuts! Haha.

The drunkard chicken. When you drink the soup base, it tasted really like wine. I like it!

Father's beef noodle. Yummy!

Sis's hot and sour noodle. It's really very hot!

My watermelon juice! I guess I'm affected by Grassy. Lol. They serve really pure watermelon, no ice or sugar added =D

Hagao! The photo is blurry because I snap it while it's still steaming hot. Haha.

Xiao long bao!! I think Crystal Jade's is better than Ding Tai Fung!

Siew mai! My favourite!

Chicken leg. My mama ordered this.

Fu pi juan! I like it too.

Overall it's quite satisfying for me. 9/10 for the food. The only thing I dislike is WHY can't they only clear our table when we have finished everything?!! So irritating.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Trip with Grassy - Day 3

Good morning KL! Another free breakfast from the hotel. I guess the breakfast buffet for the 3rd day is the best. There's glutinous rice and most of all there's FRENCH FRIES!

Grassy trying to look artistic? Haha.

For the 3rd day, we took a cab to 1 Utama. From our hotel to there cost us like RM20++? It's about a half an hour journey.

The wall decoration on 1 of the wall.

Malaysia KFC menu. The special thing about it is the rice which you can't find it in Singapore. Haha.

My lunch!

One of the shop in either 1 Utama or Mid Valley megamall. I can't remember. Hehe. I like the shop name and the HUGE logo. I bought a shorts here.

Deepavali decoration @ Mid Valley Megamall.

Taking train back to Berjaya Times Square before going to the Petronas Tower & KL Tower.

Parrot found in the Monorail. I like the colours. So colourful!

KL Tower view from far.

Petronas Tower! Grassy and I actually seated there for like 10- 15minutes just to wait for the sky to get darker and for the tower to get lighted up but we are not the only one doing it. Hehe.

Different shots of the Twin tower.

Another shots.

1 last shots =)

Ampang Park. So what's so special about this? We are supposed to walk to KLCC train station to take a train back but we ended up walking too far away!! We overshot and walked till Ampang Park station. Oh my poor leg. So we took the train to Dang Wangi. From the map, it looks like Dang Wangi station is the nearest to the KL Tower.

When we reached there, disappointment were all over our faces! We realised KL tower is not like the twin tower, whereby people can just go there and take photos. I think it's enclosed and we only managed to take this small little portion of the KL tower. =/

After a long tiring day, we decided not to ill treat ourselves again. Grassy decided to eat "good" food and so we landed up in this place.

Grassy: "OMG~! What shall I eat?!"

My vanilla float.

Some platter. I can't remember the name. I know I have bad memory. Haha.

Grassy's texas pizza!

My pepperoni! =D Both pizzas were yummy!

While walking back to our hotel, this is the view of the KL tower. I think it's better than taking the train to Dang Wangi lor!

Our hotel street name.

We bought some corns and peanuts from Jalan Alor for snacks.

My slippers! The funny looking red slipper is for my sister.

Death note's L tshirt, a shorts and a tshirt for my Da Xiang!

How sad that the 4D3N trip ended so fast! On our last day, before heading to the airport, we went for our last minute shopping. Grassy bought another 2 slippers, 1 squeezable soft toy and I bought a large sized pouch.

Personally I feel that KL is not really a very dangerous place as some of the people claim. As long as you grab hold of your own personal belongings and always walk along the streets with lights and people, you will be safe.

Transportation wise, before you take a taxi always tell them the destination first and then asked if they are running on meter or what. If they are not running on meter, make sure they price they quote is reasonable. Eg. From Berjaya Times Square to Chinatown, it should only cost you around Rm5. The driver are usually friendly too, perhaps we are lucky not to meet any nasty driver? Hehe.

I don't really like to take their trains as it's quite troublesome when comes to changing from station to station. It's tiring for "old lady" like me. Haha.

Overall it's a fruitful trip for me but perhaps not so for Grassy. She needs to buy more stuff!! I so look forward for another trip to KL again!

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