Sunday, July 7, 2013

Appreciate and thankful!

Sincerely, Im really happy and thankful to have my bestfriends. Meet up with my Monz friends few days ago, we have a lot of fun chit chatting and discussing about my wedding stuff. :D Hope they will find their Mr right soon and to HT hope she can settle down soon as well. 

Why am I feeling thankful? Im not too sure but just got this feeling when I ask them what to wear for the gate crashing and they all so excited about it. Normally, the bride will buy the bridesmaid gown for their sisters but I didnt ><! Didnt really know what should I ask them to wear. So in the end I came out with an idea... 
The happy fact is that none of them actually complaint things like "Eh not you buy for us meh." Instead, they were like excitedly planning when to go shopping and buy the clothing etc. :')  As compared to someone's experience, his is so different. The guys wanted him to buy for xxx, this and that. Not really being cooperative. Probably this is the time you will see who is your real friends. 

At the end of this post, Im not sure what im blabbering about... Just feel happy about or im just easily contented :)

Anyway, heres a random pic of me... My colleague lend me his spiderman jacket when im feeling damn cold in the office. 

Got the spiderwoman look ma? Lol! 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Not so blissful after all

We saw Bliss House at The Central and decided to try it because the interior decor is so nice! They got a nice floral entrance and a horse carriage ... Beautiful fountain and bridge. So we decided to go in and ordered our food.

 Total the bill was like $90+ and sadly the food was like SO mediocre that I will never go there again. I'd rather spend more money and dine at Forlino or just save the money to eat pastamania. -_-