Monday, August 31, 2009

Desserts & snacks makes you happy!

Feeling stress and unhappy? The best is to eat some deserts! Before I get the pictures rolling, here are the reason why you should eat deserts:

1) The more you resist, the more you'll end up eating more! Depriving yourself of your craving could build up your desire for it. What's worse it, you might end up gorging on MORE junk food.

2) You will end the meal with a satisfied smile. After having a not-so-great meal, a desserts or snacks can help wipe away all traces of dismay of the main meal and make you feel more satisfied too.

3) If you know you are going to have dessert or snacks, chances are youll go light on your main courses. You could end up having an overall healthier meal experience too.

4) You will feel a sense of satisfaction, especially if you made them yourself. It was an extra special day!

5) It’s a mini-celebration. Who doesn't rejoice for dessert? Put in a little more happy in your meals with a good dessert or snacks. No matter how terrible your day can get, there's always a reason to celebrate. =D

Nata de coco, Lychee and pineapple!

Tadaaa! I know this picture don't really looks appetizing.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

"U Orh Bi" Gathering - XY belated birthday!

The day ended very well. At first I kinda scared that we will run out of topic and there will be "cold" moment as we have not seen each for months already. End up everything turns up great. All of us were busying chatting and try to catch up on what each other is doing. But i gotta admit there are some sense of awkwardness when I see Alvin and the way he looked at me didn't seems to change but of cos his that kind of look is much lesser than last time. Lol.

Poor Tim was the target of the day. Haha. He kept teasing him about his gf as though we are like in our secondary school days. He too, also shared about a story the he heard from his gf. His gf told him that her female colleague enjoyed SM (Sadism and Masochism) very much. She likes to do role playing and also enjoys tying his husband on the bed, whip him and drip wax on his body O_O!! Perhaps it might be common to the westerner but over here? Eh no... It's really sadistic and sick!

The happy girl! We bought a woolen scarf for her and made a birthday card for her.

My food. Chicken chop =D

Alvin & Tim.The no longer "brokeback moutain" story. Haha.

LK's long awaited fish slice hor fun.

The 2 girls =)

Group photo =D Please take note of the kuku head beside me. Haha.

The card i made =)

Our little message for her

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sex in the car with your colleague's gf?

1 of my colleague, JW, always like to ask me tons of relevant or just pure lame question . So this afternoon, I decided to ask him 1 question back. Here goes my question...

"One day, you go drinking with a group of your buddy and your crush (she is already attached) is coming along. After the drinking session, your crush is totally drunk and you gotta send her home. When you reach her house, you tried to wake her up. She slowly open her eyes and mistaken you as her bf, she grab you and kiss. Then she got sexually arouse and wanna.... At this point of time, will you JUST DO IT?"

Guess what? My colleague said, "Just up her!" Then I was like "wao lao eh". Is it true that all guys will do the same? He even added that if he don't do it he will wasted the golden opportunity.

Then I turned the question to Kai, he said the same but it also depends on how close he and his crush's bf are. Then LK asked,"if the crush's bf is Willy (my bf)?" Then Kai said, "I will definitely do it! And I will text him 'Sorry' after that." Haha. Crazy fellow.

JW also said that, "I'd rather get a girl who has experience in sex than a virgin. It's so troublesome to teach the girl all over again. What's more, it's not going to be enjoyable." True? Not true? I thought many guys would want a virgin gf/wife. Haha.

Btw, I saw this picture on the net.

Norway — A speeding car driver was caught on a Norwegian highway having sex with his girlfriend while exceeding the speed limit of 100 km/h by driving at 123km/h "creating a various dangerous situation", said police.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What is your size?

Continue from previous post...

After lunch, my parent went back home whereas the rest of us went to buy a cake for my papa. Then we decided to buy a cake that we can design ourselves! =D

We were deciding what size of the cake to buy. There are 4 inch, 6 inch & 8 inch. I told my sis to buy a 4 inch but she said it's too small, then dear said, "ask your dad what is his size then we buy accordingly."Haha. All of us were really laughing so hard (if you know what's the joke all about).

My sis is drawing the mustache!

Our 6 inch cake for papa!

The final art piece done by the 4 of us! Not very nice but at least I think the mustache face looks cute. Haha.

Weee. My cute papa! May all his wishes come true =)

Papa's birthday @ Dian Xiao Er

Last Sunday was my father's birthday! My mama gave our family a treat @ Dian Xiao Er! The food there was really yummy!

The secret manual?

If you reach the place before 12:30pm, you will be given this and you will get to enjoy 20% discount =D

My sister ordering the food. We ordered the Family Set.

Our Soup of The Day.

Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish Slices. The fish is really tender! Fishes give you omega 3 so we should eat more fishes!

Duck Roasted w/ Angelica Herb!! MY FAVOURITE!!

"Dong Po" Pork. It also claim that the gelatin which may help improve skin complexion. Hohoho!

My dear pointed this out to me, he said this looks like a nipple. WAHAHAHA! Do you agree?

Braised Assorted Mushroom w/ Broccoli. I love mushrooms!

Prawn Baked w/ Butter n Black Pepper Sauce. Even if you're lazy to pluck the prawn shell but when you see these prawns, you will can't wait to suck out all the sauce and eat it clean. Haha.

Claypot eggplant.

My happy face! Hehe. Delighted with all the food!

My sis & her hubby.

*BUUURRP* No leftover except for the peanuts. LOL.

The interior design on the place.

Dian Xiao Er
Jurong Point

11.30am - 10.00pm (last order - 9.30pm)

Friday, August 21, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

I took this picture when I went Haw Par Villa. More pictures coming up but first let's take a look at this picture.

Notice anything strange about this picture? Write in your comment below! Let's see who is smart enough to figure it out. Haha. It's pretty easy.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where got ghost? *SPOILER*

When I first heard of the movie title, the first thing that come to my mind is, "sian, another lame jokes movie from Jack Neo". I didn't plan to watch it but my bf want to and so we went to watch it yesterday. Overall it was 95% laughter, 5% horror. Haha.

This movie consist of 3 shorts story...

Roadside Got Ghost
The first story start off with these 3 medium men 'using' the ghost to cheat people's money by performing a fake ritual. The lao da (boss) among the 3 men also claime that there is no ghost in this world, they don't have to be guilty of cheating those people's money as they are just helping those people to give them a peace of their mind.

After that their lao da ask his 2 ka kia (helpers) to buy fruits for him. However, both of them forget to buy the fruits and out of convinient, they take the oranges which supposed to be an offering for the death and gave it to their lao da.

The story then continue with their lao dao came up with a brillant idea to cheat even more money. They called civilians to buy the lottery (fromt 0000 - 9999) and asking them to donate a 20 percent of their winning money, if the winning numbers open.

Towards the ending of ths story, the lao da also gets a phone call mimicking what he is doing and the winning number is 6666 and he won both the second and first prize. Due to his arrogant, he refused to believe that these numbers will given by a spirit of a granny (the ghost whom they took the oranges). In the end, he died a very terrible death. He ate the oranges that is meant for the dead and so, he is punished.

7th month tips 1: So, the next time you forget to buy fruits back, do not take fruits that are for the hungry ghost or they might just take your life away....

Forest Got Ghost
Next is an army story and they are ask to perform a topographical exercise. The reservist men are instructed not to take shortcuts. However, there are 2 stubborn men decided to go the easy way out - SHORTCUT!

After a long walk in the forest, these two men got lost in the jungle and they do not even know how to read a compass! 1 of the man, saw a female tomb and out of curiosity he walk over and even comment about her being 'pretty'. His fellow buddy keep telling him not to comment anything. For the first night, they both see a red faceless ghost and it scares the shit out of them.

Then the next day, they continued their forest walk. They were thirsty and out of nowhere, a fat lady comes along selling drinks and even offer them to go to her house for shelter as it is raining. In the house, 1 of the soilder went to peep @ the fat lady bathing and saw a horrifed scene and they quickly run away from the house but they both fall down and they saw the fat lady's tomb just right infront of them!!

The later part of the story is abit crapy due to the 'David Footballfield'. It's quite ridiculous.

7th month tips 2: Don't ever take shortcuts & if you EVER see a tomb along your way, DO NOT COMMENT ANYTHING ABOUT THEM! Or they will come after you!

House Got GhostLast story is like the continue story from the movie Money No Enough 2. This story involves the 3 brothers and their mother who has already pass away 1 year ago. 3 of them dream or saw their mother coming back to haunt them.

They feel very sick & tired that their mother did not bless them with wealth. Unlike their friend, whose mother bless him with tons of wealth.

Towards the ending, their late mother actually save the 3 brothers from a terrible landslide. And as for their wealthy friend, he get cancer and only left with 1 more month to live. This story ended in a quite heartwarming way

7th month tips 3: Your late parent may not bless with wealth but they will be watching over you, protecting you in heaven and making sure you are safe. Money is not everything, health & safety are everything that money can't buy.

Conclusion: If you want to have a good laugh and get scared at the same time, you should watch this! Your money won't be wasted!

My Rating: 4/5

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My worst BBQ ever!

Yesterday was my cousin 21st birthday. She celebrated her birthday by having a chalet at East Coast park. I was rather reluctant to go as we are not so close as cousin. Well, after all we still have to go as to give her family some "face".

When we reached there, the atmosphere was rather "cold". After that we decided to help ourselves with the food first as I'm famished! Other than the BBQ food, there's only been hoon, WHITE rice, curry and fishballs. -___- Alright, so I took some bee hoon with the curry. I went to look at the BBQ pit, there were 2 Ah Tiong BBQ-ing so I decided to eat my food and walk away.

After finishing my pathetic bee hoon, I wanted to BBQ for myself and my family but the 2 Ah Tiong were still occupying the 2 BBQ pit -____- I looked at them and they said, "Oh.. over here (pointing at the aluminium tray), all these are ready to eat." So poor me just went to aluminium tray and dig up some food to eat. I really don't need their service! I don't know why my cousin & her family are letting these 2 unknown Ah Tiong to BBQ. Probably they know these 2 but I don't =P

Just take a look at the pictures below.

Wow! Look at the corn! I think they really like the song, "Black & White" by Michael Jackson.

The left plate, once my sis put the sweet potato on the plate it immediate burn a hole on the plate.And the right plate, gosh... Is it a sweet potato or black charcoal?

Apart from the food, the host, the 'cut cake' section... everything was *vomit*. I shall not comment further. -___-

Friday, August 14, 2009

Only cute guys please!

My bf is looking for better opportunity in other department in the bank and so he seek help from guy H from the other department. Guy H was very helpful and help him to lookout for other vacant in other department.

Then 1 day, guy H received this email and forward it to my bf. I was laughing away while I was reading it.

From Guy H's colleague:

click for larger view

Haha. I never know guys need to have this special criteria in order to get a job.

I told my bf, "alright no problem, just attach a photo of yourself. Confirm 100% pass. They won't even need to interview you or look at your paper qualification." LOL. Well, of cos that's not true =P

Thursday, August 13, 2009

So many things, so little time

I keep thinking about many things last night and it makes me can't sleep well. Hur! So what am I thinking? I'm thinking about stuff for this coming Saturday. So assuming that if I have to work till 6:30pm, how am I going to trim my hair at 7pm and go to my cousin's 21st birthday chalet later @ 7-8pm? Everything seems so rush. I felt very lethargic. This job makes me think alot for my weekend planning. At the same time, I wondered why such simple stuff will keeps me thinking and thinking.

Anyway, thank god! This morning, my boss came to me & JJ and told us that this week me, JJ & kai will only need to come back on Sunday and the others will need to come back on Saturday!! Weee hooo! Ha! Looks like my problem solved!

Other than this, I feel like I got other things to think about:
- My studies
- Car license
- KL trip

My studies -
I have not received any letter than my application has been successful so everything is still in suspense. If I got in, I don't know if I should defer to next year. Well, I think it's not up to me to decide. Haha. Perhaps those ang mohs from London feels that I need to take my bridging for math, I will still need to defer anyway.

Car license -
I really hope to get it asap. The best is that I can achieve it before I turn 22years old next year. Hmm, getting a car license will means that I have to spent around 1k - 2k, which also means that a lot of my savings will be gone =(

If I want to have continuous money entering my bank, I will have to work but if I wanna concentrate on driving then I can't work. If I don't work that means no income then my savings will slowly dry up! If I have a permanent job, my dream of obtaining the license will shatter! Haha. What a headache.

KL Trip -
I'm so excited to be able to travel with my buddy, Grassy to KL. This is my first time!! Haha. Although it's not the first time for me to go KL, it's the first time to go KL without my parent. Hehe. It's kind of fun to be able to plan the trip together. I hate going with someone who just simply dump all the tasks to me and expect me to do all the sai kang!

Now I actually welcome all the OTs & working on weekend. I used to hate working OTs because it really eats up all my free time and mess up my weekend. It's kinda pathetic but come to think about it, more money is good and after all this is only a temp job. Since I'm young I should 冲冲虫! 要拼才会赢!

Well all these aside...

I wanna watch UP but I have no time to do so. How sad. Should I watch it this Friday? On the other hand, I suddenly feel like going Haw Par Villa. I really miss those childhood days whereby we need to take a boat ride and see the 18th of hell. It is really a waste that I didn't get to see it as that time I was too scared to open my eyes during the boat ride!!! LOL.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things people don't want to read on your entry!

There are tons of things to read on the internet and I actually do love reading them all BUT I only read those that really interest me or at least it's pleasing to my eyes. Here is a list of of things that I DO NOT want to read on anyone blog. It should also be the checklist for your blog before you start writing an entry. Haha.

Here is the List:

1) Your LONG winded story on how you spent your day
It's definitely okay to write about how you spent your day but learn to SUMMARISED it! You knw it's boring to read things like, "This morning after I have brush my teeth and wash my face, I wore my pinky heels and went out to meet my friends. It's been a long time since I met them. We decided to drop by Orchard and so we took a bus there..."

Why not just write it as, "Wee! I'm meeting my buddy at orchard today! I have not seen for like donkey years, I miss them so much!" At least this way, its short & sweet.

2) Your overloaded pictures of yourself
Camwhore is ermmm fine but please limit it to 1-3 photos of yourself. Well, I will give it a 5 photos for the max. If you really wish to put more photos, at least try put other more interesting pictures other than your own face -___- Unless it's a modeling photos shots or maybe if you're a super chio bu, then ok. Haha =X

3) Boring title chase my visitor away
Just imagine your having a bad day at work, then you visit a blog and his/her blog title was "Sian arh!", "Boring day!", "No tittle" or "Monday bluesssss" this definitely generate 0% - 1% of your interest for you to read on.

Even if your day really sucks you can also put an interesting title for example like, "The attack of my crazy boss!". If your Monday is really god damn boring like mine, at least try put something like "My happy Monday that turns rotten". Does it sounds better?

4) No paragraphing & wall of text
Need I say more? Even if you really have a very exciting story to share, put them into paragrah or try to put 1 or 2 images to generate your visitor's interest. If not usually 10 visitors that click on your blog, more than 5 will leave without reading it.

5) Excessive swearing in ranting post
Yes, it's ok to rant because it's our blog after all =D But if too much of "knn, ccb, fuck..." in the entry, I read liao also SIAN! Unless you tell me it's only me who has this problem of hating to read so many valgurities in a blog entry.

Okay, I guess these 5 are the most important factors to keep visitor coming. Another most important factor is the way you write your content and this is the part where I can't teach you. Haha. Good luck =)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Xing Wang @ Orchard ION

I like to decolorized myself.Gosh my face getting rounder o_O

Siu mai =D

Yuan Yang. It's just a combination of coffee & tea.

Mushroom cheese baked rice. I forgot to save another image of the chicken cheese baked rice. Hehe.


The tunnel to MRT looks like some spaceship.

I must admit that the exterior of ION is really damn nice.

Im not camwhoring, I am just amused by the mirror effect. haha very sua ku of me.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I want a absolute boyfriend!

I slept late last night as I was watching 'Absolute boyfriend'. The male lead actor, Hayami Mokomichi was so gorgeous! His body will make you simply drool & flood the whole room. Lol.

After watching, I decided to come out with this list:

Criteria of my absolute boyfriend!

1)Make breakfast bento for me every morning.

2) Tell me that he loves me even when I'm scolding & yelling at him.

3) Put his arms around me when I'm feeling down or sick.

4) Tell me that I'm the best no matter how silly I am. =D

5) When others ask him why does he loves me he will answer, "Because she is special!"

6) Must be tan & with a muscular built. Not those professional body builder type!

7) Will rush to me whenever I'm in danger! He shall protect me from any hazard!

8) He may give me suggestions BUT never argue with me! Less anger is good for my health. Lol.

9) Clean the house whenever I'm not free to do so. Woohoo!

10) LISTEN attentively when I talk! Be interested in the topic no matter how unrelated it is to him.

11) Remember all my goodfriends name! I hate to keep repeating names.

12) Be there whenever I need him. Be the man I can trust and depend on.

13) Surprise me!

14) When all fails, buy something to cheer me up. *evil grin*

15) Lastly, be faithful always =D


Sounds good? Maybe this is what all girls want. Haha. But I bet such guy has long extinct!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fried been hoon with twin pork, eggs & mushroom!

It's Sunday! And so I decided to cook some fried bee hoon for my family. Hehe. Well, I'm ain't that great, our main chef is my sis and I'm the assistant. =P

The ingredients.

1 1/2 packet of mushroom. If your a big mushroom fan, add all the 2 packet in! HAHA.
1 packet of taiwan sausage
1 can of pork rib (Hong Sao Pai Gu)
3 eggs
4 pieces of vermicelli (depending on how many people is eating)

Cut the sausages into pieces. Remember to remove the plastic!


A can of pork rib.

3 eggs and remember to add some soy sauce.

Mixed it!

Used the oil from the can of pork rib into the frying pan.

Pour the eggs in!

Tadahhh! Here's the eggs.

Pour some more oil from the can.

Put the been hoon in.

Okay, it's time to pour all the ingredients in & fry!

Remember to add some light soy sauce & dark soy sauce for the color and taste.

Add the eggs in and fry a little bit more.

Here we goooo! Fried been hoon with twin pork, eggs & mushroom. Enjoy! =D

Can baby laugh when he is only 12 days old?

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