Monday, July 25, 2011

Singapore Blog Awards 2011!

Yesterday was Singapore blog awards 2011 and as a top 10 finalised for Best Y bloggist (my comic blog, Little Nini) I was invited to attend this event. I brought along my friend, Mel, with me and the overall experience was quite fun.

As right now I am working an Event Executive so when comes to EVENT, I have lotsa of comment regarding, stage backdrop, emcee, food, overall organisation and etc. I guess that's about it. Lol! So now I shall begin my "semi pro" comments, feedback and suggestions about this event.

Theme for that day - History get social

Door gift - Nominees booklet, lucky draw ticket and Fabrix pouch. 
Kristin says: The nominees booklet or whatever it is call is a nice little booklet printed with all the awards categories & nominees in it. The down side of this booklet is that there is no program rundown D= Probably, they wanted the attendees to get a little element of  surprise? Hmm.... When emcee announced the lucky draw segment, the lady who seated beside me was puzzled because she didn't know there will be lucky draw and she can't find her lucky draw number. The worse it, some people left after knowing all the winners >_< If only there is a program rundown, those people might stay till the end of the event?

We get to know this 2 cool dudes outside. 
Kristin says: The guy on the left is the one update the LiveShare photo stream for this event. The one on the right is his invited guest - a freelance photographer. Hehe! As a event exec, I think it's natural to exchange name and get to know more people so don't ask me why I know so much about them! Lol!

Have you see a blonde Hitler before? =p

Sang Nila Utama - The founder of Singapore. 

Cleopatra - The famous Queen of Egypt.

The buffet line! I love the food! Wahaha! Especially, the one infront =p Sorry, I don't know what is that call. 

More food! 

We took a place to fill our stomach.

Taking a picture with all the food!

Having a drink while waiting for the show to start. 

Kristin says: Simply loves the waiter there! Lol! he kept changing the drinks for us and constantly clearing our table. Wahaha! Awesome-ness!

The start of event!
Kristin says: I have forgotten then name of this emcee but I do know he is a DJ of some radio station. Look wise he is definitely very suitable for this event. Hehe. I find it quite disappointed that he didn't bother to catch the audience attention or probably because the buffet line started early so everyone was busy chatting and eating =p

This lady has a pretty good voice but sadly, not many people were paying attention to her or maybe I am wrong?

Taking a few pictures with my friend. 

Free beer! Too bad I dislike beer!

Time to ATTACK the food!

Domino's pizza! 

Hawaiian paradise! Their pizza is really nicer than Pizza hut =p

The cake cutting ceremony. The cake is indeed unique. :)

Kristin says: I was really taken aback when the confetti blast off! Reason being that the confetti blast off in the direction of the audience -_- Alot of them who were eating and drinking have to quickly swept off or covered their food. Lol!  Probably, the confetti should be pointed towards the stage?

Some stage performance. 
Kristin says: A comical performance which was nicely integrated with the introduction of the current social media and not forgetting to mention about one of their sponsor, Domino's pizza. Haha!

Hehe! My comic blog in the top 10 finalist for Best Y Bloggist. 

Eric lim dressing up as the late Alexander McQueen. I think he should dress up like Adam Lambert! That probably will be more awesome but Adam Lambert is not someone from the past >_< 

All the winners for the day!

Kay Kay & Yutaki! They both really look awesome in real! 

The contestants for best dress award.

Kristin says: SUPER DUPER WTF IS STEVEN LIM DOING THERE? He is such a turn off! I wonder why they even get him on stage for the Best dress award. -___- His dressing sucks to the core and there is no  where that he is dressing like Michael Jackson. It is a total insult to the late singer. 

Liang Po Po winning the best dress award for the female category. 

Overall, it was still a fun event. Kudos to all organizer from OMY for putting up a great event and to winner who work so hard to win the awards! To all the losers, gambatte for next year! As for myself, I will continue to blog as usual. Life goes on....*EMO*  NAH! I will blog more funny stuff my comic blog, Little Nini!

Lastly, I should thanks Alvin from OMY because he was the one who nominated my this blog to take part in the Singapore blog awards. Strangely, my main blog wasn't in the top 10 for any of the categories and I was very surprise that it was my comic blog that got it. Nonetheless, this opportunity gain me any additional valuable experience =D 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A trip to Batam - 2D1N

My blog is so so dead ever since I started working! Anyway, I am on 2 days MC (today is 2nd day) so I shall take this time to blog about my Batam trip which happen last month! We actually bought the tickets from Groupon as there was a offer going on. Now, I can't remember how much was it. Haha! I think it's $99 per person (Inclusive of 1 day tour, hotel and morning breakfast)?

Seriously, I don't know where to start. Lol! It is so hard for me to recap something that happen 1 month ago. Well, I will still try my best to summarize everything using PICTURES & CAPTIONS. =p

The essential item to bring when you are going overseas. Haha! 
My sis trying to act emo before we leave Singapore. 
I think I look more emo than my sis =p
I remembered that when we were at the custom, there were a group of young Singaporean making a lot of noise. The security guard there walked over to them, asked them to shut up and put his finger on his lip. I was rather stunned. I know those kids are noisy but are there rules that we are not supposed to talk at the custom? O_O

Reaching Batam 

Not forgetting to bring my sad Xiao Xiang along for the trip. 
Lotsa different crackers from this shop. 
Saw this in the Kueh Lapis shop. Is this Naruto? 
As you can see, people are fighting to eat the free samples of kueh lapis. Haha! 
Random photo taken while sitting in the van.
Lunch Time @ Golden Prawn 933
I think all tour agencies will bring the tourists to this restaurant. Seriously speaking, the food there suck so badly! Below are pictures of the food that was served. If you are going Batam, I will recommend you to eat elsewhere, which I will let you know later... 

Lunch at Golden Prawn 933
Fried Fish? No taste at all -___-
The only edible food (IMHO) - Gong gong. 
Crabs? Craps!
How king can you be...
Another slightly more edible food. 
Something similar to Singapore Outward Bound but none of the tourist is interested to play. 
Places of interest - Tua Pek Kong
There are quite a number of statues for photo taking but I decided to just post up a few for your viewing pleasure =p 
Quite a nice temple but my camera not good enough to take the whole picture of the temple.
Sorry for being noob, is this Guan Ying?
Fierce turtle, looking angry at me for taking his photo =O 
Nagoya Hill Shopping Maill
This place is nothing like Japan! If you want to know why is it call Nagoya Hill, you have to read up on your own. Haha! It is just another typical shopping mall that sell clothings, accessories and etc. I find that the clothing there are not to my liking. 

Meanwhile the rest of the tourist went to have some massages, we went to A&W for our proper lunch. 
1 of the shop selling Kawaii stuff at Nagoya Hill.  
J.CO at Batam really sucks! It is not that their food sucks but is their service! You gotta wait for 30mins for your drinks and donuts. WTH?

Hotel check-in! Novotel!
The reception counter. 
Nice looking lobby.
Trying to take some artistic photos. Pass or fail? Lol! 
This is how our toilet look like. 
Our bedroom. Nice eh? 
My Xiao Xiang holding on the titbits that I bought today. 
Our loots for the day. Even though their clothing is not to my liking, I still manage to get 1. Lol! 
Their lukewarm water is ok but when I turn on their hot water.... 

Dinner time @ Wey Wey Seafood
If I am not wrong, this place is located at Harbour Bay. We ordered alot of food for 4 pax and the total cost is only around S$70!!! So it is super worth it! 

The entrance.
I think this is the black pepper crabs. I was too hungry and end up taking lousy photos which I can't even recognised what this is -__-

The otah is nice.

Some veggies. 
My favourite Sotong!
Steam fish 
Hotplate tofu
Fried rice
Salad You Tiao
Fried fish with scallop
Back to hotel


The next morning...
Breakfast buffet at the hotel. Nice variety of food =)

My sis and her hubby taking their food. 
My first round of food. Haha. 
My sleepy face holding the eggs. Haha! 
The delicious cakes and donuts. 
Shopping at Carrefour
Their instant noodles, tissues and sanitary pads are really cheap! LOL! Other than that, some of the daily necessities are quite cheap too. 

My sis trying to be super amaze at how the basket cum trolley look like. 
"Argh! Help me! This is so heavy!"
The mini Hello Panda biscuit is so cute!
Things we bought home

Our titbits loot for the day

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