Saturday, July 24, 2004

I want to buy a domain!

Domain! Domain! Domain! Domain! Domain! Domain!

I want it so much! Frankly Angel-Eyez.Org SUCK SO MUCH! So I make the font colour for that words the same as my background. So you won't know what did I write. Hm... Didn't blog on 23rd July, so here's what happen on that day...

23th July
Lionel is such a nice and awesome gentleman. Hehe! He always act like as if he's a real pervert but he is actually quite a nice person. Those smses he send touch my heart! Lol! Not really. I think it's just nice of him to say that. He gave me the Fahrenheit 911 CD rom today and he gave it to me for free! Well, just wanna thanks for for whatever he has said and done. *wink*

I went to War War site yesterday and saw she actually auctioned her stuffs! What's more? I saw her pink Roxy bag is for sales! No wonder I don't see her using that bag anymore. She also sell her Reader Digest!! That's ridiculous! Haha! Because that's suppose to be our reader for our so-called English Reading Program. One word for her, BEST!

I feel like auctioning my stuffs too! Like one of my black jeans which I didn't even wear before!! I bought the wrong size so...Also, another blue deuter bag. I only used it for like 1 week and after that I didn't use it anymore because I hate that bag. Lol! Hmm... There's also some clothes that I only wore for once or twice...Opps! I feel like I really wasted my parent $$ on something that I didn't like.

Cross country! Among 500 over students running, I'm no.40 to finish the run which was quite a good achievement. Haha! I'm a short distance runner not a long distance! haha! So it's definitly a good achievement. Hui Ting just need to run 3 secs faster in order to finish the run in 35 min. Isn't it a pity?

24th July
English common test! I saw Minyi this morning. Well she stick around with me because no one was talking to her. Well, I didn't talk to her much. There's nothing much for use to talk about anyway. When she saw her friend(s), she just flew away. I must WIN HER FOR THIS ENGLISH TEST! I don't know if I have done well for this test or not. I just pray for the best. If I failed or what...I might as well go and die.Maybe just half dead for that day.

I reformatted my computer today...AGAIN! What's new man!?

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