Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just random thoughts

Met up with my Monsterz today! We have our dinner and crap abit before we went home. I think we always like to bring up what other ex classmates are doing now? Haha. Oh! I realised something about me and spy, we seems like leave the most interesting topic when we reached her house downstairs! Lol!

Anyway, I was feeling awesome until I reach home. I felt sad when I don't see him at home. I was expecting to see him! I have some communication breakdown with him. *sigh* Sometimes I just wonder why he acted in a certain manner. Alot of things, I guess I will never understand. 说话和做事每次都婆婆妈妈,真受不了!

I wanna show and give him this but he is not here. Its just something that I modified to become that something he wanna buy yesterday.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's August already!

So fast so many months have passed and again, I have not been blogging. So now I decided to do a little update. As usual, I don't know where to begin. Probably, its because my life is too boring =O

My wedding preparation is about 50% done. I think so because I feel I have already booked the main things - venue, photograher,  videographer, bridal etc. Now, I'm only lacking of the details! Oh well, I think I still have alot of time right? But my friend keep asking me to prepare now -.-!!! Anyway, I did a video 2 days ago, it's about how we met each other and eventually got together. I think it's pretty funny because my bb was laughing hard while watching it. So now I have to show it to another 2-3 more person to confirm that my  own video making is a success. Lol! Im also in the midst of updating my another blog which consist of all my wedding preparation. Hehe! I think when the time is right, I will reveal the link to whoever is interested =)

Work has been the same as usual, my bosses just bought me a new laptop. That's really nice of them and I suspect I can bring it home for personal use because THAT IS MINE! *evil laughter*

Before I end this, I just wish to say, recently I am super duper disappointed with someone. I am so disappointed that I can't be bother to confront her or anything. *sigh* I wonder why she will do such things, is it because of someone's influence? I just hope that she can wake up her idea and reflect.

[EDIT] Hello SPY! It's not you! Lol! [/EDIT]

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