Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Get well soon

Christian was injured! Canna papa is sure very anxious about it. So poor thing. Here's the news:


MALPENSA - After having lunch at Angelo Moratti Sports Centre and after arriving at Milan's Malpensa airport just after two o'clock this afternoon, Fabio Cannavaro received a telephone call when the Inter players were boarding their plane for Japan. From his expression it was immediately apparent that something serious had happened. The defender was informed that an accident had happened to one of his sons, currently on holiday with his mother who is pregnant with the Cannavaro family's third child. The boy has suffered a deep cut to a toe and after receiving medical assistance at the accident & emergency services in Ischia will need to remain in hospital.

Informed about what happened, Massimo Moratti (present at the airport for the team's departure) and the Saitama City Cup organisers have understood the serious and sudden situation. Cannavaro has asked to be exempted from the Japan trip and has been given permission to join his son in Naples. Deeply shocked, the defender has said he is sorry he cannot be in Saitama with his Inter teammates and immediately made contact with Nerazzurri chief of medical staff Franco Combi to organise appropriate examinations

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