Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dear Singaporean, please vote wisely

Over the past few weeks, I have been reading news about Singapore general election from Straits Time, YahooSG news and Chinese newspaper. Now with introduce of social networking sites, I have been getting updates from twitter, facebook and even forum like HWZ.

Here are a list of things that I have gather online on what the men in white have done for us in the past 5 years: 
1. Increase GST from 5% to 7% so as to 'help' the lower income group.  (source: CNA)
2. Increase in our transport fares. (source: CNA)
3. Increase in our ministers' salary. (source: YeoCheowTong)
Click on the image for larger view.

Flash! SINGAPORE, March 11, 2011 - Parliament has approved an increase in the President's salary which is now S$4,267,500 (US$3,355,270), an increase of S$890,700 (US$700,302)

4. Increase in our electrical bills. (source: CNA)
5. Over spending on YOG.  $387 million dollars of taxpayers’ monies were used to host the most expensive "sports day". (source: The Temasek Review)
6. Increase in HDB Price. (source: Straits Time, Straits Time)
7. When healthcare services become more expensive, our Health Minister asked us to send our parents to nursing home in Johor Bahru when they are old, so you are able to save money. (source: Straits Time)
8. Inviting more foreigner 'talent' here to create more GOOD jobs for Singaporean.(source: CNA)
9. Letting Mas Selamat escape! (source: Straits Time)
10. They said Orchard road will never flood but choked drain cause massive flooding in Orchard road. (source: CNA, TNP, TOC)

After reading this, please think wisely and vote with responsibility on the 7th May. 

Anyway, I found this cut comic on the internet.

Click on the image for larger view. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random entry

Just feel that I have not been updating my blog so I might just update with a few pictures of myself and my sis to make my blog looks less boring.  Lol!

A visit to 'slum' - Potong Pasir

After the GE2011 and learning that Mrs Lina Chiam has lost Potong Pasir to Sitoh Yih Pin, I wanted  to travel to Potong Pasir to take a look at the 'slum' before all the hdb flats, coffee shops or markets got upgraded. I wonder why some 'men in white' labelled Potong Pasir as 'slum area'. I wonder do they really know what a slum is.
Ladies and gentlemen, THIS IS SLUM! 

So I went to Potong Pasir on Tuesday, right after my exam. Although Singapore is just a tiny island, this is my first time to Potong Pasir. Another reason probably explain why I have never been here - I live at the extreme west side of this country. The moment I reached Potong Pasir, it really does give me a very 90s feeling. The hdb flat is indeed looking older than most of our hdb flat (which is under the ruling party) but the place is CLEAN & GREEN. I didn't bring my camera along that day so I have to use my handphone to take photos. The quality is abit sucky.

The first picture I took the moment we reached there. This signboard might be taken down and it will be gone forever! 

Welcome to Potong Pasir! I like the structure of this flats. Too bad my phone's camera can't take wide angle photo.

Random photo taken while walking to Mac Donald for our lunch. 

This is the covered linkway to MRT station. 

Officially opened by Mr Chiam See Tong :)
Not sure what the project was but probably this is just to show what PP Town Council has done.

Random photo of the flats. The block in-front of 105 is 108, the location where the volunteers are doing the petition.

'Service Before Self'.  How many of us actually can do it?

The 'Meet-the-people session' area where residents are seated while waiting for their turn.

Mr Chiam's office table for the last 27 years. Can you imagine that the men in white are enjoying the aircon in the office while people like Chiam See Tong and Low Thia Khiang have to use a hdb's void deck to meet the residents?

This is pasted on the metal piece. Probably written by PP resident. 

This stone chairs & table is so old school! 

Once again, 'where got slum?'
Time to reminisce...
Mr Chiam See Tong has served the residents in Potong Pasir for 27 years but sadly in GE 2011 the residents has cast their precious vote. Now Potong Pasir is under a new MP and most likely Potong Pasir SMC will be gone forever... It sad to see such a dedicated person has lost the battle but I hope he and his team will come back stronger 5 years later. :) Once again, I am bad with words so I shall end my entry here.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Start valuing your loved ones before they leave you for good

I have not been blogging because my grandma passed away recently and I don't have the time and mind to blog.

I just want to rant something about my this stupid aunt. At the cremation place ( I am not sure what is it call) one of my auntie cried like a mad woman. She yelled and nearly fainted. I was really like WTF! If you really love your mum, you should always be filial to her, buy her the food that she wants to eat and etc when she is still alive! I feel that this auntie is such a great ACTOR! I hate her!

My mom told me that just 1 week before my grandma passed away, this auntie actually complaint to my grandma and said my grandma was very troublesome blah blah. All along I know this auntie is not very filial to my grandma. So why bother to cry like as if you love your mother alot? It just an act! A stupid act to show other relatives how filial she is!

May my grandma rest in peace. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My earning finally hit over S$50!

My earning for nuffnang finally hit over S$50! I did not blog regularly so it is definitely a great news to me!  Thanks to whoever has ever click on my ads =)

Anywya, the weather sucks, it is so humid and makes me feel like sleeping everyday! It makes my brain dead! I can't think of anything to blog or even study for my coming exams! Another reason that I have not been blogging is because I found a new and better microblogging platform - Tumblr!! It is somewhat like a combination of twitter and blogger. I will probbaly talk more about it next time. 

Adding a irrelevant funny picture from tumblr to end my entry. 

 Kendra Bing stop trolling around others blog to advertise your site! 

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