Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Top news! Not really...Haha!

Didn't go to school today so I stay up late last night. I went round the net to surf. Hehe! Here's some top soccer's news!

  • Shevchenko said that he has wed his girlfriend, Kristin on 14th July! He really know how to keep a secret.
  • Yes, I hate that Capello went to Juve but what makes me laugh was that THEY ACTUALLY SOLD DI VAIO TO VALENCIA! They sold him at a loss. They gain no profit for selling him and they lost a good striker. So Juve is going to depend on Trezeguet or Del Piero to score? My toes are laughing. Also, Miccoli is not good enough. Capello said that winning the CL is their next season aim. I guess they might even find it hard to get the top 3 in Serie A! Yesterday, I just saw the photo of Di Vaio wearing the new Juve jersey and today.... Haha! I think they have to re-take those photos again.
  • Juve still can't get Emerson! Haha! All my fingers are giggling!
  • Mexes finally signed the contract with Roma!! Yeah!
  • Chelsea bought Drogba... Haha! I think he'll be another flop, just like other big stars Chelsea had signed.

    Roma 4 - 0 Juve

    Just enjoy looking at this animation. Hehe! "Shnn...It's 4-0! Juve go home!" Haha! Seem rather proud but I like it. Hopefully they can repeat this scoreline for the next seaon. Haha! With Totti and Cassano leading the attack,what can go wrong? What's more there's Mexes now! Who's Emerson, Capello, Samuel & Zebina?

    Roma biggest rival is not Juve nor Lazio. It should be AC Milan! Milan is the only club that Roma didn't manage to beat them for even once! Hm... I really can't complaint much. I like Milan too. So that's the problem for liking both clubs at the same time. Hehe!

    I feel so good! Not going to school is a good thing. I'm tired and I know everyone else is, not only me. But I can do this, not others.

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