Thursday, August 12, 2004


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Should I or shouldn't I?

I got a B3 for my Chinese O level which I think was NOT GOOD AT ALL! I got a merit for my oral which I also think that it was NOT GOOD AT ALL! I know I will get such result for my oral because I know I did badly for my oral. I'm so disappointed when my friends were able to get distinction for their oral and not me! I remembered I get the highest for my Chinese oral in MYE. But so what? I screwed all up during my oral! It sucks!

I only have 2 choices now, retake my Chinese O level or don't. I don't feel like retaking. Maybe if I get distinction for my oral, I might want to retake it. But I got just a merit! This really got me into trouble! I was afraid that if I retake it again, I'll still get a B3!!! Even my cousin said that I have to try my luck which I doesn't want to. I hate to play with luck and sort of stuffs. It's hard for me to ask others for suggestion because it'll just prove to be useless because the outcome will depend on me! Argh!

Anyway, my sis's birthday is tomorrow! Hm... Not idea what to buy for her. Haha! Maybe just treat her better? Lol!

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