Friday, May 28, 2010

Sashimi feast!

Yesterday, I met up with an ex colleague or perhaps I should counted him as my friend. Haha! I know that most of the time he speaks English so I told him that we should speak CHINESE when we met. Whoever break this rule will treat the winner. I'm such a bully right?

So well, I got a free lunch treat from him. Waahha! Anyway, thanks to him =)

Sashimi salad.

We also ate other stuffs but I'm mot interested to show you all the salmon sashimi that I ate. HAHA! That's all for today, I still got assignment to do. Tata~

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If I have the Sands of Time dagger...

I watched Price of Persia last night! It is awesome movie because Jake Gyllenhaal is in the movie! Lol! Just kidding. Overall the movie is alright even though it's predictable but still it's fun to watch.

If I have the Sands of Time dagger, I will probably used it on many occasion! Lol! I will probably use it during my primary school days. During those days, I should have pick to be better friend of SPY rather than someone else. What to do?! That time was like a tug-o-war, everyone is fighting to be friend with me and worse is they can't SHARE! All like same kids. Lol! Strange!

Then I might just use it again during my secondary school days, I will stop playing the stupid game call, A3 and I can retake my O level and go into polytechnic. Also, at the same time, I will tell my buddy, SPY not to get attached with that XX guy! After than I will tell her just go ahead and be with that Malaysian guy. He is much better than the cheater!

After the O level, my family & grassy went Genting, during that time I WILL TELL MYSELF NOT TO EAT LIKE A MAD WOMAN DURING THE BUFFET!!! That time was like hell for me, I vomit and etc etc... I even have to visit the clinic there =(

At the age of 21, which is probably the age when I graduate from poly (assuming if I manage to turn back time.HAHA) I will still do the same, get the same agent and get me into the bank job and met him =D Another is, I will straight tell A not to waste time on me. I might probably change for better and take less fake MCs. LOL!

Before my 21st birthday celebration, I will tell my bf to lock his bike so his bike will never be stolen and he would have appear in my 21st birthday celebration photos =(

I still got plenty of things I wish to change but it's all useless. So I rather take this time to treasure all my family and friends, especially Grassy & SPY. They are ones that I never wish change =)

Well, after movie, my sis, her hubby and dear went to eat Botak Jones. As its already like 9pm plus, I decided not to eat so much and so I shared the food with my dear.

Swanky Franky
The hotdog is damn long & big! Lol! I love their fries the most =D

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend is a fairy tale, weekdays is a nightmare!

Weekend is coming to an end again, which means happy times gonna be over again. It's not as if that I'm gonna go back to school or work on Monday but Monday means I have to start my job search again! Anyway, I shall sum up my stuff for this week.

On Monday, I received an email form a reputable Japanese company to ask me to go down for an interview on Wednesday. So I went there on Wednesday and the moment I stepped into the lobby, I was kinda shock to see my ex colleague working there as a receptionist. Haha! What a small world! Anyway, the interview went on smoothly but according to my that ex colleague, she said next week there are 3 or 4 more person coming for interview for the same job that I applied! Gosh! I hope I do stand out from the rest. HAHA!

I got another interview on Friday, the place near my house so it's pretty convenient. But well I doubt I will get that job as the interviewer seems so busy, she didn't asked me much questions and I didn't get to talk much either. Oh well, after the interview, I also hope that I don't get this job? HAHA! Probably the young lady at the reception is such a fup person. When I went there, she immediately pick up the phone and look away. WTF! So damn rude -__-

Other than all the interviews, I spend all my time at home as I'm sick! Im down with flu~ Argh! Then now, weekend is gonna over! I didn't go out or do anything because of my flu!! So sad! =( Probably the only good news was I won the tickets from Nuffnang to watch the Prince of Persia!! Yay!

Now it's less than 2 more hours to Monday, which means I gotta start my job hunt again. Good luck to myself.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Nuffnang Movie Contest – “Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time”

1. If you have a dagger that turns back time, what event/danger would you change?

I will definitely turn back to the time when I'm taking my O levels. During that period I was so addicted to this MMORPG game called, A3 (the company has already closed down -___-) and I wasted all my precious time away by playing games instead of studying hard for my O level.

In the end, I scored a disappointing result for my O level. Even though I managed to get a A2 for my history and passed the rest of my subjects with an average grade but I GOT A F9 FOR MY MATH! WTF! The result is bad because of my MATH!! I failed to get into poly, I refused to go ITE and I didn't want to retake my Math.

I was kinda lost and I went to take up a private course for preschool teaching. After I obtain the certificate, I didn't become a kindergarten teacher. I take up a job as a Distributor Support Representative. The salary was bad and I decided to take up another private diploma course from PSB academy. I have graduated and now taking a degree course in UOL. Blah blah blah... I can go on and on to whine about my regrets but well all this has already happen.

If I can turn back time, I will definitely study hard again for my O level! I not only can save my time and also my parent's hard earned money =(

In reality, even now I can't turn back the time I will definitely continue to work hard in my studies and my own future!

Catch Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Moviestarting from
27th May 2010
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back to the old days - Chinatown

Dim sum @ Chinatown =)

Siu mai


Rice roll with scallop

I didn't upload all pictures because they didn't turn out very nice.I forget to change some setting in the camera so... Oh well, at least the dim sum are nice. Haha!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My profession is to eat, eat and eat!

A day out with my dear to watch a movie, eat, chill and eat... Haha! Anyway, we also went Marina barrage. The night scene is pretty nice but I don't own a super camera to take the night view. The rest just let the photos do the talking...

Before the movie...

Andersen's of Denmark ice cream =D

Andersen's classic - Belgian Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Rum & Raisin, Macadamia Nut & Mocha Almond Fudge.

After movie... Dinner @ Swensen

Me and my lasagna.


Clam chowder

Dear's fish & chips

My lasagna.

After that dear drove us to Marina barrage and I took a few shots of the night view. It didn't turn out very bad right? haha.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My lumix lx 3 got a new clothing!

I bought the flora silver metal sticker from Gariz! After I get it from the supplier last night, I immediately went to MacDonald to stick it. Wahaha! At least now my camera don't look so black and typical anymore!

Anyway, Gariz also sell several other camera products. You may check it out if you are interested. All items are made in Korea.


I added the white pearl beads with the help of my sis. Hehe.


Front view

Back view

The metal sticker is suppose to be silver in colour but perhaps the light in MacDonald make it looks like gold in colour or maybe my blackberry camera is not good enough. Haha! Anyway, here's the picture from the website. It give a much clearer look how it suppose to look like.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Exams are over!

Finally my exams are over! Now I can only wait for my result to be out. Honestly speaking, I am quite scared of knowing the result that should be out in September. I got a feeling that my Math 1 is gonna fail :( Nonetheless, I'm expecting to pass the rest. *cross fingers*

Anyway, we went Downtown east to have our lunch. Initially, I want to save money and decided to go foodcourt but dear wanted to go Pasta Mania instead. In the end, I spent more money and I ordered something that is tasteless. I'm so full of regrets! I should just order what I usually ordered. $%&#%&

Dear's order - Bacon and cheese pasta.

My tasteless order - Seafood zupa.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Solution to beat the hot weather!

The weather these days are so crazy! At times its so hooooooooooooooot.... but sometimes its keeps raining! -___- Anyway, when the weather is hot and humid, the best way to defeat the sun is to eat ice cream! Wahaha! Here's what I did:

Bought waffles from NTUC. Put them into the oven toaster... *ding*!

Scoop your favourite ice cream flavour on top of it! I got 1 raspberry and...

mint with chocolate chip! Yum!

You can even put the ice cream into A&W!

What a cheap and simple way to beat the sunny weather! You can save your money by not going to Gelare or whatever store to eat their ice cream waffles. The DIY way is cheap and nice. Hehe.

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