Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Malaysia - KL Trip!

Next week at this timing I will be in KL with Grassy already! Woohoo! The following are the places that me & grassy are most likely to visit

Times Square
KL Tower
Lake Gardens
Jalan Alor
Petronas Twin Tower / KLCC
Batu Caves
BB Plaza / Sungai Wang.
Central market
Petaling Street (Chinatown)
Bargain can cut it down by half.
National Palace
1 Utama
Mid Valley

Did I miss out anything? =)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What will pringles do to you?

Last Friday, we went to buy Pringles during lunch. Me, Shaowei & LK decided to pick 3 different flavours from Giant. Well, just take a look at my crazy colleagues. Haha.

I have signed up for BBDC!

I went Bukit Batok Driving Centre to sign up as a student that day. If not for the troubles and headaches that the private instructor gave me, I doubt I will sign up for school. Well, the lucky thing was that I have not paid the $50 registration fees! Phew! Seems like learning how to drive ain't that easy after all. Haha. I should have sign up for school from the very start. The more I want to save money, the more I wasted. =/

The enrollment fees for school is $89.88. As previously I was a private student so I gotta pay an additional of $10 for conversion -___- Also, even though I have already passed my basic & advance theory as a private student I still gotta go for 4 theoretical lesson (BTL 1.01 & 1.02, FTL 1.01 & 1.02). Each lesson cost me $17.12!

I just took 2 BTL lessons this morning. Overall, I think it's quite good for those who is a new student or even for those people who is going to take practical lesson. The whole lesson taught us all those safety rules, videos clips of real life accident in Singapore and some other video clips about safety rules on the road. The instructor who taught the BTL 1.01 is really a very humorous guy. He makes the whole lesson very fun and entertaining. His name is William. As for the BTL 1.02, the instructor was so so, so I kinda wanna fall asleep. HAHA. My FTL lessons will be next Sunday. Gotta wake up early in the morning again.

In order to be able to take the TP test, I also need to take the Driving Simulator which I don't know wth is that. Hmmm...

Anyway, all the best for myself. I will start to book for my lesson on Tuesday when my boss is back. I gotta asked if I'm allow to go work at around 10:30am. He is already nice enough to let me go off earlier for my degree class, I think it's also a courtesy to ask him regarding my driving.

Hehe! Sometimes I wonder how I cope with my work, school and driving. Hmmm... Soon I will be a wonder woman. Wahaha!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What is a sexcam?

Yesterday, my colleague sent out a link to us and ask us to read the story. The story is about this guy whose gf cheated him. She has sexcam with another guy in the cyberword. Yaa daa yaa daa...

Then this cute little innocent colleague of mine was puzzled and asked, "What is sexcam?" Then Shaowei answered her by saying that it's playing with your own organs infront of the computer. Hahaha. Then she is even more puzzled, she kept mumbled... "How to play when the person is not infront of you?" Haha. What an innocent question she asked.


You don't really need to "play" with anything, I think basically you just take off everything and sit infront of the webcam with another person is also consider as sexcam? Hmmm... I'm not sure either. LOL.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Driving drives me crazy

Driving lesson really drives me crazy. First it gave me problem due to the "manual & auto" issue next... It's the "delay" issues. Sorry, I'm really lazy to say in details about what's going on. It's really 他妈的! So to counter this issues I have decided to switch to school. Lucky that I have not pay the $50 registration fees! Wahahaha!!

Then last night, I remember that if I'm going to sign up for school I have to bring my PDL. THEN THING STRUCK AGAIN! I think I lost it.... *sigh* Gotta go find it later. The last time I took it out was like weeks ago? Hmmm.. I'm getting forgetful -____-

Then this morning, I'm kinda shag but my mama really makes my day! My mama told me if really taking private gives me so much problems, I should just go ahead with school and she will pay half of the total amount for me!

Weehooo! Thanks mama!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Green light? Chiong arh!

I had another driving lesson on Thurs. It's pretty tiring as I went there after my work =/ Well, today basically I gotta went through all the traffic lights road and going from small road to the bigger road. Nothing much other than me being tired. Haha.

Sometimes I don't know if I'm driving too fast or driving too slow. When I was driving at about 45km/h, the instructor will ask me to slow down. Then I slightly released the accelerator and let the speed go at around 35 - 40 km/h. Then the instructor ask me to go faster... -___- Sometimes he makes me very confused.

Then once I was still a distance away from the traffic light, I saw green light, therefore I decided to go at a normal speed. Before I crossed the white light, the traffic light suddenly turned amber and the instructor quickly step on the brake for me. HAHA. He didn't warn me and I have already forget about what the advance theory book has teach me about when approaching the green traffic light.

After going 1 after another traffic light, same thing happen but this time the smarty me already know that I should start slowing down when I see the green traffic light as it may turn to amber anytime. The instructor suddenly said, "踩油." I was like "huh?" But I ignored him then the traffic light indeed turned amber. Haha. The instructor then quickly say, "Oh yah, sorry, should start slowing down." I guess he was sleepy too.

Anyway here are a few things that I have yet to master or need more practice:
1) U turn - 1 lesson per week will really makes me forget everything. Haha.
2) 3 point turn - Hmmm... How many turn do I exactly need? I have forgotten.
3) Parking - Yet to learn but tried before. Seems like very easy when it's auto.
4) Aligning the car on the road - Feel very sian that the instructor keep adjusting for me. I want to do it myself. I didn't really get to try or being taught properly leh. At least that's how I feel.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

No man fall for girl's personality at first sight

All thanks to nuffnang! I won a per of ticket to watch The ugly Truth! It's my first time winning something from nuff I saw quite a few nuffnager there. I saw hpility & his friends, they were just 1 row infront of me and I saw Tammy, she seated right next to my bf. Haha. I know who they are but I doubt they even know me =P

Anyway, here's my short views about the movie. The scenes that grant Mike (Gerard Butler) the freedom to talk about relationships and sex are frankly hilarious. The movie somehow it is telling the truth about how man actually think about woman and the ugly truth about what love is all about.

The film suggests that while women tend to has a checklist for the perfect man and spend their leisure time reading books about men, whereas for men are very simple, they just genitals to act as their guiding compass. Haha.

2 good tips for woman who trying to impress the guy that they like:

From the movie:

1) Mike said, "men are simple…we cannot be trained. and all of this, 'Men are from Venus' crap is a waste of your time and money. If you want to be a lonely hag, then keep reading these books, but if you want a relationship, heres how you get one…It’s called a Stairstepper, get on it, and get skinny. and get some trashy lingerie while your at it, because at the end of the day all were interested in is looks. No one falls in love with your personality at first sight."
(this is hilarious!)
2) Woman shouldn't talk about her problems because guys don't care. Even some guys may care, they are just pretending to care!

Over the movie is predictable but hilarious. My bf and I enjoyed the movie very much and he too, very much agree with what the male lead actor said. Haha. You should watch it too! =)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Study hard & lose weight fast!

I started my first UOL business degree module yesterday. It's Math!!! The lecturer go through all the basic real fast. The question given to us and expect us to have the answer in like 1 min? Lol. Damn, I'm aint that fast and I can't remember how to do some of the questions. Well, it's time to revise during the weekend.

The class consist of around 40 student and when we reached the classroom, we found a seat, settled down and watched the rest of the student walking in. Some of the ladies' dressing was rather exaggerate. They wore like as if they are going for some fashion show. Haha. Perhaps, this is their dressing code for work. To seduce their boss?

The Math lecturer is rather boring. His tone was monotonous and whenever he tried to sound funny but he failed. He just tried too hard to be funny. I felt so sleepy towards the end of the class. I guess the best thing is that I got dear to study with me. Hehe. I guess he is still not use to the working and studying part time. He immediately knock out the moment he reached home.

I feel kinda sian as I don't know if I'm successfully accepted by UOL. I'm only offered a conditional offer by PSB. *sigh* May whatever bless me.

If I'm successfully accepted I'm gonna buy a new bag! My current bags are all cui! All old and looks like the carrier might tear anytime. Lol.

These 2 bags, not sure which I should buy. $18 only lor! It's not any branded bag yet I still need to think so hard about if I wanna buy or not. *sigh*

Today @ work, I was suan by Jia Wang. He kept saying I'm 60kg! T_T I know have gain alot weight while working here but I'm not 60kg! Damn irritating, keep disturbing me. Now I shall tell myself that I must lose weight!!!!

Come to think about it, I have been working here for 1 year. Time flew past real damn fast.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Makan @ Waraku!

We finally have our dinner @ Waraku. We ate around $70+ but we only pay $20+. Hehe. Thanks to the $50 voucher, both of us were like 拚命的order. Haha.

The menu


I look like some freaks with the sashimi replacing my tongue? Lol.

Soba set!

I forget what's this but it's really nice and the beef is tender. This photo is taken by dear, haha. He should has use the spoon to dig up some of the beef to show as a proof instead of just taking a plain bowl of don't-know-what.

Beef cooked over the fire. Really delicious!

Hmm quite a big piece.

This is the worse thing that we orderd. Damn salty!

My yummy scallop!

My satisfied face ^_^

Sunday, September 13, 2009

On the road with a road idiot

The day started with me being very sleepy. I have driving lesson at 11:00am and I got a sms replied from JJ at 6am plus. Gosh! I wonder why anyone would want to wake up so early in the morning when it's Saturday!!!

Anyway, I went for the driving lesson and erm... The uncle was friendly but he isn't Mr Tan. He is Mr Lim and he is under Mr Tan. Er... ok. Then when we were seated in his Totoyo Vios, someone knocked in the window and asked, "Hello, you all got teach manual." Then Mr Lim replied, "Don't have, you try the next car."

I was kinda amused and I saw the car only has 1 footbrake and 1 accelerator!! So I asked Mr Lim, "This is auto car? I actually want to learn manual." The instructor was shocked and called Mr Tan. Mr Lim then passed me the phone and get Mr Tan to talk to me. Over the phone Mr Tan was trying to convince me the benefits of taking auto etc etc. After some thoughts, I think I should just go ahead with auto first. Well initially I already wanted auto, but dear keep asking me to take manual. Is this fate? Lol. Talk about this more later...

Alright, so what I learn for the lesson...

I learned how to hold the steering wheels in a 10-10 position. It"s pretty simple. Also, turning of the left & right indicator. For the start, I forget that I should just flick it with 1-2 fingers, instead of using like the whole hand to switch the indicator. I know, it sounds abit stupid. Haha.

Mr Lim shows me how to drives, the gear, how to check the blindspot, what is a blindspot and etc. After that it was my turn to be on the driver seat! Hehe. Pretty excited. First, I need to adjust the seats which I don't know how to. I didn't know the thingy to adjust the seat in infront of the seats. I thought normally it's on the side?! Anyway, after adjusting… here we go.

Learning auto is pretty simple; to speed up just use the right foot to step on the accelerator and make sure the gear is at the 'D'. No clutch coordinator is needed to change any gear. Haha. To stop the car, I have to step on the brake pedal if not the car will continue to move at a slow speed, unless I change the gear to 'P' it will then comes to a complete stop.

I was moving at a very slow speed, 40km/h, because I remember someone told me that a PDL can only drive at 40km/h? But I heard from dear that a PDL can drive up to 50km/h. Anyway, the road is so short, even if I speed abit, not far infront there's already a traffic light there.

For the start I tend to step on the brake too early. Wahaha. Then Mr Lim always gotta tell me to let go of the brake and move up abit. Maybe I'm too kiasu to stop. Then I learn to gauge where I should stop at the traffic light. It's by looking at the side mirror to see the space of the white line. Pretty interesting.

I guess the most fun part was the U turn and 3 point turning! I like the 3 point turning as it also involve the reverse gear. =)

Along the way, we actually driving along those farms and Mr Lim was telling me about those fruits, vegetables and etc etc. I abit lose my concentration. Haha I gotta look at the road and look at the stuff that he is pointing at. Luckily Bukit Batok road doesn't have many cars. Haha.

Oh, Mr Lim also said he gonna retired next year February as by then he is 70 years old and the vocational driving license only allows him to drive to that age. I swear that Mr Lim doesn't look like 70 years old. Hmmm...

Times up! Gotta drive back to Bukit Gombak carpark.. Parking seems quite easy eh.

Before I leave Mr Lim asked me to confirm again if I wanna take auto or manual and I said, ''okok.'' Then I opened the car door and was about to go out… He said something to me again (I forgot what he talk about) Then I okok again and opened the car door even more (because I forgot I already opened the door before.) Then.. Bang! The door knocked onto another car's left view mirror. Not my fault =X

The end of the lesson.

The reason I picked auto was because I wanna get my license fast, I gotta work and studies if I can get it fast, the better it is. Anyway, auto is easier, so I don’t have to stress so much after my work. Lol. After all driving should be a fun experience. I may miss out the 'clutch' fun but aiya heck, I will do without it. =)

Friday, September 11, 2009

What am I running away from?

I drew this and it suits me perfectly fine.

I felt so stress up these days. I guess I really need a break. I'm really tired and not having enough sleep. I feel so not myself. I keep feeling down and out. I still have to look happy everyday and keep the sadness inside me. Perhaps, that's life.

'忍一時風平浪靜﹐退一步海闊天空' How far do you agree with this phrase?

Anyway, driving lesson tomorrow. All the best to myself.=)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My childhood days...

Most naughty thing I did when I'm in Kindergarten

I remember during art & craft lesson, I sat with my group members. We used our own crayons to do all the colouring. Then came 2 rich kids who wished to borrow our crayons and me being the lao da told my group members to say NO to them! I guess they are pretty pissed off. They then said that they will borrow it from the teachers and gave us a nasty look before they left. I still remember her name is Wendy Tan Mei Feng. LOL.

10 minutes later, they came to our table and shows us their crayons that they borrowed from our teacher and said proudly that they have more colours than ours.

Argh! I was very furious! Crayons also want to compete with us! So the moment Wendy & gang was away from their seats, I asked my group members to roll their crayons out of the classroom! Guess what, they really did it. Haha. Then when Wendy & gang came back and saw what we were doing, they warned us and went to inform the teachers.

I quickly asked my friends to hide in the toilet but sadly there's only 2 toilets and 1 was occupied so only me and another girlfriend get in and the other 2 guys I asked them to stand 1 corner and drink water from their water bottle. Haha.

In the end, only 2 guys were scolded and I & my girlfriend managed to escape the scolding! Wahahaha!

Most irritating person I met in primary school

Her name is none other than Joyce. Hmm... I'm not sure why SPY treated her like her very bestfriend. I find Joyce damn irritating, thick skin, irritating and more irritatinggggggggg.

I remembered that time I lend her my coloured pen to write in my organizer or diary book (it's for the whole class student to write as a memory purpose). Joyce used my pen for her other purpose and someone told me. I was mad and then... Here comes my bad idea again. Me and a few of my friends went to steal her other coloured pen ( I think that time having alot of coloured pen is a very in thing.)

We were caught by our form teacher as Joyce complained to him. Haha. In the end, we still return her the pens but I still feel shiok for stealing her pen. HAHA.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Battle of the sexes

Nuffnang Movie Contest

Personally, I think the biggest turn-off during a date are:

1) LATE when meeting up!!! I can say I'm quite punctual when meeting friends so I expect guys to be punctual or reach the destination before I do. If the guy is always late, he most likely won't see me again.

2) Keep making his hair while we are chatting or eating. Come on! If you're are really good looking, you will be. If you are really ugly, no matter how to style or tidy your hair, you are still ugly!!

3) Keep staring at me as though as I'm an alien. See somemore! I dig your eyes out! Such guys are damn disgusting.

4) Keep telling me how good he is. If he is good or bad, it's up to me to judge, I don't need him to show off to me about how good he is. *thumps down*

5) Guys who don't offer to pay for the bill after a dinner. If he don't do it, it kinda shows that he is damn stingy! So just stay away from him! Haha.

Anyway, there's this new movie coming out, The ugly truth.The story is about Abby, who is having difficulty in love and life. Although she does make time for dating, she's hardly ever asked out a second time due to her comprehensive background checklist of 10 things she wants in a man. Naturally, the checklist will scares off her potential men. Well which men won't?

One day her producer hires Mike Chadway to be the host of a crude talk show called The Ugly Truth. Mike is an anti-love, pro-lust chauvinist who claims to know exactly how every guy thinks. After that he takes up a challenge to help Abby to help her win the heart of her neighbour.

Anyway, I wanna watch it because I want to know the ugly truth of what makes men and women tick! Probably, I also wish to know how Mike guides Abby to seduce the man that she is interested. Oh, also I wish to have a good laugh after months of stress from work =D

Catch The Ugly Truth when it opens in the cinemas on the
17th September 09!

And oh! Remember to be a fan at the official Facebook page!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What will men said to get "it" ?

This thought just came to my mind while talking to my colleagues. Men probably will say the following just to get laid.

* "Want to watch a DVD together tonight?"
* "Want to come over and chill?"
* "We have great chemistry."
* "You and I have so much in common?"
* "Want to get out of here and go somewhere less noisy? I promise I'll behave."
* "I love your accent."
* "God, you're so hot"
* "Did I mention you're hot?"
* "Want to head back to my place?"
* "We're having an after party at my place."

Or will men also go to such extend (like this do) to just to "do it"? Haha. Give it some thoughts.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Random food from different places

I like food. I admit it. I like everything about food. I love the experience of eating different food but I don't really like cooking. Haha. People always say 能吃是福, so I won't ill treat my tummy!

Today food shall be all about the food that I have eaten for the past few days ermm I mean months!

ME! The food hunter =P

The mini steamboat @ Jurong Point. Quite worth the money.

Salmon sashimi @ Ichiban Sushi! It's fresh and nice! =D

More sashimi! I ate this at some small Japanenes near Tanjong Pagar area.

Salmon sashimi don @ Benten. I just like sashimi!

Fried wanton with char siew noodle @ West Coast Hawker Centre. The fried wanton is really crispy. *crunch*

Mee Goreng @ Mr Teh Tarik. Just okay only. Probably wont go back there to eat again. It's also quite expensive.

Bubble tea & super yummy $1 potato wedges @ Nanyang Polytechnic - Engineering Canteen. I went with dear last week.

The super yummy $1 nuggets also @ anyang Polytechnic - Engineering Canteen.

Wild berries & lemon ice cream @ Häagen Dazs.

Alright, that's all for the day! =D

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My oh-so no drama mama life

So what has or going to happen in my oh-so-boring life? Well, nothing major but yet enjoyable. I don't know since when I don't even bother to blog my sadness or unhappiness down. 3 years ago or perhaps during my secondary school days, I tend to complaint alot and write every single detail about my angry or sad incident. I kinda miss how my my blog entry used to be lengthy in those days.

Right now, I don't like to vent my anger in my blog anymore. I will just write 1 line or maybe don't even mention it because I feel, those sadness or angers don't deserve a place in my blog. Also, I don't really have the enthusiasm to blog more detail about my daily life or experiences. Hmmm I wonder why. It must be "pictures" fault!! They totally overtake my words. They took my wordy brain away!

Hur! Now I'm writing to find my writing spirit! So here we go, here are some of my thoughts about my 21 years of life so far.

At 21, I really want to thank my parents for bringing me up to who i am today. Thanks for their care, concern & MONEY. Haha. Who say money is not important? Without them, I won't be able to complete my diploma =)

Years ago I completed PSLE with moderate grades,which I think is fantastic because my total scores is higher than my sister. I miss my primary school friends, those guys are the best group of little boys that I know! I didn't managed to contact them again because I once lost my phone but all thanks to facebook. I got them in my list but still didn't really chat with them. Haha.

I fought through my secondary school life failing my math all way. Erm, I think I managed to pass once in a very super blue moon. I always wonder how I managed to get to secondary 4.
Not forgetting to mentioned that I always got good grades for my Chinese. The most memorable ones should be the time I got top for my literature test when I'm in secondary 2. Top in the whole secondary 2 level leh! HAHAHA. I not only beat those smarties in my class but also those hao lian kids in class 2E4! Haha. Even my teacher, Mrs Sim was surprise about it but she was very happy that the top scorer comes from the average class student.

At school, I don't play alot (but I'm good in sports =O) and hardly go around mixing with different groups of people as I find socializing very tiring and fake. If I can get along with any particular person, I will be his or her friend naturally. Eg. Grace. I don't even have to put any effort to into her world. HAHA. It's just our mutual understanding. Or like Huiting, I get to know her because she is one of SPY's circle group of friends. Well, 2-3 good friends is better than 10 over rotten eggs. Everything happen for a reason. If we can get along, we will, I don't usually take the first step to get to know someone UNLESS it's a HE and HE IS SUPER YANDAO which is impossible as we don't have such man in Singapore. Haha.

Getting my O level result is 1 of my lowest point of my life because my result sucks and I EXPECTED it because I didn't even bother to put effort for my Math so I deserve it. I actually cried when I reached home because I know I have zero chance of entering poly. How ironic, I know I didn't put in that effort, cry for what. Idiot me. Lucky me, I know it's a waste of time to get into ITE so I decided to go the "private" way.

So I decided to pursue my childhood dream, which is to be a preschool educator as a private student. During the times in the school, I met new people but not friends because those I know really sucks. Those are really good and down to earth, I don't know them well.

I was lost when I'm graduate. My aunt told me holding just a cert for preschool teaching don't earn much penny and it's damn tedious. Money is important! Luckily, I know someone call, Pauline, she was my gamer friend. She told me to apply for a job as Customer Service representative for POSB bank and so I did. I went for the interview, everything went well and the interviewees were kinda impressed with the confident I have. BUT I totally ruined it by telling them I'm going to continue my studies and most likely won't work for long. Argh! Stupid me for being so honest. Well, that's my first ever interview anyway =)

After that I started working in Nu Skin Enterprises, a MLM company. I AM NOT A DISTRIBUTOR! I'm just a staff there =) The salary and benefits are good for a rookie like me. I have my fun and happy times over there. My first boss really appreciate my work and gave me tons of opportunities, much more than those old birds. Met alot of young and hyperactive staff there, Liting, Peiling, Jordan, JEAN, Eunice, Richard, Aaron and etc. I even introduced Zhi Gang to the job as a warehouse assistant. Till now, he is still working there.

Started my Diploma in Business administration while working here. Met new friends again. Once again, I don't get to meet much nice people. My group kinda sucks except for 1 guy call, Tony. He may not be very smart but at least he is helpful and willing to work. We still keep in contact. Nice chap.

Resigned my job in Nuskin Enterprises and joined CSC. Totally a sucka job but I still managed to meet nice people like, YF, Martin & Vincent. 1 of the company's boss praised me for being very pro-active, straight forward and fast learner. But he also mentioned that I am too easily angered and give up after that. Haha. He said about the same things as the boss in Nu Skin. I resigned 5 or 6 months later. I even paid a small amount of compensation fees to the agent as I leave before the actual date. Can you see how desperate I am to leave that place?

Joined UOB last year. Met my dear and a group of nice people. LK, Ben, Tim, XY, Alvin and etc. I caused alot of drama & hoo haa over there. HAHA. I moved to another department after a few months. Met couples of crazy people, Kai, JW, JW (same initial. lol), Nick, Liting and etc. Completed my diploma and passed all my driving theories while working there.

Well, now I'm going to continue my journey so let's see what will happen next. Till then, cya!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I won a Waraku voucher!

Weee! Thanks to Boon Ming for the $50 Waraku voucher! I really never thought of winning anything, I just want to congrats him for getting 5th for omy.sg’s Y Bloggist competition and ta daaa! I was chosen as 1 of the 3 lucky winners to win the voucher. Haha.

Suddenly I just come out with this 2 very important tips if you wanna make sure other bloggers will visit your site again & again...

1) When posting a comment on their entry, BE SINCERE. Try to read everything he or she wrote before you comment. Don't you think it suck that you just post your comment as, "nice post" and that's it?

2) Avoid advertising your website on other blogger's blog by writing cheapskate comment like, "Hi, dropping by". Well, with such comment the most I will click your bloglink once and never return again.

The fact is, the more sincere you are the more you are able to make friends with other fellow blogger, isn't it? =)

Anyway, on top of that, I got the $$$ from NTUC for the education & training fund after competing my diploma. Wahaha! It's a 4 digit amount and I can saved it for my driving lesson!

Anyway, I have chat with Grassy last night and she told me that the fruits that posted on my previous entry was call, Langsat. I'm really impress as my parent don't even know what is it but she know it! She is really smart. Haha.

Another funny incident yesterday morning, I sms something like this to my dear, "I love you because there's no one like you." Ain't it supposed to be sweet? Guess what? He thought I said, I love him because no one like him (没人喜欢). WTH!

Boohoo... Im sick today and didn't go to work. Taking a break from my colleague's nonsense. They keep disturbing me!! >_<

Can baby laugh when he is only 12 days old?

Im kind of like cant believe it myself when I heard my baby laughing. I just fed him and he fell asleep. Shortly, he smiled and “hahaha” sof...