Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 10 stuff about my childhood days...

I'm simply too bored in office... so I shall blog about my childhood stuff and etc.

1)I grew up watching Transformers, Chipmunks, Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Captain planet, Doraemon and Ninja turtles too.

2) My class would scared the shit out of them when someone with a mask covering their mouth came to the class and called out a name to go visit the school dentist.

3) SBS buses used to be non-air conditioned. Some of the bus seats were made of wood and the cushion was red. The big red bell gave a loud BEEEP when pressed. Bus tickets were issued when inserted the bus card into the machine.

4) Last time everyone's favorite actor is either Li Nanxing, Chew Chor meng, Zoe Tay and Fann Wong.

5)I read Young Generation magazine. I like Vinny the Little Vampire and Constable Acai always remind me of my father.

6) My favorite snacks were Ding Dang, that had a toy in it and it changes every week. RingPop and PushPop were heavily advertise on the TV.

7) I watched TV2 or TV1 only because it's showing Doraemon!!

8)My favourite fast food used to be A &W. I love the root beer float and the onion ring!

9) Gameboy was most in handheld gadget.

10) My friends will run to "chop" a spot to play hopscotch during recess time.

3 cheers for Thursday!

Today is a damn free day at work! I already feel like it's Friday! Hehe! Hip hip hurray for the free money too! =P Anyway, I have a dream last night, I dream that I found my IC! I am so happy! But well... it's just a dream. *sigh*

My first step into the office, I saw the emo LK. She's simply genius! How could 1 gets emo all the time. Hehe. I can't understand how one will bother about another one so much that makes themselves unhappy. That's totally not worth it. I'd rather listen to my mp3...P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face... I just feel that if you, yourself are unhappy or whatever, you don't have to show your temper to others. Although myself may not be handling my anger very well, at least I didn't emo the whole day or whatever. No matter how unhappy I am, I always will be against the ISSUE/PERSON and not against the whole world. Sometimes she really just reminds me of LH. Well, it's their problem, either they learn to handle it in life or they will just lose it. It's as simple as that.

My life or should I say, my blog entries may looks all happy and lovey dovey but there are alot nonsense behind the scenes which I doesn't like to disclosed. The reason is because... The more I blog about my anger, the more angry I am towards that person. Bahhhhh....I just hope he will reflect himself. I know this is random.

I can't wait to get out office and meet the stupid Da xiang....argh! I forgot to bring my house key. What a day... -_-

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Counting down to 3 more days

Dear's birthday is just 3 more days away. The present I got for him has arrive yesterday. I went to the MO starter's house to collect it. The present is really nice! I can't revealed it here, in case he is reading it. Haha. I hope he likes it when the day comes. Most important is I hope that day will goes on smoothly.

Anyway, it's has been a fun journey on my way to the person house to collect the present. Me and LK were like the 2 blur sotongs trying to find the location. Haha. We met 1 uncle who simply just anyhow point us the location lor!! #%$#%$#% Luckily, we are not so stupid. Hehe. Well, we have a good laugh despite of all the shitty stuff we get in the office. Although sometimes we have our little argument, good friends will never have overnite grudges =)

Hm... If I'm gonna leave my workplace before her, I hope she don't get bullied by the bastard. *sigh* If I can I will chop the bitch into pieces and feed the dog... but wait....! I think I will hire someone to do so so as not to dirty my hand. LOL. I began to hate working here man. Esp. the bitch and that bastard. They are really like jian fu yin fu. *pui* Haha. Well, I decided not to blog about them as they will dirty my entry.

Anyway, I have already submitted my resume to my aunt. I hope to hear some response soon. The working place is quite far from my house but I think I should just give it a shot. The job is basic + commission, so why not? Who knows I'm cut out to be a salesperson. Wahaha. Well, as long as I can get the hell out of here asap, I'm willing to take out new challenge and of cos *ahem* the salary is good enough for me to jump ship. Hehe.

That's all folks!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just another night out...

Nothing much as I'm too lazy to type. Haha. Just some random post.

Xing Wang Cafe. I'm their member now. All thanks to the waitress who keep pushing us to sign. Haha.

I absolutely love their curry!

My favouritre ^_^

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fish & Co @ West Coast Plaza

Soup of the day!

This is a new dish from fish & co and it's supposed to be for 3 person. LOL. I thought we can finish it all but at end we packet back for my parent to eat. HEHE.

The yummy crayfish! I LOVE CRAYFISH!

Eee I looks so tired with those panda eyes.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fruity conversation

Apparently this colleague of mine is either boring or bo liao.. I gave him the UAT online username to login to do his testing and here goes our conversation via email.

Username: MANGO990
PW: 12345678

Ryan: Thank you… Username: Mango??? Got papaya and durian also is it???

Me: Hahaha.. If you want, I also can create apple, pear and orange also.

Ryan: Haha… no lar.. mango is ok. But dunno why cannot login. Need minimum XP is it?

Me: Bo bian durian and all fruits are not working at the moment.

Ur login failed at the first page?

Currently we have problem login in to the PIB with new / used ID also. For the time being you try use this first:
Username: ZZA123512
PW: 12345678

Ryan: Its ok lar, weather too hot so the harvest not too good… If got any other spare fruits then forward to me. Meanwhile, its tea break time…

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New layout!

Weee! New layout! Does it look neater now? Hmm...

Anyway, I finally got a break on Sunday! Woohoo!

Currently I'm brain dead... Blog more other day

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