Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A much better day...

I was supposed to wake up at 4am to practice my math but when the alarm rang, I decided to went back to sleep and wake up at 5am. When the alarm rang at 5am, I decided to wake up at 6am. Lol! Ain't I funny? Haha! When the alarm rang at 6am, I told myself, "Oh! My! Math test today. Maybe I shouldn't go to school!" Hehe! But I still manage to wake myself up. Hehe!

After flag rising, I found out that Minyi didn't come to school! I thought she's late but she wasn't! Well, she choose to be absent on Wednesday, just like me last week, I absent myself from school last Wednesday. Haha! I guess she needs a break too. When everything seem like going wrong for you, it's good to take a break. Well, at least for some people, it does help. Minyi seem like to be blame for many things, maybe she's too dumb, that's why. I don't exactly why. It's hard to understand others' problems so don't try to.

Luckily, I came to school, or else Ling Hui will be bored to hell. Hehe! Hm... I don't absent myself unnecessarily. During Geo, Jasper, Jiesi, Val & Shir was eating?! Yes! They're eating bread with tuna! What a joke right? It's not the first time anyway. I think Mr Taib caught Jasper eating... Not sure why, after that Jasper was like very furious. He blasted at Shir for not telling him that Mr Taib was looking at him or whatever. I don't dare to anyhow write here because I'm not sure myself. Maybe my ears was playing tricks with me but I'm sure that he make Shir cried and he also quarreled with Val.

If it's so, I think Jasper is really... Petty? Maybe. He's always so hot temper. Or all Chuas are like that? Haha! Jiesi who is also Chua, he's also someone who can be really fierce and scary. The same goes for me. I'm Chua too! Not much logic here. Haha!

I was practicing my math during POA lesson. One thing to note, Minyi, I don't miss you at all! However, I still pity you a lot. That is also why I never really blasted at her or really criticize right in her face. I think others' have criticize and scold her enough. Even though she's a bit sarcastic to me sometime I still don't care much because I know I'm much better off than her.

During LV lesson, Mr Fuad was talking about what's the latest trends among the teenagers. Beth raised up the wearing of hipster. Although it's quite interesting to listen, still nothing much to comment. I don't wear that. Even if the person is daring enough to wear but she doesn't has the figure, I will beg her, PLEASE don't wear it! Esp, if you're fat! That's worse!

There's weekly Social Studies test today. No sweat. Just a simple question. There's also Math test today as I have already mentioned. I think I'm gonna failed again! No hope. The paper is tough. I can manage both Vectors & Probability but it doesn't guarantee that I can get it right. :( It's a doom for Transformation! I suck at this man! So sad! I can't pass again...

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