Monday, August 2, 2004

Classroom aroma

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I have a headache when I was in the classroom. Victoria's perfume is making me giddy. The smell is simple too strong!! I wonder did she buy those cheapskate perfume. Lol!

1 more month to go. Prelim is coming!! I'm quite scared! I'm not really prepared, esp, for subjects like Maths and Science. Others is still alright. *sigh* Also, 13th Aug is not only my sis birthday, it's also the released of Chinese O level result!!

It's mean, that day is not just a Friday the thirteen, it's also my doom day! *finger crossed* I really really hope I can get the grade that I wanted because I doesn't want to study Chinese anymore! I have already dumped all those 'Chinese stuffs' behind!! I don't want to go back and study everything. Chinese is my best subject but it doesn't means I like this subject! It's sickening!

Anyway, I really want to tell LH that I'm so touched by her action. Hehe! I was just kidding that I said I wanted to go ITE and she was like hitting my head and said I wont go to ITE. Hehe! Thanks! I hope all of us get to the Poly that we wanted to. I hope she get to the right place for herself. Be it to JC or Poly. Even if your parent want you to go JC, so what?! You know yourself more than your parent. You'll know what's best for yourself. Don't be too pressurized by your parents ok? :)

Actually, I think our friendship really build up a lot during the June holidays. Sometimes, it's pushed down a little because of some problems. I think that's perfectly alright, that's just part and parcel of our life. Sometimes, I'm wondering, SPY, HT & LH, who's better. Haha! One day, I'll come to a conclusion. Sound a little pathetic that seem like I only have 3 friends? Lol! Nah! They're just the 3 exclusive ones. Although I never seem to find someone who share the same interest as me but having these 3 is already enough. For now I can only say that my sis is still the best!

Good guys are always not availiable! :(

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