Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's all about TASTE @ Ibis Hotel

Yesterday, I went out with my sis and co. and her hubby recommend this place to us as this place was recommended by the makan guru, KF Seetoh.

Order 3 different dishes for $15
Order 4 different dishes for $18
Order 5 different dishes for $22

They have a total of 20 different food to choose from and they are either from the Chinese, Malay or Indian Cuisine.

I didn't bring my camera out yesterday, so hopefully my photos still turn out good. Lol!

The roasted duck is really delicious. I love to eat the skin =p

Char Kway Tiao taste nice too but it's abit oily.

Fried Hokkien mee is just so so as the taste of the noodle is quite strong.

Stingray is good and the chili is not very spicy.

Roti Prata with fish head curry. The prata is really very crispy! You can hardly find or perhaps you can't even find this type of prata selling in any parts of Singapore!

Dip the crispy prata in this fish head curry is simply heaven.

The popiah is okay.

Mee Siam is marvelous! I think we drank the whole bowl of soup. Lol!

Nasi lemak is just slightly above average as the nasi (rich)'s fragrance is not enough and probably insufficient use of the coconut.

Next time if you are looking for some affordable and delicious food, try out this place. It might be 10/10 but at least it is not very expensive even though it's located inside a hotel. =)

Le Bar @ Ibis Hotel
170 Bencoolen Street
6339 3584

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Make an scrambled eggs with cheese in just 5mins!

Make your own scrambled eggs without the use of frying pan or whatever! You just need a bowl, microwave oven and of cos the necessary ingredients will do =D Plus, you can eat it in just 5minutes or less! Wee!

1) Prepare your ingredients!
Milk (milk helps keep the eggs light and fluffy), eggs (for my case, I put 2 eggs), cheese (you can opt out the cheese if you don't like it) and a bowl of cos.

2) Crack the eggs into the bowl and pour a splash of milk in it.
Whisk the eggs and the milk until it is blended.

3) Shred the cheese and put them inside the bowl.

4) Put the bowl inside the microwave oven.Put there for 2mins. The heat should be 'very high' (depend on your microwave oven =P )

5) Tadaa! After 2mins!
I know it looks like 1 big lump of yellow substance but its nice to eat ok! Haha!

6) Just use a spoon to smash it and here you go!
Scrambled eggs with cheese in just 5mins!

FYI, this is what I eat for my lunch (+ milo). Lol

Friday, October 15, 2010

Overdose of myself

I realized I have been taking pictures of food, friends and anything, everything except myself. So I decided to delicate this post to my self! Haha! I'm not a cam-whore and I don't really like to take pictures of myself so my skills is not very good. It's not easy to find pictures of myself in my PC. Nonetheless I decided to dig up some pictures that I have taken over the years ~ =)


Wahaha! This was my shortest hair ever during my teen. I tink I look so cool but not so cool with the bear beside me. Lol! That bear is my sis's favourite soft toy!

This was when my hair grow slightly longer. If you notice, I was wearing my Man Utd jersey. Lol! FYI, this was taken using some lousy webcam that I used to have.


This is me trying to act cool and funky. Look at what I'm wearing and the necklace~ I'm trying to go for those 'ang moh' rocker look. Lol! I think my hair look so cool.

This was taken in 2005 with my sister. She was sooooo much slimmer back then. LOL!


This was taken during my tiring day. This was also the year that I started working. Boo hoo!

Me and my sister again!


Taken during Chinese New year.

Taken with some colleagues from in first workplace.


I try to test out my newly bought camera - Sony Cybershot! Trying to act as a sadist.

I love this the most! When I'm still young I still can be cute if not when I hit above 25 years old I wont be able to do it anymore. Probably more feminine when I grow older. Hahaha! Anyway the year taken for this picture may be wrong.

My hp camera was lousy back then. This was taken on my Sis's ROM day! I like this dress =D


A failed self taken pic. Haha!

These 2 pictures don't look like me!! Haha! Btw, ut's a non degree specs. I have perfect eyesight. =D

Taken with 3rd workplace's colleagues. The guy behind me look abit odd so I decided to crop him out. Lol!

Another tiring day at work.


This was taken during my Genting trip. As you can see, I already got a new camera! - lx3!!!!

This is the current me!


I know I didn't change alot over the time but my mentality definitely change alot. When I'm young I don't have to worry about working hard to earn money to pay for my school fees. I can just do whatever I want. In the past, I choose to be more boyish because of several reasons but main reason why I want to appear tough is because I don't like people to see the weaker side of me. Emotionally , I am weak no matter how tough I appear to be. Perhaps I just want people to forever remember me as the cheerful girl.. A friend used to tell me that people always thought that happy people got not problems but in fact, its just that we didn't voice it out. Everyone got their own problems, it just how you face them and solve it.

Over the years, I have been doing things to please others and make them happy, because if they are happy, I will be happy. I have not idea why but maybe because I was born because my parent want my sister to has a companion. So I was brought to this earth to bring her joy and laughter. This has grow inside my characteristic and I somewhat believe that I want to bring happiness to the ones I love - Family, friends, bf... Whoever I care.

However, as I grow older I know things ain't that simple. Sadly, alot of times people just don't understand what I'm doing. They don't see my effort and keep expecting from me. I am really just a simple person if I can't hit your requirement that I am sorry, I have done my best. Just don't take me for granted. In my mind now, I keep thinking of this example as I type all these. Someone once want me to be more streetsmart, less clumsy etc etc. Whenever I did something wrong, I will get scolded and that someone will be pissed at me. Blah blah blah... I feel like a trained solider at that time but Im still willingly listen to whatever the person said. I am that silly ~ Hur hur!

I'm so willingly to give in and change for the better but please give me time!
(Haha... Self praise myself for a moment.)

Well, I am still growing and Time will tell, what kind of person who I really am. =)

You know I really like write stuff like that so that I can laugh at myself when I read back all these few years later. haha

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Curtain call for my working life

Last Thursday was my last day of work! I have been working there for 4 months (under contract) and now I'm going back to study for my 2nd year. Initially, I feel like staying there but there are some of the things that I don't really like and I don't wish to mention it here. Haha! Therefore, I believe leaving there for my studies and not extending my contract is the wisest choice =D

My desk! Initially I was doing some new imports registration and bill/loans payment but after that I got downgrade to just doing scanning. Although scanning sounds really like a shitty job, at least I got plenty of time wandering around and chit chatting with my colleagues. Haha!

This is Weiqi! I always caught her smsing during work =p

Jeremy, suffering from depressing. Most probably due to heavy workload on Monday and Friday. Haha!

That day lunch time we went to Vivo City's Pasta Mania to eat! We were suppose to meet up with Ken & Andre but end up Ken was late. =/

Lyanna and Nurul. Nurul is really one of a kind! She is always very hyper, happy and always go gaga over good looking guys!!!

My seafood tom yam pasta. It taste quite nice.

Jeremy and Weiqi.

Me and the new guy, Keng Guan.

Nurul and her new favourite guy! Haha!

Group photo!

1 more photo of it when Andre open his eyes. Lol!

Keng Guan looked kinda uncomfortable with Nurul. Haha! I still remember very clearly that that day Nurul was super excited when she got the chance to take picture with him. Lol!

Andre and his mentor, Candice.

Keng Guan, Ken and Andre. The people in the background looks as if they are so sad and crying. Haha! Actually, that lady over there was having flu.

I love this part whereby they ask Keng Guan to carry Nurul's PINK bag (which was given by the perm staff)! He looks so gay with it. Lol

3 of us with the Customer Service board. We attempted to help out and think of ideas for this board =)

Team 1-3 group photos =) Apparently most of the staff doing imports (which is from my team) are not in the picture. Lol! I guess they can't be bother about it. =p

Ken and Aidah. Aidah is one of the sweetest colleagues there.

Me and Nurul. I will miss teasing her during work.

Ken and Jeremy AKA Jiao Lang and Jiao Wei... Look they are so SWEET! Lol!

Haha! Look they are so happy!

Sheryl, Ken and Andre. I told Ken that he was taking advantage of Sheryl after taking this photos. Lol!

I have tons of fun, joy and laughter with them.Even though the jobscope may sucks, I'm glad I met this group of contract staff. I have make many friends there and hope we all will keep in contact because some of them are really awesome people!

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