Saturday, July 17, 2004

Outing with SPY & Xiao Gang

[EDIT] Pei Yun said Xiao Gang cute because he used the phone when the train was in underground. That's the time the reception in the lowest. Hehe! How stupid is he?! Lol! [/EDIT]

I went out with Pei Yun and Xiao Gang today! Get to know and see lots of things. I thought it'll be quite boring and I'll be the brightest light bulb there but things don't seem to be in that way. Haha! As usual, Pei Yun will always be late. We actually meet at 2pm but in the end we meet at 3pm. Haha! Lucky I was smart to go out late. I already know her too well. Haha! We went to Tiong Bahru to eat KFC. Pei Yun said that she had not been eating KFC for a very long time so she 'die die' also want to go. Hmm... Xiao Gang knew about this but I don't know!! Haha! Pei Yun insisted that she told me before. Well, I don't think so. Hehe!

At the MRT train, I think I talked a lot of crappy things again. I can't remember what I said. I only remembered that I told Xiao Gang that Pei Yun said him CUTE! Haha! Actually she said it because of something. I can't remember. Lol! Hmmm... Trying to refresh my memory. Er... Xiao Gang said he wanted to copy and paste my blog to his blog!! So it's like I have to think for him what's happening. He's so cheapskate! Haha!

At KFC... Pei Yun treat him. Whatever Pei Yun wanted to eat he wanted the same too. Hehe! Also, I took his photo! Ha! Can send to Pei Yun handphone on Monday. Hehe! Blah... Xiao Gang went to gents and when he's back he suddenly touch Pei Yun's hand. I was...DUH! Hehe! Then Pei Yun said Xiao Gang only wanted to let her know that his cold was cold. Well, I don't think that way. Hehe!

We went to Great World after that. Hm... I have free dinner there! Haha! I saved my money! Hehe! Hm...After that I got hold of Pei Yun's handphone because Leng Keong called her and she's too busy to listen so she handed her phone to me. Hehe! I found out that she has a special folder in her inbox! That folder is specially for all Xiao Gang's messages! Hehe! She still said that she don't like him or whatever so. She's a bad liar! Haha!

At about 7 plus I went home with Xiao Gang. We have a long conversation. Hehe! Get to know about so many things!! Hm... His longest girlfriend only lasted for 2 months. Duh! So poor thing! But I can assure him, if he can get Pei Yun, they can last even longer than that. Who knows, maybe forever. Hehe! Also, because of him I go home late!! Argh! He purposely missed 2 buses and lend me his EZ-link when the EZ-link don't even have any value anymore! Argh! Haha! But I think it's ok because I have a longer chat section with him. That's why I can know so much! Wee! I'm not to last to know anymore!

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