Sunday, March 30, 2008

Finding fun @ work

I really hate that my company always like to give last minute instructions or perhaps marjority of the company practice the same culture. Wait to rush and rush to wait. =/

On Thursday, I was made to rush like mad for the printing of the sign off letter. I felt like I'm working in a factory. I was rather fed up with Mo boss, when he said something, inside I was really thinking... "DAMN YOU & SHUT UP" He was saying redundant things. C'mon man, what was done was done. So what for talking so much of "we should have......... in the first place" I rather these people just shut up when things happen and think before they ask us to do things.

Then on Friday, Martini & a new guy, Albert came from SGH to help. I was so happy actually because that was the fun part. Haha. Although we were busy doing the thing, we kept craping around. This was so much better than when they weren't around. You know I just can't crap with those older staff there. When there is no fun at work, things will be dull and then... I will just fall asleep. Sadly, we couldn't complete everything by Friday so we decided to come on Saturday.

This time we got Vinny along to suffer with us! Then we targeted to finish it before 1pm but we ended up finishing at 4pm and all the counting stuff, we finally ended our work at 6pm. I wonder if it was because we talked too much. Haha. Nonetheless, I have not much to complaint about. I guess all the fun has already overtake the stupid things that we have to do. I wanted to thanks Vinny for coming but later he complaint so much about having to go back late! #$%#$ I shall not thanks him =P

Well, due to these 2 days, I got 1 more younger brother and sister. I'm the Da Ge, Martini is the Er Ge and Vinny is the San Mei. HAHAHA. All thanks to the stupid idea from Martini for us to be "Jie Pai Siong Di". So Er Ge sugguest that we should prepared all the roast duck and chicken for the offerings but I said that was the older times ways of doing then he added that modern days was to offer the God with KFC. Lol. We ended up at Pizza hut anyway.

Pepsi was our offering instead. HAHA. Perhaps I should be a guy o_O!!

We reached the pizza hut @ around 6:45pm, I guess. Then we leave at like 8:30pm!!! Time fly even faster when we were talking and eating. Have a great day and of cos credits to myself and the guys. Haha =)

Days like these are hard to come eh. I guess no more fun on Wednesday onwards. Boo hoo! Time to study for my Econs >.<~

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monsters' meal @ Xian De Lai

Creative name isn't it?

Time for steamboat.

That's real life when people have to compete each other... for FOOD! Haha.

The siao char bo who drank 2 can of coke and said it's not the coke that made her full.

As usual trying to act like she didn't like to be in the photo when she likes!

The hungry SPY who ate all these! We didn't even help her to eat any bits of it.

It's really a fun evening dinning together with them. Time really fly passed so fast. SPY & HT, 1 already started working another is waiting for her work to start. I do hope we still meet up often for dinner!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Words of wisdom

Seeing the shattered self-confidence of depressed people, many new-age creeds attempt to cure the problem with the philosophy of “love yourself first.” But this is the cause, not the cure. “If you want to be happy, you should never seek to please yourself.” Instead, we should seek to please others.If we ask, "But, don’t I have to protect myself from suffering?” “If you wish to be protected, you should constantly protect all others.” The prescription for happiness is to forget yourself and love others. The more we look after our family and friends, the more they will care for us. It is so simple, so obvious, but we have to do it. Not just our family and friends; our purpose in life should be to protect every living being from suffering. When this attitude is supported by wisdom, we will never know unhappiness.

I actually got this from HWZ - EDMW. Lol. Well, I just find it kinda meaningful

Oh gosh. Im rotting bit by bit every little single sec that I'm sitting here. Why there isn't any task given to me yet! I'm really going to bored to death!

This morning, I found a French toast at my dinning table! Too bad, the french toast wasn't for me. I almost wanted to steal it and hide it inside my bedroom so that the owner can't find it. Wahaha. Talking about food reminds me of last night. My heartless sis didn't want to cook for me when I called her up and I told her that I am not feeling well, perhaps due to my gastric again. Instead of telling me yes or no, if she will be cooking for me, she was asking why I didn't ta bao back etc. -_-"' When I reached home, she was actually relaxing and watching TV. I even more
-_-''''''''' Well, luckily I'm not on the verge of dying. Lol. So I will just forgive and forget.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Am I the reason?

How amazing! The new satff left in less than a week! Lol. Apparently, my boss told me that she asid that the job is not siutable for her. I thought she is ok and willing to learn even though she is a computer nuts. Lol. Perhaps, it's because I'm not leaving anymore so they have to send her away? Oh no! I might be the one who cause her to lose her job!

My boss decision or her decision to leave shattered my and the others' dreams!!! For them, they thought I will have 1 person to cover my job when I'm on leave, for Saturday and etc. For me, I thought.... dammit! Lol. Alright, I guess there must be a way. I shall complaint if there is too much calls coming in. Lol. Complaints FTW!!

Actually, it's kinda sad for me not just because that I lose my "future hand" but also a chat buddy. Hehe. Well, I have to depend on my MSN again.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I changed my mind!

I have changed my mind and decided to stay! Hehe. After all I think I still wants the extra money to get my "wants". Lol. I guess this way is better than depending on someone ya? At least, I won't be a extra burden plus I can save more for the future! I hope I do still get a place there. Lol. Bosses are keeping me, I should give them some face right. *ahem*

Anyway, I heard from my ex-colleagues that my ex-company is having a incentive trip to Hong Kong. =/ I kinda envy them but at the same time, I DON'T. Haha.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Im back to hell!

Oh gosh! Someone read my blog! I don't know how he managed to but he just did. I just wanna say, HEY YOU BUSYBODY! Lol. I hope you don't get offended in 1 way or another. We all are good brothers right? Well, I'm not good at explaining. I just hope you understand and don't get the negative ideas. Anything just find me to talk ok? =D

Anyway, I'm back to Henderson for no good reason! WTH man, my boss send me back to Henderson to dur more net? I rather stay in SGH to surf net and talk cok with those guys there. Boo hoo hoo. Martin asked me if I will go back to join them for lunch. I was like "duh! How can that be." Then TH added that Martin should drive his bike to Henderson and drive me back to SGH. Wahaha. That will be fun but it's impossible! Well, I think I have to find my "long lost brother" to eat everyday again. *sigh* I just realized I got more and more "brothers". lol. Mama! Why am I born as a girl!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My days are numbered...

18 more days to Economics Exam
31 more days to Accounts Exam
32 more days to last day @ SGH

Times flew as fast as I could catch up with them again. Sigh. How I wish I could run ahead of time. Looking at the calendar, my working days are really numbered. I'm kinda happy and sad thou. Sometimes I felt I should stay but the thought of heading back to Henderson makes me feel sick. -_-

BTW, my previous image of my model, I label the model wrongly. It supposed to be W910i. Lol. Thanks to the busybody who spotted it. =p

I have been sick for days. I blame the weather this time. I have been taking NPL. Boohoohoo. This means I will be bring home less money for the month or March. I guess I will be earning $0 from mid March all the to around May or June. Maybe I will look for some temp. job. Well at least this way I will then have more time to study. After I left my job on 15th April, I will be a full time gamer. Wahahhaa. Back to the younger days... How I idle my time away... Nah. I guess I will study harder. IT'S NOT EASY TO WORK AND STUDY! So I hope HT don't follow my footsteps! *ahem* Words of wisdom from a wise girl. =x

Tomorrow is SPY's birthday! I already got her a present but I guess I will still go browse at other items since I won't be seeing her till 25th. Hopefully, it's 25th...because no one has reply me after I sent out my sms >.<

I shall blog till here and time to change the blog layout for Monz's blog!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


I'm sick! I'm down with fever and sore throat. Boo hoo hoo. I wonder if it's someone who pass the virus to me. I'm having this sickness since Friday. Hmm... I wonder if I'm really sick because I still went out on Sat and play WoW till 2am. Haha.

I thought I can sleep longer but this morning my botak boss called me but I didn't pick up the phone because I know why he called. Lol. I quickly get up did what he wanted and sent him. I pretended that I have already send on Sat and so I blame the lotus notes for being lousy. Lol.

Anyway, I went to watch 10,000BC yesterday. It is really a nice movie. Ya know I'm bad at reviewing a movie these days. Lol. So no spoiler but you should watch it!!

Then we went to 'Bi Fong Ta
The menu...
The duck noodle was really yummy. The duck meat was very tender and easy to chew!

Talking about good food... I shall say something about PastaMania. I went to the outlet at PS with my colleagues last Friday and found out that they got a new menu. So wow, I decided to try the Unagi Pasta or something like that. IT IS REALLY AWFUL with not much of a tast. Yucks. I stil prefer my baked rice.

Anyway, I got a new Sony Ericsson phone last Sunday! It's really damn chio

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What is fate?

Fate: something that unavoidably befalls a person; fortune; lot: It is always his fate to be left behind.

I told CH that fate is by chance. If 2 human meet each other along the way without telling each other where they are, it's fate. Even if the person did tell where he/she is at but sometimes, if there is no fate, they might not meet.

However, he argued that fate is created by human. If 2 human meet each other along way, it's because either 1 has make the effort to do something to make it happen.

In conclusion, I came up with this, "50% of our fate is decide by the God, another 50% is for us to make it happen".

Then my cousin came and talk to me and asked me, "so how many percent for luck?" I told him, God = fate = luck. Lol.

Words of wisdom from big head's big fat logic

ΘЖ Ġrassy ЖΘ says:
when u r at island A and wana go B.. human nature is to take e shortest route... n it so happens to be against the waves... n u get angry.... but if u relax and look at the waves move... u realise hw it works.. n then u follow e waves in such a way it helps to bring u to island B
ΘЖ Ġrassy ЖΘ says:
takes abit more time.. but gets u wat u wan

ΘЖ Ġrassy ЖΘ says:
then e anger one is..

ΘЖ Ġrassy ЖΘ says:
when u wan things to be done in a certain way.. u set ur guidelines n all... u know it wld work... but the other fella just dont agree.. then u need to take a bigger view.. (step back n look) to realise the fella's way of working.. then work along it to direct them to what u wan..

ΘЖ Ġrassy ЖΘ says:
example.. u noe e client likes blue alot... but u like green n hate blue.. so u die die stick with green.. n e client n u cannt agree to wateva terms it is.. then u needa take a step back to see tat e fella is a blue freak.. so u change.. n work with blue.. so that e fella understands... then when u can get along with e fella... then u slowly change to green


Thanks to Grass the wise for the lesson. I find these quite meaningful. However, I think I need to think about how to apply them in my situation. Words are easy but real action is so much hard. Perhaps I just need to install my brain with better software so I can think better and wiser like Grassy?

Sqeezing our way @ level 8

Here are some of the photos taken by me secretly. Haha. Although the office at 8th floor is so damn small, at least it is still better than sharing the place with people from IBM at 2nd floor. Actually, I so love the people there. They are way too fun until I feel like I'm not working.

The photo caption tells it all! Lol. #$%#$ The fat one is sitting on my chair!

I was like throwing my things everywhere but at least I know what I'm doing.

Vin & Martin trying to act busy... I know they are not!! (obviously)

How can he be sleeping during working hours!!

All the PCs for deployment.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

CNY 08 & my 20th birthday!

I guess many things just happen too soon. In fact, everything just went passed me way before I could even get hold of it. Well, I should start my picture posting even I start rambling about anything else. Sometimes I wonder, why isn't my face in any of the photos? It's always like... food and more food photos. Lol.

7th Feb

Let's welcome the year of Rat!

Haha. Looks rather "orbit".

CNY goodies!! Whose hand is this!!

Just wanna post this. I'm too proud of my bed. Lol.

Chief of day!

Foods for steamboat!

Reunion dinner (with some food item missing)

Some catching with their brotherhood.

Reunion dinner (with some food item missing)

Overview ~

My sis and her soon to be hubby. Haha.

10th Feb

My 20th birthday...

Lunch @ Swensen

Later dinner at Tiong Bahru...

Huat ar!!!!

Some chats after the 'Lou Hei'.

My 2 cousins. They are like "Shi Nian Ru Yi Ri" . Haha

Waiting till down... Then the food was served -_-

Dish after dish...

Looks like we were like just eating meat and more meat. Haha.

Sis not satisfied with the food?

Looks nice eh? Too bad but I don't eat yam!

Couple look? I kinda agree.

Can baby laugh when he is only 12 days old?

Im kind of like cant believe it myself when I heard my baby laughing. I just fed him and he fell asleep. Shortly, he smiled and “hahaha” sof...