Sunday, May 10, 2015

Day 9: My first trip to Philippines - Bohol

Day 9 - Bohol Adventure!

Time to head off to Bohol!! Bohol is a province of Philippines!

I keep on hearing baby talked about the famous Chocolate Hills so now its time to head over there!

Waiting for a tour cab. 

We went to all of the above. 
At Sagbayan Peak / Chocolate Hills

Hey Mr Carrot! 

Behind us are the Chocolate Hills but currently they are not too 'Chocolatey' as its not the 'season' yet. 

Some of the things are destroyed due to the 7.1 earthquake that happen in 2013. 

The ruins. You can google for some before and after images 

Dinner time @ Loboc Floating Restaurant 

Loboc Eco-Tourism Adventure Park

The Zipline is really super duper cool! 

At Bohol Python

At Blood Compact

Finally, we have reach our resort - Dumaluan Beach Resort! 

Love the scenery but Im not really a beach person. Haha! 

Crystal clear water! 

Its just you and me... =) 

Baby's Dad playing piano. 

My first time playing with star fish. Hehe!
Etc etc... Playing & fooling around along the beach.

A good Red Horse Beer

If your keen in going there, do look for this driver - Boyet his hp no. # 09177014071

Day 10 - TBC! 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day 5 - 8: My first trip to Philippines - Cebu

Day 5 - Visit to Papa Kits! 

At first I  thought it's "PAPA'S KIDS". Its later then I realise its Papa Kits and its just the name of the owner =P If you fancy some horse ridding, zipline, jungle activities, ATV, wall climbing... Here will be a nice place for you to spend your day here.

Papa Kit's Marina & Fishing Lagoon
Liloan, Cebu, Philippines

Day 6 - Whale Shark Watching and Aguinid falls

I have the best day of my life on day 6! I am not really an super adventurous person nor I am a very sporty person.  Im always somewhat in between the line.

So its definitely a BIG challenge for me to go for the Whale Shark Watching at Oslob! Firstly, I CAN'T SWIM! Secondly, I don't even know how to use a snorkel properly... so don't even talk about snorkelling. Thirdly, I'm pretty scared of going into water. Lastly, it's a BIG sea that I am talking about (its not in a swimming pool. Lol!). Nonetheless, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to get close to the whale. Its a once in a lifetime experience!

The BIG WHALE! Its a pity that I didn't buy a GoPro to film it down!

I struggled like hell when I get into the water. Whenever I think back I really want to LOL at myself. I am too nervous that I can't even FLOAT properly in the water! I struggled to float and I can only stuck in the small corner to view the whale shark. There's one time the expert there was talking in tagalog and pulled me closer to the whale... I panicked and told who is pulling me because I don't even know he was talking to me. Hahaha! Thankfully, my dependable bf was there with me all the time to help me to calm down and guide me on how to not died in the sea. Lol!

Next stop... Aguinid falls! It was a big surprise for me again! I thought Im in for some nice scenary view but in the end... I will need to climb the waterfall!!! OMG! Im such a "mountain tortoise" (not well informed). No one tell me about this... and I definitely don't get this in Singapore.

Me... Still thinking that we are going to take nice pictures with the waterfall.

The climbing process was really a tough task for me T_T It looks so easy to everyone except me. I really felt like the most needy as girl as compare to the rest. Luckily, the guys (those who work there to guide us up to the top level) there were really nice and helpful. They even help us to take photos along the way.

I really can't believe Im doing this waterfall climbing. Haha! 

This is not the top level yet... When I looked back, I wonder how I climb up here. 

Go Kristin go! 


YES! Totally no regret at all! 
On the way up was already a headache for me... Now WE NEED TO GO DOWN! It was really a frightening experience for me as there was 1 part that when we were going down, that area was very high and steep. I slipped and fell to the bottom straight from the top!!! =O Thankfully, my angel, my bf caught me from the bottom... If not I think I may suffer from a broken leg, feet or whatever. Thank God that he was there, ready to catch me when I fall T_T 

Hehe! Only me who need so many help from the guys. =X 

Back to civilisation... Hahaha! After the 2 tough challenge of the day, its time to relax and take some photos.

Day 7 - Kawasan falls! 

Another falls! But this time Im not going to climb but just pure viewing pleasure =) 

Good morning peeps! 

Ready to go! 

Hehe! The lead actress was the naked lady behind me =P

Taking this raft to go through the waterfall was soooo fun!!! It's like doing a body massage. Haha! 

Alright... time for some pre-nup picture taking again. Hahaahahah JOKE! 

Day 8 - A new fun experience in Cebu zoo! 

The zoo definitely don't look very "appealing" on the outside and as compare to Singapore Zoo... Its too far behind BUT! The experience there was really fun... Here's why...

You can go up close to the snake...eagles and even the CROCODILE! =O