Monday, July 19, 2004

Ran out of petrol...

I'm so tired! I'm suppose to wake up at 3:30am to watch Uruguay V Paraguay and also to complete my homework. Hehe! In the end, my alarm clock didn't ring and I woke up at 6:25am!! That's the time I should be going out of the house but I'm still at home! Looking at the time I decided to go out at 6:50am. Hehe! I took a taxis to school. That's faster and I won't be late for school. Hehe! MRT and bus are too slow. Hehe!

When I was at the school gallery, I saw many of my classmates was reading their social studies textbook. I was there wondering why. After that, I then realized that there's a Social Studies test today!! Also, I realized that I didn't bring my Social Studies textbook to school so I have to borrow it from Qian Ru. Argh! Anyway, this MYE, I study Social Studies like hell so I manage to remember most of the important points. Just have to wait for the result now.

I wanted to go and sleep the moment I reached home but I wanted to watch the encore of today's match. Hehe! In the end I only watched half of it because I was stuck to the monitor screen. Hehe! Nah! I was actually looking at lots and lots of Roma's photos at the forum. They're so awesome!

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