Monday, April 9, 2007

The good old days

I was back to playing A3 but it's a private server. I'm longer using my fat warrior, I'm using a sexy mage. Haha. This private server is so 'kelong' but it does bring back alot of past good memories. If the server never shut down, I will probably not working right now. Haha.

Anyway, this morning when I was waiting for the train, I saw a big size guy wearing a army uniform, it's someone that a human can't miss because he is BIG. Haha. So I went over and take a look, afraid that I might call the wrong person.

I was right! It's the gay, Durbaq ~ ! Somewhat coincidence as you see, I have restarted the mood of playing A3 and I saw this old 'shifu' of mine. Haha. Seeing him like seeing a super old friend of mine.

We talked throughout my journey to work. He mentioned that Lostgal will be leaving her to Australia for studies and it's 6 years long! If I'm him, I will have the fear of losing her. Haha. From the look from his eyes, I know he is very sad la. He is unlike Noon. Haha. Unless I'm, wrong. I also 'physco' him to play Googledee's server. Haha. Who don't miss their old character?

*yawn* My job scope now is like a free lancer. So boring.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Roma! Roma! Roma!

That night, i woke up in the middle of the night to watch. Everything was so worth it because they won. It's been so long that I have not watch a single football match. *boo hoo hoo* It's great to see Totti & gang play.

Anyway, about the match... Man U was really not up to standard as compare to Roma. Roma were rampaging, and relentless in the pursuit of goals, which they admirably continued to do even after scoring their second. United clearly missed their star defender which I have forgetten his name. Hohoho...

Losing Scholes so early also hurt them real bad but well, it's stupid of him to do the tackles unnecessary. Overall, Roma played very well and Man U wont stand a chance if Roma continue to play like this at Old Trafford!


Spalleti respect Fergie alot.

Lastly, I will get a new layout by Sunday!!! These days I just can't do my own layout!!! Reasons are...

1) No ideas and inspiration
2) No yandao guys pictures. haha
3) Nothing interesting like WC or Euro cup.. Unless Roma win CL.
4) Tired, tired and more tired...

Argh! I will just get a premade layout this Sun. Haha. Maybe if Roma or Milan really win the CL, I will do one myself. Haha. I don't have new inspirations!!! Where has my brain gone!!


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