Thursday, July 22, 2004

I am late... for a good reason

Nothing much for school. I purposely late for school today. Just wanna try new things. I reached school at 8am! It's great to be late! Haha! There's no one try to push you around in the bus and I don't have to go for flag rising. Frankly, flag rising suck! Opps! Minyi and co. asked me why am I late.. So i'm being lame again, saying that Totti wanted me to stay with him for a little while more. Haha! This morning just doesn't want to tell them the truth because the actual answer is lame too. Sometimes, things just need to change. I guess everything is soooo much better today. Suddenly think of this song...God put a smile on my face...Hehe I feel that now ;)

Able to talk is a fortunate thing, so please talk more!

Time to get back to normal. Old stuffs and stupid things should be thrown behind. Ha! Ha!

Live your life as if you gonna die tomorrow! Haha! Miss Fahizah told us that. She said that in this way, you'll be treasuring every min and sec in doing your work. Well, I don't think so. If I'm going to die tomorrow, I'll just sleep in the bed and for tomorrow to "visit" me. Haha! Jk!

Hm... Didn't brought History textbook, I brought the wrong one so have to sit outside AVA room. Well, I think that's better. Lol! We're like chatting away outsite. Hehe! After that Lionel show us the video about the US & Iraq... It's rather interesting and I'm always interested in such things. I always watched the news and read the newspaper about this and of cos about other news. I make sure I'm not a 'square-head'. Haha! I msg him and "ordered" the Cd-rom from him. Ha! Don't know how much he wanna charge me.

Yesterday is a perfect day break for me. Or else today I might feel so good. I feel a bit guilty. I shouldn't have pile on extra burden for her. I'm so dumb. Hm... That's why I it time to get back to normal. She already so much things to trouble about and yet I still add more fuel to it. Well, I shouldn't have think so much. Everything should be fine now.

Finally, the dark clouds have passed.

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