Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vuvuzela give me a chance to be on the newspaper!

For those who has been watching the World Cup will definitely know what a vuvuzela is. Yes, it's instrument that make the noisy "bzzzzzzzzzzz" sound that you hear in every match. Guess what? I bought it yesterday!!! I got it at S$16! It's quite cheap! However, it's not really the genuine one. The real one is much more longer than the one I have.

This is my vuvuzela!!!!!!!

After I got this vuvuzela I immediately tweet it! Ironically, Straits Times managed to get my email and ask for my contact so that she can do a phone interview with me! In the email she mentioned that she is a journalist for Straits Times life! section. She is working on a story on vuvuzelas in Singapore, and what people are using them for. I agree with the phone interview but I decline to have a photoshot of me and my vuvuzela as I'm too shy about it >_<

Basically she just asked me a few questions, I will tell you guys more when the newspaper is out. Lol! Perhaps I should just go for it right?What you guys think? Haha! Anyway, please do remember to buy Straits Times this Sunday!! Even though it is just a small interview but well at least my name will still be on the papers!! =D

She also asked if I have other friends who own it and I gave her my another friend's no. Hehe! See! I'm so good right? Good things has to share to others =)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sticky - Really addictive sweets!

Last Saturday, we stop by Sticky at The Central. I actually read bout this place from Xiaxue's blog. Anyway, the sweets there are really colorful! I went to try 1 of their sample and it is so so so sweet and yummy! I wanted to buy that flavor that I tried but Da Xiang urged me to get the mixture so I get to eat more variety.

Rock mix @ $11.90. If you going back to buy more sweets, you can recycle the jar and the price will be like 1/2 of that price!

Yum yum! I like lotsa of their flavour. It's really awesome! For sweets lover, you should go there and buy 1! You can buy for yourself or for your love ones. There are other design which are really nice for the couples =)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Which ball is more exciting?

I woke up last night to watch the match between Italy and Paraguay. I was expecting Italy to win but nonetheless, a draw isn't that bad after all.

When I got back home from work, I try to google for some pictures for this match and I found these 2 pictures - It is the different reaction from both sides when Italy score the equalizer.

The Italian team celebrating


A hot lady feeling sad for Paraguay

I think men will change their eye direction towards another type of "balls" LOL!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why girls should watch football!

I am a football fan and the one and only team that I support is Italy! 4 years ago they won the world cup! Although this year they might not win it again, I will still be supporting them!

Im not those that only know how to look at those handsome footballers ok! I know what is freekick, offside, penalty etc etc... I have been watching football since a very young age. Hehe! I used to stay in my auntie's house and she has 3 sons. I always play with her youngest son and whatever he plays or watches, I will follow so I ended up falling in love with football =)

Alright I shall cut my crap, here are some of the good reason why girls should learn to enjoy watching football.

1) You will never feel neglected by your boyfriend during this period because both of you can enjoy watching football and cuddle each other at the same time. Hohoho!

2) Build up the relationship and make watching the game more enjoyable by betting with your boyfriend and guess who will win for each match. The loser will pay for the meal or something like that. Haha!

3) Impress other guys (can be your colleague or friends)! Whenever my colleague know I watch football, they always look very surprise. Haha! *ahem* So they end up talking to me more than the other girls.

4) Hot footballers! Need I explain more? Lol!

Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo or Fernando Torres is still often the reason why girls watch football matches. I'm not so into hot footballers. At the moment my favorite players is Andrea Pirlo. He may not be very good looking but I adore his skills and everything! =p

These are 4 very good reasons why girls should start watching football now!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My new working journey starts tomorrow!

After going for a 4-5 interviews I finally got a job! I am kinda excited but the salary is not really what I want. Well, at least working in a banking & finance industry is better than working as customer service or sales coordinator (which I can ask for higher salary due to my past experiences.) I shall share some of my experience & complaints for the few interviews.

1. A Japanese electronic company
When I reached the company, I saw my ex colleague! I was quite surprise. Hehe! She has work there for like going 3 years so I presume the company should be good ya? The interview was ok and I thought I got quite a good chance as the HR ticked quite a high score for me. Haha! You know, I peep at her paper ma! However, no news from them... * sigh*

2. A manufacturing company
Blah blah blah... The person who interview me was in a rush for another meeting so basically not much questions were being asked and I can already sense that I'm not gonna work here. Lol.

3. Another manufacturing company
I was supposed to be interview by the manager but end up being interviewed by 2 seniors (I guess). Their interview skills are very poor -___- They can like discuss among themselves and infront of me! Example like when I'm sitting infront them, lady A can said to lady B "She know this and that... maybe can ask her to do this... blah blah...." -__________- Worse is, they are actually looking for people who has freight forwarding experience! So they got nothing much to ask as I don't have that experience. That is the reason why I hate looking for agency -_____-

4. Marubun arrow - An electronic company
The 2 interviewers for this company is damn rude that I have to name the company!! 2 freaking idiotic guy that make me sad at first but later I feel that I don't have to feel demoralized because of these 2 idiots! Here is one of the thing he said

Interviewer A: So after your O level, you didn't get into poly? Your result must be very bad.

WTF? Where got interviewer talk to the candidates in such a manner? A PAPER QUALIFICATION IS JUST A PAPER! I have met people with a GOOD CERT but when comes to work, he/she is really kayu (stupid). A person who knows how to work smart is better than those who has a good paper qualification but got nothing in the brain!

Interviewer A: You are like changing job every year. This reflect very bad on you and your resume.

Hello stupid uncle! I left my first job after working for going 2 years and I left there is because Im gonna further my studies. You idiot! After that my other 2 jobs are contract base! It is not permanent job! Stupid fellow! Please read my reason for leaving before talking!

I can only fake a smile and explain... -_- They might be trying to use tricky question to test me out but their tone is really sarcastic. Both of them have a very proud attitude. There were a few more nasty things they said but I can't be bothered to list them out. No point being angry about the past.

Someone asked what will I do if I face something bad in work. So what I will do? I will just do the same. Fake a smile and curse them when they left. Nothing is wrong with that and I am sure alot of people is doing that. That is the ugly side of the working society. Lol.

5. Foreign bank =D
I got a offer from this bank! Although the pay is much lower than what I expected and is also lower than my 2nd last job >_< but nonetheless, I think working in a bank provides more opportunities and future.

Anyway, good luck to myself =)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dinner @ Mr Curry

Last Saturday, I went Marina Bay Sands to check it out. Nothing much there as many shops are not yet open and I can't go to the casino because I don't want to pay the $100!!! Lol! Well, the Helix bridge is awesome! I took some pictures and will post it up later. Anyway, before heading down to the bridge, my and my dear went to fill up our tummy @ Mr Curry. Yum yum! The food there is quite awesome.

The menu

"Hmmm what should I eat?"

It's me! =p

Calamari! I love it!

Dear's seafood pasta.

This is mine

Yummmmmy! The eggs with the scallop are really delicious!

I will give 4/5 for the food! The curry is really *thumbs up*

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