Tuesday, January 27, 2009

14 more days to...

my 21st birthday. please buy me present!! -.-

Hur!Hur! Finally getting to my adult age. So what's my upcoming plan? Hmmm... I will list them in sequence...

- Pray hard that I passed my Statistic.
- Get a job with better salary. DUH!
- If I can't get a job I want to idle at home till I get my diploma cert!!
- Same old stuff... Get my diploma cert!
- Sign up for degree course! SIM? Ohh...

to be continue... (LOL) It's the same of stupid shit every year.

I wanna go watch Love Matters this weekend!Time to sleep! Ciao!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Random Pre-CNY stuff...

Wassup on Fri ? Hmm... Alright, check out this...

How will you feel if you are eating this for breakfast? Hehe. Anyway, I'm quite creative right? Wahaha.

Didnt went to work on Friday and now I'm too lazy to go into details. Here are just some pictures to explain everything... A picture speaks a thousand words. Lol.

Today went shopping with SPY! So damn tired la! That's why I'm so lazy to write anything in details -.-

Feast! Kopitiam @ Jurong Point.OMG the coke is so damn expensive! 1 can for $2!! -.-

Poor girl suffering from SPY shopping symptoms!

Her battery going flat....

SPY's worried face... Is she gonna get all her clothes in time for CNY?

Thursday, January 22, 2009


It's scramble eggs with melted cheese! I know it looks kinda disgusting but it's delicious. Wahaha. I was attempting to do something. Let's see how will it turn out to be tomorrow. Watch this space!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CNY is coming!

Maybe due to the recession, I have not been buying much for CNY. Alright, it's an excuse! I think I have spending too much Saturday with him & his family. Well, anyway so far I bought 2 pairs of heels i and no tops, dress or whatever at all! Oh my gosh! Lucky I still got a new dress that I bought last year December, which I have not wear it before. Haha.

Hmmm... Luckily SPY jio me out this coming Saturday to shop! I bet there will be some super big crowd at Jurong Point *faint*. I have been thinking about this for many donkey years, so finally I decide to go trim my eyebrown with the help from SPY! Haha! Not to worry, she is not going to pluck it for me!!

Hmmm... due to dear's car damaged body-kit, I actually passed him some $$ as I'm abit guilty of it. He wanted to return me the money and he asked me to use it to buy CNY clothes & trim my eyebrown so I will look nicer -_- But but... it's definitely not because of him then I decided to do it... He just reminded me of it. Btw, just side note, it's strange that I don't know how to type a name for him... it takes awhile for my to decide to put in the word, 'dear'. Lol. Strange!

Alright so this Saturday, gonna shop with SPY lor! Oh man, my pocket is burning fast! *sob* No money to buy any Levis jeans for this year. Haha. I shall just reduce, reuse and recycle! Just buy some tops will do =)

To myself, Ben & LK

"You don't always think highly of yourself when you're not. You have to know yourself well, your own limit and potential. Don't always think you can solve all problems. You are not god. " - Someone

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life is a rollercoaster

It's always been like that with him, 1 day extremely good & another day gone extremely bad! Bahh!

On Friday night, I was made to do OT! Well, it's nothing new, San Zhar always ask me to do her unfinished work on Friday night! Sorry that I have to make he & his family wait. While I'm still in the office, Ricky was so darn funny larh! He was doing and saying those stupid things which I can't remember it now. Lol. I think my memory are getting from bad to worse.

We went Chinatown for dinner blah blah... Then his dad ordered this Fish bee hoon. By then I was already super full (after eating the Chicken rice & damn big hotdog. Lol) His dad still asked me to try the fish roe & ermm the intestine... Sounds gross but when you eat it, it's really damn nice la! Lol. And he claimed that stall is the only stall in Singapore that sell this.

Sometimes its just so blissful to watch the 1 u love sleeping & it just remind me of the song by Aerosmith, I don't wanna miss a thing...

On Saturday, it was kinda like a super duper bad start. I was pondering hard if I should be go dinner with BB&JJ. Initially, I told JJ that I might not be free etc. *sigh* Never did I know that will become an....

Hahaha I know I got plenty of "Locked" stuff but that's just my personal life yahx? =) Alright I shall get some sleep now! I will blog again when I when up... Haha.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

May the stormy days be gone.

I hope the storm over my head will be over soon. I was having some huge r/s problem which really sucks. This is why, in the past I never want to involve in this kind of stuff. *sigh* Now, I have kinda settle down abit. I just wish things is much more simple as I wish it is.

Also, good luck and all the best to Grassy. Sorry I can't be much of a help. I can't take leave or even 1/2 day leave to stare at you. *sigh* I hope you can do well for your project. 加油! 加油!

Is Friday gonna be my last day in UOB? We shall see....

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

Lets101 Quizzes - Quizzes For Fun

Saturday, January 10, 2009

10 is the new number.

It's has been a very long time since I type more than 200 words in a day entry. Lol. This makes me wonder why. Is it because I am running away from my own thoughts or I just don't wish anyone to read my mind? Hmm.. Perhaps I just want people to see the happy side of my life. No wait! I think I am just plain lazy and tired. Haha. Ermmm... I think it's because I am too afraid to type out what I am thinking...

Today is 10th January 2009, 1 month later, I will be celebrating my 21st birthday. What a happy occassion yea? I do hope it will be a joyous events at Paris Park. 1 month before today's date, I told XDB I am ready. I want to start a new life. Today, I'm already happy with XBD...

Everyone should just let nature take it course.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ben ben & Jiao Jiao birthday!

Ben 19th birthday!
That night was a great day. We played many different games at Pasir Ris & enjoy ourselves very much. It's really a wonderful group bonding time.

Message to Ben: Continue to do what you are doing and yeah, never stop believing in your capabitilites and abilities. One last message to you is... If you never try, you will never know.

Hehe. Nice bah? I wrote the wor!

Our messages for Ben. On the top left, was written by Tim the gay with his signature drawing, Haha. On the bottom left, was written by XY, saying about how small Ben is... Lol. In the centre, was written by our used-to-be lao da, Willy. The most lo-so message about how they first meet... Top right is written by ME! I wrote about how he was my idol - Rukawa. LOL. Bottom right was written by HT or LK, I forget leh. Haha. The photo missed out on Alvin's message.

We played police & theif @ Pasir Ris's bench. Loser gets to eat 1. You might think it's good but if you keep losing, you gonna eat and eat and eat and eat....
Sushi contributed by XY & Alvin.

The lousy thief in the game, 'Police & the Murderer'.

The smart thief! Haha.

He kept losing and kept eating and eating and eating and....

Small little tiny cake for Ben.

I love you, you love me we are happy family...

If you think you are safe....

Then you are wrong!!!!

Jiao Jiao 21st birthday!

First of all I gotta thanks myself for being such a good actor. Lol. Next, I wanna thanks LK's friend, Yu Ping, for contacting me and join our alliance just for the 1 special day. Lastly, I wanna thanks The New Age Club gang to make this happen. Hahaha. Although it's not my birthday, I'm thanking them on LK's behalf. =P

Message to LK: Whatever I wanna said, is already in the video & letter. Hehe. Thanks for being such a great friend, =)

(L - R) Ben, Jiao Jiao & me, the naughty one! Haha.

The 3 guardian angels looking after the food. We hid here while waiting for my to lure LK out.

*do not peep*

Busy buzzing....

The stuff that you gotta do when you join The New Age Club.

From Prima Deli...

Hehe. So erh..*ahem*

Whats with the gap in between?

The happiest moment of 2009? =)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All work and no play, makes me a dull girl

I didn't go to work! Woohoo! For what reason? Please don't ask me. 

Gotta post some photos soon. Im getting darn lazy! 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A sense of satisfaction

I went to XBD's house yesterday to continue to 'fix' his computer. Finally, everything is done! Hip hip hurray!! It's kind of a satisfaction to me as it not only solved his problems but this experience gain me alot of new IT knowledge. Oh! At the same time, I guess it builds up alot of our relationship together. Regardless of friendship or whateva ship you wanna call. Lol. 

Anyway, I intend to catch this during the new year!! The trailer is damn funny! Especially the one on using colours to 造句!

Love Matters - Jack Neo movie

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009! A brand new beginning!

happy new year!

New year resolution:
- Complete my Dip. in Biz admin and register for Degree course in SIM =)
- Get a better job & leave UOB!
- Love whoever I should love.
- Be myself and be a better me!

Can baby laugh when he is only 12 days old?

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