Monday, March 14, 2016

Solemnization Venues - Gardenasia

I was on a lookout for our soleminisation venue and erm... he has yet to proposed. Lol! But I know the dates is gonna be 30th November 2017 (my own guess). Forlino has been my dream location as I really love the view from the restaurant and also their interior design. Nonetheless, I still do some search for other nice and affordable location.  I sent several emails out and the first venue to reply was... Gardenasia! As its only a solemnisation we decided to only invite our direct families and closest friends. So I estimate maybe a 15 - 20pax?

 Gardenasia - Patio 

 Not sure if I will be keen in this venue as some other venues they dont have additional charges for the venue rental. So I shall just KIV.

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