Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dinner at Chef Daniel's Kitchen

Last night, after watching Kungfu Panda 2 (an awesome movie), me and my buddies went to have our lunch at Chef Daniel's Kitchen - rooftop dinning. The atmosphere is really nice & calm. You will probably able to attain the 'inner peace' while eating there. (You need to watch Kungfu Panda 2 to know what I mean. Lol)

It is my first time there so I was expecting the menu to be full of EXPENSIVE food but to my surprise, it is really not what I think it is. The food the are pretty affordable.

We top up another $8 for soup for the day (corn soup) and dessert! The dessert was brownie and my friend was like, "you can't eat it!" (because I am having a sore gum due to heatiness) The waiter, who was serving us said, "I can eat it." That moment was so LOL!

Our Spicy auntie holding the 'Go Spicy' menu =p

Happy Grassy, browsing through the menu. 

Our drinks. 

The corn soup is *thumbs up*

While waiting for our food, we took a picture with our sweet drinks .

My seared salmon - $20. The fish is really smooth and tender.
I actually wanted to order roast chicken or lamb BUT I  am having a sore gum so my friends urged me not to eat it =(

Spy's Aglio olio - $13. I seriously don't understand why she ordered this. Lol!

Grassy's grilled tuna steak - $22. I am not sure how it taste like but according to her, it is delicious.

The brownie is yummeh! What a nice dessert to end our day!
I finished every single bit of it and I teased that waiter that, "Im sorry, I didn't leave any for you." HAHA!

Chef Daniel’s Kitchen
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