Just some useless information on the blog's history

2002: My first blog was started since 2002 but it was done manually using html. However, I lost everything that I have written when my computer was attacked by Mr Trojan.

2004: Chocolate-Mango.Net was borned! I share this domain with my cute sister. We started to use blogger to blog. No more worry about losing my entries again.

2006: 2 years later I decided to break away from the shared blog and started my very own blog. Taaa dahh! There you go! This is when Kristinism gain independence! Haha.

2009: Blogger decided to be a bitch that it longer allow us to use FTP so I have to redirect the the domain name to the current URL

Can baby laugh when he is only 12 days old?

Im kind of like cant believe it myself when I heard my baby laughing. I just fed him and he fell asleep. Shortly, he smiled and “hahaha” sof...