Thursday, February 24, 2011

Super late post on CNY & Valentine's day!

I know it's super late as CNY has already past for so many days but I still insist on posting these pictures because this is for my own reference! Who cares if nobody is gonna read it. Maybe 10 years down the road, I will click back on my blog and laugh at my own writings and pictures. =)

Yay! My new bedsheet (a gift from my buddy, Grassy) together with my 2 elephants & Duffy ^_^ Every night I will be sleeping soundly with this comfortable bed.

My er... study desk or maybe my used to be study desk. Now I always study at my computer desk. haha.

Some new year decorations that my Dad put up ;)

Our reunion dinner =D I love steamboats! Especially when I can BBQ those food.

This is what I wear for 初一.

This is what I wear for 初二.
This is what I wear for 初三.

Duffy with my red packets. (Of cos my red packets are more than what is shown! Haha!)

On the 2nd day of CNY, I went to 春到河畔 (Chun Dao He Pan) located at Marina Bay. The sight will definitely be prettier if we go in night. 

This is me with the dragon stamp because I'm born in the year of dragon!

Mama with the horse's coin.

Papa with the God fortune! HUAT AR!

Time for some snack. According to my Dad's handsign.. It's GOOD!

1 last shot before we go home =) I have a nice time spent with my parent even though my sis & her hubby wasn't around in Singapore during the CNY.
I really have to say it's good to have my parent around! During the CNY period my mum was on leave for like 10 days? Everyday, around 12pm she will wake me up for lunch. (I'm like a boss) Haha! Isn't it nice that you get to eat home cook food everyday? When she goes back to work, it's back to the days whereby I eat either an apple or anything that will fill 1/4 of my tummy. So everyone must treasure your parent because they are the one and only! 

Okay, lets move over to Valentine's day post...

Our gifts

He bought famous amos cookies and pink flowers! According to feng shui master, pink rose is better than a red rose. Haha!

This is how it looks like inside the famous amos's tin. The soft cookies is really delicious! I'm totally addicted to it!

I bought a braun buffel keychain for him. Probably he can use it for his car key.
On this day, we went to watch I am number four! Thanks to Nuffnang, we got the free tickets to watch the movie ahead of whoever who don't get the privilege. =p Probably I will blog about the movie review tomorrow. Ciao! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Probably this is how I feel now...

I'm not totally alone but I just feel restless. Every morning I woke up, it's already12pm or 1pm. Lol! I used to hate sleeping because it is very time wasting but now I keep waking up late! Probably it is the lack of motivation. What's more funny is... Whenever I convinced myself to go down for a run, the skies turn grey and begin to rain. It is really like.. WTF!

So everyday I am like, play some games on facebook, do some questions, write notes, preparing for my exams, watch some movies... blah..... Kinda sick of the routine.What's worse is... Sitting at home = Zero income. Oh well, thankfully I got my awesome parent & bf to feed me. Haha! Alright, come to think about it, it ain't so bad after all but being alone at home can be really BORED~ Luckily, I am going out later to kill my boredom!!!

Oh well, this is my random thought of the day. Ciao!~

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Monday, February 14, 2011

A proper 23rd birthday post

The post before this is more for the contest so I decided to have a actual post for my birthday. Oh anyway, I won the tickets for the movie, I am number 4. Haha!

A  few pictures of the birthday girl....

We went Jack's place to have a little celebration. Nothing really special but it is a good time to enjoy the food and sit around for a chat.

Mushroom with cheese.

Fish & chip


Chocolate cake for desert.

 The best part was going back home to sing birthday song and eating the cake with my family. Even though we are doing it every year, I just wont get sick of it. I love my family, they are always so fun to be with. My birthday wish is definitely not wishing for more money or whatever, I will want my family to stay healthy and happiness all around =)

Friday, February 11, 2011

I am number 23!

Yea, I know my blog title sounds like the upcoming movie, 'I am number 4'. Haha! Anyway, I am officially 23 years old on 10th February! I know I am not VERY OLD but I keep thinking that I am still 21 years old. The thought of adding 1 to my age every year is quite scary actually.Oh anyway....

Reason why I should win a pair of movie tickets to I Am Number Four preview screening

Number 1:
My sis is small size, easy to target so she is number 1. She probably will get kill if she is in the movie. =X

Number 2:
I am the youngest among the 4 of us and that makes me number 4! (Maybe in my dream, I will be the lead actress in movie. Hahaha! )

Number 3:
I am the birthday girl and winning the tickets will come as a bonus for me =p

Number 4:
Has everyone seen the trailer for 'I am number 4' yet? It really seems like a great movie that is definitely worth watching. I enjoy watching those hero with supernatural power. Even though it is not real, still it's cool and awesome isn't it? What's more? The producer for this film is Michael Bay, the same guy who produce Transformer (1 of my favorite movie of all time)!

By the way, here's the trailer:

Catch I Am Number Four Movie starting from
24th February 2011
and join the official
Disney Studios Singapore FacebookTwitter page!

Movie reviews: No String Attached

I went to watch, No String Attached on Tuesday all thanks to It is a romantic comedy starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. This movie is about 2 friends who decide to be "friends with benefits," but ends up being more than just friends....

One of the funny scene that I like:
Instead of bringing a 'I love you' balloon to woo the one you love, Adam (Ashton Kutcher) bought a 'congrats' balloon. Haha!

Anyway, I think it is very hard to maintain a friendship with a guy or gal once you have sex with him or her. 1 of them will definitely fall in love with another. UNLESS both parties are not friends at all! So therefore they won't develop any further. Haha! Anyway, if you wanna know more about this movie, you should go watch it. Couples probably should catch this movie during Valentine's day =)


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reason why Chinese New Year is such a HAPPY occasion

Probably this time of the year is always the happiest.

Reason being:
1) Able to eat all the awesome food for steamboat! Abalone! Abalone! Abalone!Lol!
2) Getting red packets! *karching*
3) Having a clean room! Haha! It's like everyone only clean up during the Chinese New Year =p

My new bedsheet bought by my friend, Grassy.
4) A good excuse to spend more money on buying new clothing and heels!
5) Give yourself a new look! 

My new hair dye + temporary curl. Hehe! Nice? =)

Wish everyone!

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