Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Weird and Weridest

It all suppose to be a typical and boring Tuesday. However the whole of Tuesday changed when the Weird met the Weirdest...

Weirdest wore a black polo tees, a three-quarter pants and a white slipper with her dumb dumb hair being tied up. She was all ready to meet her friend, Weird, at Queenstown. Weirdest and Weird didn't has a single clue why are they meeting at the library for. They are always clueless and senseless.

At Queenstown, Weird was already waiting there for her. She was fidgeting and walking round and round the place to pass her dumb dumb time. She looked at almost every human that walked past her until she saw Weirdest, whom made a dumb dumb faces at her to indicate it was indeed the Weirdest had arrived.

Weird and Weirdest were making their way to the library. Along the way, they were chatting about the same old dumb dumb thing. Weirdest was hungry and so does Weird so they decided to satisfy their stomach by going to the nearest coffeshop to have their lunch.

Weird was so hungry that she finished every bits and pieces of the food that could be found on the plate. Weirdest looked bewildered and asked, "Are you that hungry?" Weird looked at Weirdest with her mouth full and answered, "Yea, I have not eaten anything since morning".

After lunch, they proceed on. Both of them step into the library like as it was the first time they saw a air-conditioner library. They went to the second floor and browse through a few books.

Weird found some nice design books and together they went through a series of the design book. "Wowowow! Imagine we can use all this design on our t-shirt, we could be millionaire," said Weird. "That's for sure, with my smarty brain and your greatest brain," answered Weirdest. Both of them happily borrowed the books back.

Out of the library, Weirdest suggested that they should go to Ikea to pass the rest of their dumb dumb time. On the way to the bus stop, they met 2 school boys approaching them. One of the school boy ask, "Hey, is there bus 51 here? Does it go to Queensway shopping centre?" Being the smartest, Weirdest was quick to answer, "yes". The 2 school boys thank Weirdest and scolded his friend for being so dumb. Weird looked amused and told Weirdest, "Wow! There are far more dumb people than us!"
They laughed and continue to walk.

Weirdest suddenly stopped along the way and came out with a dumb dumb idea, "If we take a bus there, it will be too expensive. Let's walk there, shall we?" Weird agreed and the two continue their journey.

When they reached a junction, they stopped. Both of them were wondering, should they walked striaght or turn left. "According to my senses, we should walk straight," said Weirdest. So they continue walking straight.

As they walked on, they realized that they were walking the wrong way! "Oh no! You have no sense at all! We should just turned left," Weird complaint and knocked Weirdest's head a few times with her hand. They started bickering at each other as they walked on.

"Oh my! This place looks so new to me," Weirdest exclaimed. Weird was equally excited and said:"Yeayea! Look over there, the trees and the grass. WOW! I never see such a place that looks so 'nature'"

1 hour later, they finally saw a huge building that said, "IKEA". "OMG! We finally reached our destination," Weirdest cried out. Both of them cried and hug together

After that they settled down and have their wonderful dinner together. What a day for the weird and weirdest.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Just Friday

Hmm... I went to the A3 office with Noon, HB, Jo, Dex and...MANGO. LOL. I won't go into details about what we did so I shall just comment about each and everyone of them... I doubt I have anything to say about HB and Dex.

Mango really looks like a China man!!! When I first saw him, inside my heart, I was like. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!" The way he speaks is so soft!!!!!! Although he don't sounds like a girl, he speaks too gentle!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! Will I find another guy like him? I just can't help but to laugh inside whenever he is talking.

Then when we were at the Lau Pa Sat, he kept asking us if we wanted to buy drinks. None of us wanted any drinks. So Mango went to buy alone. When he came back, he bought a can of apple juice, 2 cups of ice and 6 straws!!! Then he put 3 straws in each cup and expected us to share!! Everyone was so speechless.

At the Lau Pa Sat, we will trying to find a seat and Jo was there being so "gu niang"!!! When we found a seat, Jo decided to find another place to seat instead! The reason he gave was, "here not under the fan, very hot." Everyone was looking at him when he said that. Even the girls were not complaining! HAHA. The moment Jo saw Dex arrived, he said this to me, "Wah, Dex has grown fat!" Muahaha. Jo is such a mean person but I do agree with him. I was like, "Huh? That's him?" Haha. OK, we two are bad people.

Then at the Coffee bean, this uncle wanted to sit inside the air-conditional place, whereas the rest wanted to sit outside. The weather that day was cool so why not? There he went, "outside so hot." Sound so feminine or I should say...SISSY! Haha.

Super duper chao tiko! I can't stand him! HAHAHA! He kept saying those dirty things. I wonder how his gf stand him. I shall not comment further.

Argh! I decided not to do anyth re-cap. I'm tired and lazy!

Anyway, before I end this entry, I just wanna say... No matter how many zillions friends out there, I still put Monsters in my first slot. I wonder if some people do the same? Or else I will change to " No matter how many zillions friends out there, I still put Greeny in my first slot". HAHAHA.

You Are Mexican Food

Spicy yet dependable.
You pull punches, but people still love you.

"Pull your punches" - Yea, this idioms suits me.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I don't know what to put here

I just read Grassy's blog and I decided to do something evil again! Haha. I just love doing that. Grassy is really good at summarizing everything that happen yesterday. I'm only good at talking about the important points. HAHA. SHE IS SO NONSENSE!!

She is right, play too much game really make one person lost touch with the world outside. *sigh* I will play lesser and do something that I like to do, just like last time.

Today such a bad day for Dex. HAHA. He called me on his way home, asking me about something. Suddenly, I heard a the sound of broken glasses and followed by his vagularities. This suay guy's car got knocked by the back car and his car knocked onto the front car. LOL. The most dumbest thing was, after he hung up, he wanted to call his mother but he call me again instead. Then after that when he called again, the moment I picked up the phone, I told him that I'm not his mother. LOL.

Sissy Jo planning to go out tomorrow for all the Renewal members (er... only close one)! He so plan-less. Keep asking me lunch or dinner... This and that. No wonder so sissy. LOL.

Today seem to be so bored. What on earth is happening!! I can't wait for World Cup 2006!!

A day of turbulence

Have an usual outing with the monsters today, which I almost forgotten about it. We read a book on our astrology at Times. There come these 3 words. Erotic? Eccentric? Gullible? Well, it's sounded so crap? Nah, it's not. Grassy is the 'erotic', I'm the 'eccentric' and SPY is the erm...'gullible'. Haha. I find those comments or I should say the analysis by the professional are so true. I somehow has to agree with what the book wrote about an Aquarius.

I am someone who needs alot of freedom from my partner. Also, the book mention that Aquarius is someone who will not rush into relationship so quickly. I'm so agree with this!! Another part I read which was really true was about I'm giving a wrong idea to those who hold a torch for me. Haha. Not going to crap more about this because it's for me to know and for you to find out yea?

Ain't it suppose to be a great day? Not until Dex smsed me and asked me did I use his account to play his character. I replied,' no', and immediately after that he called me. He told me that someone hacked his account and deleted his char. My mind was blank and I kept asking him, 'are you kiddin?' Yea, he is that kind of guy who always joking and fooling around. Although I wish that he was joking with me, he is not!

When I reached home, I login his account and created a noob and check his 'store'. All the wz is gone, all was left was those nonsense stuffs and the G9 eqs that we created just the day before yesterday!!It was sad to know someone who so eagerly wanted to create his G9 and then the next moment all the dreams and hopes was dash by some greedy hacker. Yes, IT WAS JUST A GAME but it's still someone's effort and hard work?! Whatever.

GM told him that they will be investigating this matter. *sigh* These GMs are a sucker at doing those things. If they not gonna do anything, maybe I will call people to go down to their office just like what the rest did when their account got hacked. Maybe drag Jo the sucker along >.< Only star and me know his account password, you know, I can only suspect star but I doubt he is that kind of person. *sigh* If he ain't gonna get back those lost items, he ain't gonna play. So much interest of me playing the game will go down by a few more percent. *sigh*

Playing A3 for so long, how many friends have quitted along the way. It just make me feel sad. Maybe who knows, one day I will stop playing too. I can just pray for the best. He called me again later in the night, he sounded sad but I can't do anything too. I am not good with words, so before he ended the conversation, I just asked him is his sickness getting better if not it's better to get some sleep.

Even before that I'm going to end my today's post, I think I shall post more. SPY asked me some questions when we were in the train. Maybe I shall just come clean with it? What the...Lol. Okay, I'm talking nonsense here. Let just type down whatever I feel ok? I shall just tell the whole story yeah?

First, I don't I like him. I just like his humour and his words of wisdom. He never fail to lighten your day of stress with some of his silly comments. His sarcasm always remind me of Greeny. Probably, they are both Scorpion. Haha! I think I just erm... admire is not the word, adore is not the word... I can't think of a word to describe!!!! Haha! Maybe I'd like my future to possess some of his character. Someone who is rich, good sense of humour, able to entertain me , share the same opinions in certain things and issues and whatever I can think about it the next time. Haha. I remember when I just know him, I told him that we are long lost unusual twins because we think kinda alike till we always call each other copycats. It's seem so weird that even our father share some similar traits. HAHA. "Jia lao huan tong"

Though previously, I have told SPY about the feelings that he given me was weird but I prefer to stand rooted to my own ground. To me he is just another close brother of mine and nothing else! You know, I will never ever try to be funny or get involved with someone who already has a girlfriend! Unless something happen which I also don't know what is it. Haha!

After I know him, he called me almost everyday when he is bored. At first, it was kinda bothering me because I was like, "hello~ I'm playing my game!!!" Haha! One of the day, he went to fetch his brother, and he was talking to me while he drives, his brother was just one of his kind. To my shockness, his brother said some "^$%&^$%" words. I was like "WHATT!!" Kids these days are really horrible. Haha.

That night which was showing the match, Milan V Barcelona, he asked me to call him. I remembered we chatted for the whole 1st half of the game. However 3/4 of the conversation I don't know what I am talking about!!! HAhAHA! You know, I can't concentrade on 2 things well. He said he doesn't like to chat on phone and this 45mins is his longest talking on phone ever. I was like, "so are you going thank me? Or thanks my father for paying my handphone bills." HAHA!

That time a day after the outing, he has been talking weird things. The most quotable one, "because you treat me indifferently." I thought that was one of the lamest thing that could come out from his mouth.

As days goes by, I got more and more nothing to say. Sometime, I can just hold on to the phone and staring at my PC screen. Haha. He usually the one who came up with something to say. Well, he understand and he will always end the conversation like, "hannar.. go play la..see u in game later" or something like that.

Blah... More nonsense. This week, almost every week he smsed or called me to wake up. HAHA. If not I don't know how long I'm going to continue sleeping. I wonder what will happen tomorrow.

For now, I guess I will just be a happy single girl. So please don't tease me le. You know I very shy one right? LOL. I rather write than using my mouth to say it out because I doubt you people will believe me. *sob* Just this time believe me, we are nothing. HAHAHA~ My love for Greeny is still strong!! SPY don't jealous, I will keep you as my mistress! =x

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mother's day is coming

After much thoughts, I have decided to share money with my sister to treat my mother and maybe buy something for her. Maybe not sharing money with my sister? She can pay for everyone. Haha. I suggested to mama that we will have steamboat for our dinner. Mama don't seem to like the idea. So I guess just some restaurant at Jurong point? Bo bian Papa is working on Saturday!!! *sigh*

OMGOMG! Just find out that Grassy is a supporter of that *ahem* party! OMGOMG! LOL. I shall not comment further. Well, maybe nothing so surprising. Can I comment? There's too much propaganda in the local media!!!! Er... That day I watched the news on television, you can see the true real supporters of the WP and that Mr Chiam's party (lol) at the stadium and Kopitiam. Whereas, that *ahem* party... so fake.. they bring all the aunties and uncles from the community centre and well, *ahem* they brought along those *ahem* flags*. Whatever... JUST SO FAKE... I hate that "winter melon"!!! No wonder he lost. Muahahaha!


LASTLY... Attention.. I'm looking for the following girl. Please help me look for her. Thanks!

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Copycat is here

I came up with a good plan and well here's the plan ....

This is what happen yesterday when my monsters came to my house.

Good idea right? Hahaha... I know I'm always the great. Yea?

Nothing much about my life eh. Sad huh?! Anyway, I have not send an email to my school. LOL. I will do it tomorrow! I must remind myself!!! *chanting* I will be going back to school on 30th May. Sigh and more sigh. Sometime I don't feel like going but well life has to go on beyond what I'm doing now. Bored and more bored. World Cup 2006 will begin when my school starts!! That's so sucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blog later -_-

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