Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Top 10 types of people that irritates me!

Don't get offended if any of the following resemble you. =P This is just my opinions after all.

1) When someone phones me repeatedly when I'm busy and I didn't pick it up. When I tried to call back, the person didn't pick up the phone. DUH!

2) Anyone calls or sms me early in the morning when I'm on leave! I mean, HELLO! I AM ON LEAVE! Please let me sleep!

3) A bimbo trying to act as if that she is both smart and pretty.

4) People who can't follow simple instruction when I have already tell them the steps clearly!

5) People who keep giving excuses and keep trying to explain why they are not wrong but in actual fact everyone knows that he/she is wrong!

6) Guys who are already in their 30s and still flirting with young ladies.

7) Girls who keep saying that she is fat when she is already thinner than me! If she is fat then I'm what? Super fat?

8) Haters who leave hate messages on tagboard scolding how nasty the owner of the blog is but in the first place the hater is no saint either. Blog suppose to be a place to rant isn't it? Who are they to lecture the blog owner? Everyone has their own opinions right?

9) People who keep asking me questions when I'm already dead tired!!!

10) People who try to be a busybody and interrupt others conversation by asking, "what is it, what is it ar?"

How about you? I bet everyone has their own list on the types of people that irritates them. Haha.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Red Lacquer @ Jurong Point

Time for some makan posting again! =) Many weeks ago, my family went Red Lacquer to have our lunch. Although all the dishes looks like those normal food that we ate at hawker centre but the taste is sightly different. Perhaps it got some Penang Peranakan taste. Haha.

Guess what's inside? It's otah!

Fried beancurd & Wu Xiang.

Wu Xiang. It's tasty ;)

Po piah!

Fried rice.

Fried prawn noodle.

Fried kway tiao

Nasi Lemak.

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri:11am to 3pm, 6 -10pm Sat/Sun/PH: 11am to 10pm
63 Jurong West Central 3 #03-96 -101 (JP2)
Jurong Point Shopping Centre
Singapore 648331

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Up up and away!

I saw this movie trailer in the cinema while waiting for the Harry Potter movie to start. The first thought came to me was, "I'm so gonna watch this!"

Anyway, the 2 main characters in the movie, 'Up' are Carl and Russell. After watching the trailer, I find them really interesting. Here's why:


I love the part when Russell came knocking at Carl's door and trying to 'assist' Carl but his offer was being turned down many times. Then Carl slammed the door on poor Russell's foot, I was like; "ouch!"

I believe many kids will just whine about how unlucky they are and after that they will give up and leave the place. But guess what? Russell stayed on! That's the part of the trailer, which shows Carl’s opened the door, and saw Russell was still hanging on at the corner of his house. He is truly like a little boy with a 'never-say-die' attitude!

The most hilarious part is at 2.03min of the video, he may had the "never give up" mentality but he was so clumsy. Haha.


He may look just like any disgruntled old man but this old man does come with an attitude! Woo! He may be stubborn but after all, he is still a thoughtful man. Even though he rejected Russell's offer many times, in the end he still allowed Russell to come into his house and joined him for the adventure!

I’m actually very curious about Carl’s character. I want to know what triggers him to convert his normal house into a “flying house” and use it to travel around for his adventure.

You know why I don't want to read more about Carl's character from the official website?
It's because I don't want any little tiny bits of spoilers to spoil my excitement for this movie!!! *grin*

Gosh! The more I said, the more I can't wait to see Carl and Russell’s adventure!!!

Photo of Carl, Russell and rest of the characters

UP in Singapore Cinemas opening 7th August 2009

Remember to catch it! For more info about this movie, click here!

Picture source: Comic Con flickr & UP: Official Site

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cleavage seen on MRT

Yesterday was indeed a bad Monday. I wore a stupid heels that gave me blister all over my feet!! Alright so here we go!!! When the train came, I went in and it was filled with people from all works of life. I stood in the middle of the cabin, then there was this young lady, erm... a little bit fat but I guess those looks more like her baby fats. Hehe.

So she sat infront of me with her huge assets. I was like what an eye candy for me and those guys. After that, there was another tall & smart looking man stood beside me. This lady, suddenly lean forward and started reading her newspaper. She was like trying to squeeze her whole ball out just for the guy to see. Oh yea, her bra was showing out too. I think I saw tissues inside her bra, hmmm I'm not sure. You should see and judge for yourself. Haha.

Click on image for a larger view

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Not so paradise

After so much of postponing due to my work, finally last night, I got to met up with my fellow monz to have steamboat buffet together!

We have our dinner @ Tian Fu or you can call it, Paradise on Earth . There is 1 our of 老地方。 It used to be located at Tiong Bahru but after that they moved to Katong. This is like the 3rd or fourth time we have our steamboat there. Last night I then realized they have opened another stall just across the street.

Well, not only the location has moved, the price has also moved up! *Booo!* Last time there was NO GST CHARGES! That's was probably why it used to be much cheaper. Futhermore, I was made to pay for the 2 jar of lime juice because I was late but I didn't say that I'm want to pay for all those miscellaneous fees! Poor me! Got cheated by them! *hmpx* I shall not bring any single cent out the next time. Haha.

In the recipet it states, "pickles" as appetizer but it's not even pickles, it's peanuts lorh! Btw, pickles and peanuts which is more expensive?

The ermm, sour chili sauce. Grassy ate 3 small plate of this! She still claimed that the chili sauce evapourate too fast. Haha.

Our 1st round. The bad point about eating there was for example, if you ask for 4 plates of golden mushroom, they will serve you 2 plates and if you ask for 2 plates of prawn, they will serve you 1 plate and they story goes on...

*boiling* Probably the best part was the satay soup base.

The greedy spy misses her meat too much and so she tried to eat them up without having it to be cook first.

Not sure what Tofu was waiting for at that point of time. Waiting to be serve or waiting for the guys from the next table to come over and say, "hi!" HAHA.

1 golden rule when you go out with me. YOU CAN'T ESCAPE MY CAMERA! I thought grassy should has already know about this. After so many years of knowing me, she still makes the same mistakes. Haha.

In conclusion, the price, the food and the service are not worth the money and really not so paradise after all. I doubt I will go there for steamboat buffet again.

After dinner, SPY & Tofu went back home. Boo! They took a cab, which means that their wallet are filled with money. They should have pay more. Haha. After that only left me & grassy. I followed her home as I wanted to buy some durains for my parent! It's the durain season after all. What's even better? Grassy decided to treat me! And of cos her treat also means that her father is paying for it.

Her father is really a joker. It's rather entertaining to see him choosing the durains and how they play the "shooting" game with the stall holder. I stood there like some ah toot and was laughing away. I also learned something new. Sometimes the more cheaper the durains, the nicer they are. Haha. Okay, don't read too much into that sentance. =)

The more yellowish one are really sweet but my favorite is still the one with bitter taste.

Thanks to the Leong family for the durains. I got a bucket full of durains home! =D

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It don't matter if you're black or white

I wanted to post some pictures that I took last Friday but I didn't have the pictures in my workplace so okay... Next topic! Hmmm... I know it's worthless to talk about a dead man but still, I wanna talk abit about Michael Jackson. I'm not a big fan of him, so you see, I didn't even bother to post anything about him after he past away. But well, I do like some of his songs.

Anyway, last night, I was very bored so I went to search for MJ's songs and I came across this video about him, having this disease call Vitiligo. After finish watching, I feel a little bit bad. I always thought that he wanted to be white, therefore he bleaches his skin or whatever, and the disease that he claimed is just an excuse. At least someone posted this to clear his name.

May he rest in peace. -__- V

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I passed my basic theory!!

Hehe. I know it's no big deal but at least it's something for me to cheer about =)

The one on the 2nd was the time that I thought I can just used the slip of paper to 'represent' my IC. #$%%@ Wasted my trip there and I didn't get to take the test. Well, at least I have passed it! Advance theory here I come!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Money can buy you love?

Last week, I have this conversation with my colleague about if they will rather have 'bread' or 'love'. For me, I will definitely choose LOVE! Reason being when there's love, you will have more motivation to work towards the goal together. Even if we ain't that filthy rich but at least we have each other =) Love is like giving you the unlimited source of wealth and maybe your good health. Haha.

For those that choose BREAD, yes, you may be rich but without love are you truly happy? 1 of my colleague said, when a person is rich, girls will comes to him automatically. He may be right but are those girls truly love him or just for his money? You may be rich, who knows you might die without knowing what love is. Without love, even with all the money in the world, you are still lonely. So I rather have love than bread. Well, at least that's my honest piece of comment.

On top of that, another colleague mentioned that his female friends mentioned to him that its okay to have or to married to a big fat hideous guy, as long as he is filthy rich, the love can slowly captivate. They believe that when there's money, there's love. *pui* My ass. I can't imagine myself sleeping or have sex with a fat guy or errr... someone I don't even love! WTF are these girls thinking. Maybe for some girls, booze, diamonds and dollars makes them their world go round.

Anyway, today when I was on my way to work, I saw a Volkswagen on the road. I was like... Woah! Nice car. Then I look at the female passenger, I was like again... Woah! What a young pretty lady, so fortunate of her. Then I turned and look at the driver. I was horrified! He totally looked like Eric Cartman from the Southapark!!!!


*puke* At least the guy from Southpark is cute and got some sense of humor unlike that fat guy who sat in the car. He was slouching and his ass is too huge for the car seats. His fats from his belly is like a big chunk of pork belly. It look soggy and I felt like it's gonna fell off to the ground anytime. *gross*

I guess, money is really everything for some girls or at least that's my assumption.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Biscuits of memories

These photos were taken last month when I dropped by a provision shop that sells tibits @ Tampines. Provision shop that sell those biscuit that are put in those silverish or gold-ish tins is a very rare sight in Singapore. Unless somebody tell me that it's me who is being very mountain turtle -___-

These photos brings back my childhood memories. Hehe. How I wish I'm still a kid.

Imagine they have to use a ladder to get the tin of biscuit from the top. Hmmm

Love the chocolate waffles (point at the last container at the bottom extreme right)

Weee! This is my favorite!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

God please gimme a little more time...

At least 3 things to accomplish

1) Study for my basic theory which I re-booked the date on 13th July.
2) Post more entries for !! Gambatte!
3) Finish up Tim's Thank you card request! Wahaha! My $40 income! Lol.

I didn't want to post this picture up but I just find that after working @ this company for X months, I look damn older and uglier. *puke* Now you know why I de-colorised the photo yah? Haha.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's sad so's a sad sad situation

So sad to hear the news that I might have to work for like 7 days this week. =( How much I wish the project will end earlier.

Work sucks so badly, I do hope in other area I do get my happiness. You may see that my blog is always posted with lovey dovey stuff but I do have my own sadness. I always refrain myself from typing it out because I feel the more I write about it, the more sian I am. I just his parent will just appreciate my efforts.... Maybe the things I did for your son you won't see it but at least if anything that happen, please don't always blame and point finger at me. It's very sickening!

Alright put that aside.

I hope meet the Monz gang soon for durians!!!! OMG! When then I will have time to meet them. I felt so sian that I have to keep change or delay our meeting date.

Well, I went for an interview @ my aunt's workplace yesterday. The interview questions was kind of expected because my aunt did give me tips. Wahaha. Abit kelong right? But overall, I don't think I did a good job. Maybe because this job is not what I really want. I feel like I'm just there for the interview because my aunt recommanded it to me and therefore I just give it a try.

As for the interview session, I didn't make alot of effort as compare to other jobs that I previously got into. haha. I htink the main reason is because I HOPE I DON'T GET THIS JOB! Yes, sales job earns you a big buck but I actually don't quite like it. Haha. =P


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Buffet @ Jade Room Restaurant

It's just some overdue photos that I forgot to post it up. Last Saturday, I went to Park Royal Hotel to have buffet with Dear's family. Seriously, I don't know what is the special occasion that they went there to eat or perhaps his father just feel like eating? Hm....

Not so appetizing eh? Looks more like a vegetarian buffet. Haha.

The dinning table.

You only get to see a small portion of the prawns. His father actually cooked like TONS of prawns for his daughter & her bf to eat.

Yea, this was the facial expression after looking at those piles of prawns. Lol.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Unlucky or not?

Hurhur! My blog title sounds kinda nasty. Anyway, I just feel kinda bad luck todfay and so here are the list of "unlucky" or so called suay happening...

1) In the morning, my alarm rang and I switch it off! End up I woke up @ 8am and I'm late for work.

2) Well, today I took a 1/2 day leave because I needed to go to ICA to do a IC replacement as I lost my IC after a watching Drag me to hell. -___- My IC went to hell too.

3) I was so damn busy this morning and I got hell lotsa things to do as compare to other days... Why oh why... and this makes me can't leave office @ 12pm sharp!

4) Dear was equally busy and therefore he wasn't on time to fetch me to ICA. Normally, he was quite free eh. I was quite pissed at that time.

5) 1pm, I called my dear and asked if he was ready but he didn't pick up the phone. %#$% When I tried to call again, my phone battery went flat.... BOO!

6) In the end I just flag for a cab. In the cab, I change my phone battery and I called my dear and he said he was ready to come and fetch me... WTH! When I hung up, I saw 2 sms from my dear. The message was saying that he was ready to come and meet me. OMG the messages were sent when my phone was dead! $%%%%##@@% if I recieved it earlier I won't take a cab!!!

7) The damn cab fare cost me $9.80. It's not like I'm damn poor but the money paid just to go ICA to report loss of IC is not worth it!! >_< style="font-weight: bold;">3:45pm but IT WAS 3:15PM!! WTF!

9) I went in and told the invigilator I went to ICA to report loss of IC and therefore I was late. I show her the slip of paper but she refuse to let me take the test. T_T She said this slip of paper need to have a photo and a stamp from ICA then it's valid to take the test. If not I need to bring my passport. I looked at the time, I know it's too late to go back home to take my IC. Boohoohoo... There goes my $6

10) .................... What you think I'm gonna be so unlucky for the whole day?!

At the end of the day. after all these stupid unlucky things, I thought my day really sucks! But I sat down and think about it again, I'm not that unlucky after all. In fact, I'm actually glad that whenever I'm down, I know I will always has someone to accompany and comfort me.

Thank you dear! =)

I came home and I got my mama who was preparing for dinner for the family. What more can I ask for?

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