Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Where is the french fry?

We have Chem practical after school. Before the practical, LH, M.Y & me was sitting somewhere outside the Chem lab. We're talking about 'What kind of guys do we like?' It's pretty interesting. When it's 3:27 PM, Melvin came and tell us that Mrs Tan was already here. So we quickly went to take our stuffs.

When I looked into the lab, I saw no one. So I was like talking quite loudly, "How come I didn't see her? Where is the french fry?" To my horror, Mrs Tan, indeed, was already in the lab and she heard what I said!! Haha!

Those who where outside the lab were all laughing. I can't help but to laugh too. Anyway, she did call herself 'French Fry'. I don't think I'm wrong and I'm just kidding. Lol!

Also, I found out that Mirza was reading my blog. *ahem* I think he didn't read something I blog yesterday. Luckily, I deleted that sentence before he see it. Phew! Or else when the secret is leak out. I become someone who is not trust worthy anymore. Hehe!

After practical, I saws someone familiar sitting at the bus stop. Before I could figure out who is he, he saw me and quickly stand up and walk to another seat to sit down. I felt weird. Aha! It's Xiao Gang! I ran to the bus stop and he kept running away from me as though as I'm a ghost or what. He's so 'Dao'! Argh!

After that I SMSed him asked him why was he so scared of me. He replied me by saying that actually he was scared of my friends behind me. *Diao* He scared they got the wrong idea. He's so DUMB! Just can't help saying that. He is really dumb!

If he didn't react in such a weird way, my friends wouldn't even notice him. I told him that they all knew that he's SPY's boyfriend, there won't be any misunderstanding! Oh God! Dumb! He even blamed me for not accompanying him to wait for SPY. Argh! *Kick him*

Boyfriend or friends? Can you make a decision? Which one will you choose? Who is more important? Which one will last longer? Who will you choose to treasure more? Who will you neglect more? Is it really hard to balance both friends & boyfriend?

Should be 100% confirm not going out with SPY & co. on Saturday. Go ahead with your own date. I have mine too. I'm busy too.

Oh! Forget to say that I got 20/25 for my social studies! Hehe! But Mrs Yeo said that I got language problems. Well, sort of. But the problems only applied on the 2nd question because when I was writing my answer for the 2nd question, I was already half asleep. My language became atrocious. Hehe!

M keep pestering me about LM. Haha! That's the power of love. I don't think he will suceed. Well, even if he slim down I doubt he can win her heart. Haha!

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