Friday, March 31, 2006

Sweaty and sticky day with the Monz

The end of us?

Yesterday, the Monsters went to ECP to sweat again! I doubt we will lose any weight simply because we eat too much food after that. Haha. The most funny things was probably the bicycle that we rented.

The bicycle no. for me was '48', SPY was '54' and grassy was '44'. To read them in chinese, '48' means 'Go and die', '58' means 'I die' and '44' means 'die die'. OMG! Help! Help! Are we dying soon? Why is there such a coincidence?! LOL.

The nerd, the geek and the crab
After cycling, it was rather a boring day at grassy's house BUT... not until she took out the Boogle to play!!!!! Guess what...I AM THE TOP SCORER! Muahaha! I got a total of 62 points. Well, most of the words that I came up with were usually not more than 4-5 words. Hmmm... The word that make me the most proud of wat 'geek'. LOL. It just remind me of the Jason Maraz song's 'geek in the pink'. On the other side, that SPY was a real nerdy hero!!! Sounds like Chicken little? LOL. She actually could come up with some "chim" words that grassy and I didn't think of. Salute SPY! As for the greeny grass....I got nothing to say. She is sooo CRABBY! Kekeke!

Opps! I peep at her album again!
Hmmm... Grassy told me not to look her album but do I care? =x Hahaha! I saw she wrote something like her bestfriends in her primary school days were blah... Chujie and Chun Li. Yea, that's the girl that I wanna say.

Chun Li used to be my best friends when we were in Primary 1-2. Or I should say, Chun Li, Jia Qian and me were best friends during those days. However, when we were in primary 3, I went to the average class, Jia Qian went to the most lousy class and Chun Li went to the best class. Blah...Later we were no longer close. Maybe it's due to our intelligence? LOL. Maybe yes. That time, I felt that Chun Li has change ever since she was in the best class. Hm... Kinda look down on the average and the lousy? I have no idea. I could be wrong. She is a nice person after all.

Hooohaaa.. Grassy we used to share the same good friends? LOL.

I couldn't thnking of some photos. LOL!

My Lolo is on the extreme left. Yea, you can say he don't look good but well...It's the first time I ever see him take such kind of photos! LOL. Nonethess, he still looks better when he is on the pitch.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Red alert!

Should she stay or should she go?
Is she worth to be one of us? I think she is not. Will she do something to redempt herself? Heaven knows. You never seem to be part of us. The topic you talk about don't seem to be blend in sometime. I just feel weird with you around sometimes. Yes, just sometimes, count yourself lucky.

Help! Help! There's no eletricity
Sunday and Monday night my house got a sudden blackout due to the airpot. I was using my PC half way the the electricity went off. So we decided not to use the airpot Till today, I don't know where the water that I have been drinking come from! LOL. We have not been boiling any water since Monday. Kekeke!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Monsters Outing

Yeehaa! The full summary is over here. Haha.

Burn baby burn!
Yawn! I actually wake up at 9:30am to bathe!!!Cycling at East coast park was fun but looking at how SPY ridding the bicycle was even more entertaining!!!! At the end of 2 hours ride, I think she somehow manage to balance her bicycle. When she master it, I think we could have a monsters race. Hahahaha.

After the 2 hours ride, the scorching sun is making us turning darker and darker. Grassy should be very happy because if she get darker, she can match with her "own race". Right Grassy? Haha.

Beads beads beads
We were making out bracelet after we came back from ECP. I wonder if Grassy's room is now full of beads. Haha. Hello Grassy! Jealous of my bracelet ma? LOL. It's so fun to tease her.

Oh Geylang, Geyland!
At night, we somehow went to tour around all the Lorong at Geyland while we looked for food. It was interesting to see the prostitutes hanging around the corridor looking for customers. Sometime when you look at these girls, I wonder if I should pity them or not. Hm... Maybe I should pity those wife whose husband went out to fool around with other girls. Next week, we will be going to ECP again so I don't mind walking around those area again. LOL.

Holy food!
After 1 hour of walking, we finally settled down at a coffee shop which is soooooo near to Grassy's house. -_- We ordered fried prawn noodle and carrot cake. SPY decided to call them the holy food. Hahaha. I finished all the holy food and now I'm wondering when I will become God again.

I was somehow addicted to the show that was showing on the TV. I was interested to know what is going to happen next and suddenly, SPY asked me something like, "What have you explore in Geyland?" So without a second thoughts, I answered her, "girls". Hahha. That stupid Grassy said I sounded like as if I'm thinking in the point of view of a man.

Yawnz. It was a tiring day but Im loving it!

It seems like everywhere we go, we will see catssssssssss. Plus, Grassy can speaks cat language!! So scary! Anyway, there is a more scary thing. This woman is so inhumane. After doing her act, she actually went to upload those photos. Poor cat T.T

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Never judge a book by its cover

Never again
I finally got to got the freaking schedule sheet from her. You know what? In return, she asked me to print this and that for her. Fuck it. I told myself that this gonna be the last time. NEVER AGAIN! When I met her and after she gave me the paper, we have a short chat. I pretend like nothing has ever happen. She asked me if I'm going to take part time course for my diploma. I told her 'no' and she was like "Aiya, why? Take the same as me la." Inside my heart, I was so glad that I am not going to meet you again! I always think that you're nice but well..."ren bu ke mao siang".

I'm so in love with the Brokeback mountain!! I'm gonna buy the book no matter what >.<
Anyway, I was trying to do a new layout for my lj. Yea, that stupid journal that I have not been touching for months. I totally lurrrve the new layout. It's featuring none other than Jake Gyllenhaal! I actually wanted to use Heath Ledger's photos to do but er.. It didn't turns out the way I wanted. Haha. I have not been touching on those html and graphics for so long. I'm getting rusty on such stuffs. Oh no!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Random things

Purple Monster's birthday
14th March was SPY's 18th birthday. My oh my! I always thought it is 13th March. Maybe 13th sounds nicer. LOL. I'm too lazy to type, the summary of the day is all here. Well, we were really happy that day. This does sum up everything.

Teacher Kristin!!
I went back to Kanooka schoolhouse yesterday. I'm so happy that my old k2 class keep calling me when they see me =D I must be a lovable teacher. Muahaha.

Brokeback Mountain
This is helluva great movie! Actually, it's a R21 movie and I am not suppose to watch it but well, I did it my way to watch it. Haha. Wonder why it's a R21 movie? Okay, it's because it's a gay movie -_- Whatever it is, the whole show is so touching. The stroyline is really fab. I almost cry while watching. My only regret is that there is no Chinese sub title so I don't get some of the important lines that they say. The Americans accent is fine but Heath Ledger's Aussie accent is killing my ears. Most of the time, I think he is like mumbling to himself.

Usually, I prefer to watch comedy or horror movie. When it comes to action or romantic movie, I usually don't watch it. This is like the first time that I ever bother to watch a romantic movie. I remembered Lisa told me this is a helluva great movie and I MUST watch it. Luckily, I did listen to her. Haha. Maybe Heath Ledger is another reason why I wanna watch it. LOL.

I really love the part when Ennis (Heath Ledger) went to Jack's (Jake Gyllenhaal) house after he died. He went to his room and found the clothes that they used to wear while herding the sheep. He took the clothes and saw the blood stain (They were fighting and punching each other before they left brokeback mountain. haha.) and he almost broke into tears. You know that scene just wanna make people cry. T.T

Anyway, here have several quotes that I really like. Hm... I guess the best quotes for me was...

Jack Twist: Tell you what. The truth is... sometimes I miss you so much I can hardly stand it.

When he was saying it, his expression was so awww... I couldn't even describe. I really take my hats off to these 2 actors. They are really brilliant!

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Being loved is a bless

I somehow quite envy cousin, who got married yesterday. She knew her current husband for 10 years and they finally got married last night. Wow! Can you imagine they have been together for 10 years!!! They got to know each other when they were 18 years old and now they are already 28 years old. Right now, it's not easy to find someone who can be loyal to you for even 1 year and I'm not even saying about 5 years. Maybe it's too early for a love-noob to say this. Well, I hope they can "bai tou dao lao".

Anyway, I heard that Grassy has been very sick. Don't know what's wrong with her body system that make her so weak. Le sigh. I know I'm can't cast a spell or something but I just hope she can get well soon. <---- Sound totally useless. Soon it will be Purple birthday and matter of factly, I have not been doing much preparation for her birthday. Er... yea, maybe soon. Anyway, we will meet again on Thursday.

Monday, March 6, 2006

I miss the chance to be a star

Crazy football fans
This show on ESPN is looking for Serie A fans in Singapore. MY friend, Sham, is asking me to go with him along with his other 4 friends. I gave a thought about it and I decided that I doesn't wish to go. It's not though I think I will look bad on TV (LOL). I will defintely be very uneasy infront of the camera. I guess I would rather go out with my monsters.

3 words - It's getting boring! I did a new layout but I don't have FTP to upload anymore. Sigh.

Can baby laugh when he is only 12 days old?

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