Monday, October 4, 2004



In less than 1 month, I'll be taking my O level exam. I have to spend lesser time infront of my computer. I'll only come back after my exam. This exam is ultra important to me. I really want to do well and hopefully I can go to the polytechic that I want to. Wish me good luck ok? For now, I'll only update my livejournal. I think LJ is much more better than blogger and it's more easier to use. Hehe! If you miss me, feel free to go to my LJ to check me out.Best wishes to all my friends who are taking your O level exam. I know you people can do it! Work hard and don't let yourself down. Hey Ling Hui! If you're reading this, it's time for you to switch off your computer and study hard. Haha! Good luck to everyone!!!

Buona fortuna!

Friday, October 1, 2004


[ saintxsin ]
[Feeling: Look at the avatar]
[Listening: Maroon 5 - Through with you ]

I bought new Maroon 5 CD. I know it's a waste of money but I don't care. The person who took my discman will GET HE/SHE RETRIBUTION SOON!

I skip school today because I stayed up late last now and I can't get up the next morning. Hehe! Now, I don't know what excuse should I give my form teacher.

I really want to thanks my best buds. They always call me when I didn't go to school. They'll always call to see if I'm ok. My sis said that her friends don't even give a damn about her if she didn't go to school. I'm really glad that I know them. Although sometimes I'm really angry by their behaviour, action and attitude, I still have to say I really love you guys. Without you two, my life will be dull and liveless.

I'm quite happy that people actually come and confide their problems to me. I'm gald that they think I'm a trustworthy person. *Grin* I'm becoming a more spiritual person. Lol! J/k. I just hope I can do my best for them.

Mrs Tan wanted to see me but untill today I have not go and find her. I have to book a date with her tomorrow. *sigh*

To my other friends who feel trouble by some problems.. Here's some messages for you.
(Sorry I just love this so much. Lol!)

No matter how difficult the challenge, when we spread our wings of faith and allow the winds of God's spirit to lift us, no obstacle is too great to overcome.

Hope never abandons you; you abandon it.

Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine. I am not concerned that you have fallen - I am concerned that you arise.

-For CJS

When you're feeling sad, just remember that, I'M CUTE, YOU'RE CUTE and OTHERS IS UGLY.

- For HT

There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving and that's your own self!

- For LK

Forget about the sadness and sorrow and look on the brighter side of life.

-For Melvin

To get the rainbow, you have you endure the storm first.

- For everyone who is reading this.

All the best to everyone!

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