Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My laziness has set in

I have not been blogging for going a week! Wow! I'm gonna broke my this year record! Haha! I have been busying doing whatever sorts of thing. I have started working again for my part time job this week so I tend to get a little bit more lazy.

Probably will update pictures tomorrow! Ciao!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let's turn the clock back to 2009!

I know every new year I should be doing a recap for 2009. You might be wondering why did I only choose to do it now? Actually it's pretty simple, it's because I am going to celebrate my 22nd birthday soon. I will just love to look back what have I done when I'm a 21 year old girl.


Went CNY shopping with SPY and her sisters.

Reunion dinner with family

First time making breakfast for my dear.

Celebrated LK's 21st birthday.


Celebrated our first Valentine's day

Celebrated my 21st birthday!

First time Lou Hei with dear's family.

First time been to the Night Safari

First time went out in the nigh till like 4-5am in the morning then went back to sleep. Haha~


Celebrated Tim's birthday

Bought a new Winnie the Pooh bedsheet.

First time waking up so early for breakfast before going to work.


Celebrated SPY's birthday. We have a steamboat at her house. I hope to have another one this year. Hehe! Shall we make it annually?


Bought lotsa t-shirt from Taiwan

A colleague last day of work. I specially put this up because I love how cute we are with out jellyfish's head. HAHA!

First time to receive a flower from him.


Steamboat with Monz! Wow! We finally met up after like 4 months!!

I pass my basic theory!!!


Celebrated XY's birthday

Celebrated Papa's birthday!

Went Har Paw Villa!


Won $50 Waraku voucher and went there to eat! =)

First time been to a poly cateen -___- (NYP)


Some cleaner auntie cracked my laptop (workplace)

Got a surprise necklace from dear. It's something I didn't expect him to buy.

Went KL with grassy! It's so wasted we never took any picture together!! =/ Anyway I like the effect of this photo I took. Haha!


Celebrated Mama's birthday

Went Southern Ridges with my family.

Left UOB ~


Bought Fuji Instax Mini 7!

Met up with Grassy & SPY before xmas!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tips for woman: If any slut is pestering your guy

I have a little conversation with my dear friend, SPY yesterday regarding some issue. Recently, there's this irritating bitch who keep pestering my bf. I was like argh! I feel like stabbing her and chop her into pieces.

Master SPY share some of her tips for me ... Here's what she said...

Do things the subtle ways... Be a wise woman!

If your guy got a girl, who likes him in his workplace
1: First warned your boyfriend about this girl
2: Talk about it opening
3: Dress up nicely to his workplace to show everyone two of you are very lovey dovey

If the girl is not working in his workplace

a) She bugs him on the phone.
Help him reply the sms that she sent, "sorry, probably you can look for him later.. he's soundly asleep by my side"

I'm quite sure the woman will be pissed.

2) If she call him
Pick up the phone for him. Talk to your bf while he is talking to the girl by saying, "Hey darling, put on ur clothes/pants first."



you can say this "OMG! its that pork chop calling u again" or "dear, thanks for cooking this heart shape steak for me" then your bf gotta continue by saying "sorry, i'm busy right now, bye!"

Well, you can say anything u wan. =)

I know most woman will flare out and start to throw temper at their bf or even call up the 3rd party and start scolding her blah blah blah... but I guess that is not going to work. The more angry you are, the more happy the 3rd party is. Isn't it? Anyway, I hope whatever mention above is useful for whoever who is going through similar situation.

Lastly, my friend told me... "go n hold on to ur man ya! :D:D wish u great luck in chasing the pork chop away!"

I am not worried that my bf will run away and go with other woman. The reason is not because I'm like some proud and arrogant person, it's because I know the fact that he will be the one crying and living in sorrow if I leave him due certain incident. HAHA!! I shall not share the rest with everyone unless you are my good friends and interested to know.

What I need to do is to chase the pork chop away! Hmmm... Pork chop so nice to eat man. Wahaha!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gearing up for my driving test

I will be taking my practical test in like 2 weeks time!! I'm kinda nervous and yet very excited about it. I really hope to get my driving license as it will be my greatest and the MOST expensive birthday gift ever! I spent like S$2,000 just to learn how to drive! Can you imagine how freaking expensive it is!!! Im not even talking about buying a car or what =/ Anyway, gotta thanks to my mother, who sponsored me S$1000 for my driving. Hehe!

Well, here are some pointers to remind myself for during the test.

1) Adjust the seat correctly, if not after 30mins of driving my leg already start to ache
This happen when I just started driving. I tend to adjust my seat too close to the steering wheel. Maybe I keep feeling that my legs are short so I gotta adjust the seat nearer but it's not true! I don't need to adjust the seat very close to the steering wheel in order to let my leg to reach the pedal!!!

2) Most instructors will say checking of blind-spot is easy but I must make sure I turn my correctly so if the tester happen to say I turn too much or too little I can always argue with him!!
This happen to Grassy and choi! Let's say if it happen to me, Im sure I will argue with him. You see, if I spent so much money and NONE of the instructor mention that my checking of blind-spot is wrong, doesn't it means that the instructors are not doing their job? If no one pointed this out and only the tester mention it, maybe it's the tester himself got problem!

3) Always stop at the stopping line. Even there's no car,I must also stop for at least 1 sec.
During 4.02, my instructor said I didn't stop at the stopping line. He said what I did was merely just slowing down. (orly?) So maybe I should stop for 2-3 seconds. Haha!

4) Always look far ahead and lookout for any hazard that are infront of me!
I must be extra alert all the time!! Now, I'm already ok with signaling to the left when there's a hazard infront but just in case... I shall remind this to myself all the time!

$%$^$^#^#^&#@&*( I don't know for how many times have I miss out the motorbikes! Argh! I always check that there's no car and I move forward but there's always motorbike appear out of nowhere and instructors will said this to me, "you didn't notice the motorbike?" I will always like... "er got meh?" Haha! I don't want to fail the test because of missing out the motorbikes!

6) That day, for 4.01 I got a quite young good looking instructor, he told me that if I wanna get the license as my birthday present I shall treat the tester as my uncle. So if I wanna pass. I should make sure that he feel safe sitting in my car by drive safely and correctly and also ensure that I do all safety checks

7) Know the circuit well or least look at the signboard and marking on the road.
There's like 2-3 times when asked to turn left,I ended up nearly turning into the wrong lane which is for the oncoming car -___- Last time even worse, when I turn right I should go to the right lane but I went to the left lane!! Thanks to the quite good looking instructor, he give me a good tip by saying, if Im turning left... so my car should go the left. It's I'm going right then I should be going to the right. Sounds so logical! Lol. Im so dumb man.

8) Always look/check back when reversing
Seriously, I didn't know this until the quite good looking instructor told me so. Aww man... so lucky to get this random instructor who is not from my group. He is the one who told me that when doing the auto ram, I have to look back when reversing. Sounds very stupid right? Instructors from my own group didn't even notice this mistakes.

9) Be extra careful when turning into point 19 in circuit!During my stage 4, all instructors said I'm good with circuit and said my parking has no problem! Hehe! It's good to hear that and I just hope I can continue to do it for my test. 1 instructor even said that my circuit is better than my driving on the road... Then while he talking I suddenly mount kerb -____- #%$^$%^@%^ Then he was like... "Aiyo why like that?" Wahahhaha! I hate point 19, I mounted the kerb twice there! At 4.04, while I was turning there, I am super duper careful with it and when Im doing the turning, the instructor suddenly "ahhhhh...." She makes me damn nervous la! I thought what's happening!! Then she said, "Wow, that's so close. Nearly mount kerb." $%$^*(%(!& Maybe only female instructor will be so kan cheong? HAHA.

10) RELAX! Enjoy driving & pass my test! =)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My brithday wishlist!

My birthday is like less than 1 more month to go so it's not very exaggerate to list out what I want right? Whahaa! I start to prepare early so people can *ahem* prepare present earlier. I never expect my friends & family to get anything expensive for me, I just want to get the things that I want and it's useful to me (at the moment =p)

1) Winnie the pooh's photo album from minitoons.
Only $9.95! I need this to put stuff, not photos! Haha. Hmmmm... Maybe I need 2?

2) Winnie the pooh's seat mat.
I don't know what's the actual for it. Hehe. I need this to replace my old and dirty one. It only cost $12.90! Not expensive right?! I saw this at Suntec - Carrefour.

3) Lumpy the Heffalump!
Cos it's too cute not to have. He is too cute not to have it. He is one the character in Winnie the poo. Somebody is already going to buy this! =p

4) Winnie the pooh's hanging pockets.
I need this to replace something else. Haha. It's not expensive! I saw this @ Jurong Point's NTUC

5) Lumix Lx 3
I have been eying for this for so long. I doubt anyone will buy for me >.< I'm working hard for this but currently it's damn hard as I'm no longer working full time =/ Anyone wanna donate money to me? Or bao some ang bao? Haha.

6) Blackberry 2!
It cost $298 + $100 if I buying it. The $100 is because my contract still left with 1 year to go. =/ I'm not sure if I wanna sell my omnia. It worth around $200+. If I sell it and maybe try to get $100 voucher from starhub, it will be so damn worth it! HAHA! But I kinda not bear to sell my Omnia away. Hmmmm...

Will continue to update the list as time goes by =P

Monday, January 11, 2010

Fried bee hoon

I fried this in 2009 and I forget to post them. Haha.

Ingredients: Cabbage, carrot, crab meat, eggs, Taiwan sausage ba ding, (oops! forget what is it call in English =O )

Cut the Taiwan sausage & crab meat into cubes. Beat the eggs.

This time I actually fried the eggs first. Hehe.

Then I cooked the veggie.

Then I cook the bee hoon and after that I threw in all the ingredients!

Ta dahhh! Ready to eat! So easy!

If only I am paid to cook for my family! Hmmm...how I wish my parent is reading this. Haha!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

This is how the MOLESTED 'GIRL' LOOK LIKE!

I bet alot of you have heard about the new regarding the 4 men molesting a girl during the New Year countdown party at Sentosa. The GIRL as mentioned in the news is actually A DICK GIRL! LOL!

She is a transsexual!!!

Here's how she actually looks like! ( I stole this pic from a friend's friend facebook. xD ) I don't know why several websites is censoring her face =p

OMG! Nice body but the face is really cannot make it! What you think now? Are you gonna still pity the woman or blame the guys for now helping this girl? Haha!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My complaint letter to BBDC!

Yesterday I am very angry with my driving instructor and therefore I should go ahead and write a letter to complaint him!!

Here's what I wrote =P

To: person-in-charge,
I have attended 18 lessons in BBDC as a school student and so far I have met good instructors from my own group (G8002). However, on the 4th Jan 2010, I didn't get my own group instructors and I got this Chinese instructor (instructor no.6341 as indicate in the web when I login), car E111.

He is the worst instructor that I ever encounter.When the lesson started, he wasted alot of my precious time by waiting and waiting. I do understand that sometimes we have to give way to test car or any other cars that pass by but when those cars have already passed by, he still sit there waiting and relax for no reason.

After that he drove to the vertical parking area, and then there was another instructor walked by, he ended up talking to him. Totally a waste of my time and after that he then decided to go on with the lesson.

When he was demonstrating on how to do the vertical parking, he simply just do it without saying anything. He did not give any instruction and guidelines on how to do it. He demo twice and I realized that the way he did it is different from the book. So I asked him, why his method seems different from the book. He laughed and said that it's not necessary to follow the book. I understand his point of view and therefore I asked him, "then from your method, can you show me at which point I need to start turning the wheels to full lock?" He then demonstrated to me one more time and after that I finally get the chance to try.By than more than half an hour has gone!

I don’t wish to get too long winded so I will summarize the other important points on why he totally failed as an instructor and why I simply wasted my money and time on that day.

1. He DID NOT tell me when and where to check the blindspots. He is an instructor, shouldn’t he BE THE ONE telling me? If I didn't ask him is he not going to open his mouth and tell me what things to take note?

2. He should has told me to turn the wheel more to the left or right VERBALLY and not keep adjusting my wheels without saying anything to me. How would I know what's wrong with my driving and how can I learn anything from the way he do it? For your info, I never has such problem with other instructor. The other instructor that I have met, if they feel like I'm going too left or right, they will always tell me things like, “turn abit more to the left or right.” I am the one learning, if I am not doing it correctly, shouldn't he be guiding me and therefore I can learn from my mistake?

3. He keep on steeping on the brake, to further slow down my speed when I'm only driving on 20km/h. If there's danger infront of me I can understand why he did it. He seems to be doing it for fun! if I need to brake more, shouldn't he be using HIS MOUTH TO TELL ME? This is what other instructor will do, if there's a need to slow down, they will inform me to brake more. If everything he wants to do it for me, then shouldn't he be sitting on the driver's seat instead of me?

4. He DID NOT tell me when to straighten my car when doing the parking and he just EXPECT ME TO KNOW IT. When I asked this question, “is it at this point I should start straightening?” He immediately shoot this question back at me, “Do you know how to see if your vehicle is straight anot?” in a very proud manner. In the first place, if I know how to do it, I wouldn’t have ask him right? I asked him the question nicely, shouldn’t he be telling me how to do it instead of trying to mock at me?

5. He wasted my time again by asking me to driving round and the circuit and doing S and crank course, directional change and parallel parking. Sometimes he just asked me to drive 1 round without going through any course! I know it’s good to go through the previous stage item but since my vertical parking is already ok, and I did not knock down any poles, shouldn’t he be proceeding to the next stage which is 3.08 - Brake on ram?

6. HE IS VERY RUDE! When I asked him will we be touching on stage 3.08. He smirk and said, “Oh yes of cos……....... on your next lesson. Now not enough time” He said it in a sarcastic way and I very angry with his reply. At that point of time, I am not sure of the time, even if I did ask a silly question, should he be answering my question in this manner?

7. During my previous lesson, instructor Mazlan from group 8002, he managed to teach me stage 3.05 and 3.06 together in one lesson. I have no problem with him and he is a patient and detail instructor. I don’t see why this Chinese instructor can’t teach 2 stages in one lesson. If he did not waste my time again, will I be not able to complete 2 stages in 1 lesson? He even said that, “Oh vertical parking need 1 lesson to learn one”. If that is the reason then, why he did not spent the whole lesson teaching on this subject? Why he did not give me more attempts to do the vertical parking? Is there such a rule in BBDC that the student MUST take 1 lesson to do vertical parking? Must he really has to waste and drag my lesson time just because IT IS A MUST to spend 1 lesson on vertical parking? Now I might have to spend more money to book an additional slot for my driving, is BBDC going to refund my money for the lesson on 4th Jan? Logically the answer would be a no but it seems very unreasonable that I am paying money just to get a UNPROFESSIONAL instructor and a very unpleasant lesson.

8. Before the lesson ended, he did let me try the braking on the ram (stage 3.08) for 1 time as I requested for it. For your info, at that point of time we still have around 15 – 20mins He seems very unhappy with me, he slammed the door very loudly when he went out of the car to place the poles on the ram. Do I deserve such treatment? It is not as if we are left with 5 minutes! It's 15-20mins! When lesson ended, he didn't bother to review on how’s my performance and I did not ask him any question as my mood was already ruin by him.

Anyway, I find out that whenever I have my lesson and if the instructor is not from my group 8002, they tend to teach less thoroughly. They seems to have the mentally that “oh she’s not from my group so I can anyhow teach.” I heard from someone that instructor’s bonus is depends on the passing rate of the student from their group. If this is true, I can understand why instructors from other group are giving me a “lousy” lesson but at least their attitude is not as bad as this instructor no, 6341.

I hope to get some reply from those highlighted in red. If possible, please do give this instructor some warning. Also, is there any ways that I can avoid this instructor 6341 again? I don't wish to waste my time and money again to get such improper behavior and teaching from him.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Last lunch of 2009 at Kushin Bo

Just let the pictures do the taking...

Happy birthday to my grandma!

I have a not-too-bad 2009. Hope to have a better 2010 =)

Can baby laugh when he is only 12 days old?

Im kind of like cant believe it myself when I heard my baby laughing. I just fed him and he fell asleep. Shortly, he smiled and “hahaha” sof...