Thursday, September 30, 2004

Friends. Friends. Friends.

This morning was super duper scary. I felt really awful and I really felt alot for the whole suitation. I don't know why, maybe I experience a smiliar suitation before. When I see we what JC did this morning, I was really taken aback and I really takes my hat of JS for being so calm in all suitation. JS really has a very strong character, at least that's what I think. When JC threw something at JS's table, it hit my chair, suddenly I felt I was half deaf. I don't know why, maybe the impact was really big.

Seeing them this way, I nearly wanted to cry out because it just reminds me how painful I was when such things t happen to me. Also, I hate to see them this way. All the lessons before recess, I found myself can hardly laugh but I somehow manage to. Whatever happen to them. I wish them all the best. Well, we're all CAIs so I think I should send my blessing to them too. *wink*

During English lesson, I wrote something about them. I wonder if it's nice as my English isn't that fantastic after all.

One aways hide his inner emotion,
another often shows his feelings by making a commotion.

He smiles, laughs and make sure he is himself,
while another will flare up and kick the shelf.

To end the friendship, he throws all the past away,
but another never wants it to end up this way.

Why must they do this to each other,
whne they actually love one another.

To get the rainbow, you have to pass the storm first.

No matter how difficult the challenge, when we spread our wings of faith and allow the winds of God's spirit to lift us, no obstacle is too great to overcome.

Hope never abandons you; you abandon it.

Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine.

I am not concerned that you have fallen - I am concerned that you arise.

My another friend is feeling very down too. I just feel that sometimes she is very fake but I think she just doesn't want to show how she totally feel. But luckily, she did told me how she felt about certain things. I send her a SMS her before and tell her... "When you're feeling sad, just remember that, I'M CUTE, YOU'RE CUTE and OTHERS IS UGLY" Not much meaning, I just want her to be happy :)

Ok, forget about the sadness and sorrow... I shall talk about something else...Sorry can't think of one. All is just so... forget it. Bye! I need some sleep now.

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Monday, September 27, 2004

Shocking news about English Prelim Exam

Today school was quite bad. I was tired and my eye's lid was weighting heavier and heavier each time Mrs Tan spoke. Not long, I was caught by Mrs Tan, she asked me to go to the toilet to wash my face. Hehe!

There was also another SHOCKING NEWS! Do you know that only 20% of the whole secondary four students passed their English Prelim Exam? I was like, WTF? It's the first time I failed my English soooooooo badly for my English. Everyone was cursing and scolding Mrs Siew. She is soooo strict!! No teacher ever mark it such a way that so many people failed. I think she is sick! Her husband must had a quarrel with her before she marked the paper. SICKO!

Then after school I went to find Mr Fuad for my class photos and he told me that for the time being he can't find the photos so I have to come and find him again tomorrow to get the photos from him. I think Mr Fuad is getting old. *sigh*

I wanted to make my own POSB card today and later then I realised that I'm still underage to make my own POSB card! Dammit! That also means I can't buy my own discman and digital cam yet! Argh!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Mood: Happy!
Listening: Nothing!

Ian is more than just a swimmer!


Hehe! This is the one when he was preparing for the 100m freestyle. The one that caught me by surprised that he actually know how to act cute. Lol!

This morning I have my Prelim Science Pratical. The paper is still alright. Not too difficult and not too easy. I think I made some mistakes here and there. Hopefully, I can pass. Btw, after the practial, when Minyi saw Christopher, she immediately went to tell him her experience for her practical. Lol! I think she has misunderstood something. I bet she thinks her guarding star is Christopher. Well, her gaurding star was much bigger than Christopher. Lol! The story has just begin...

[EDIT] Singapore's Li Jiawei lost 3-4 to South Korea's Kim in table tennis. Although it's a little disappointed, there's still chance of getting the bronze! I bet many of my fellow Singapore are all behind her too! [/EDIT]

4E6 Rock!

[Feeling: Exhausted ]
[Listening: The Darkness - I believe in a thing called love ]

We have floorball competition today! 4E6'ians are a group of awesome people. All competitors and non-competitors was so enthusiastic. Although we lost, we gain another level of team spirit. I think I didn't play my best. During PE lesson, I actually had a fall. I hurt my old injury again.Argh! Not only that, I also have some blisters on my toe. I thought it's ok so I told them that I still can play. I wanted to play! I hope I can score and help my class to win! I think Im a little crazy to continue to play with my injury but I really wanted to my class to win.

I thought I don't like my class but now I realized, I do love my class alot!
We lost the first match. I was very angry about Mr Koh. He gave a controversial penalty to the opponent. I was also very sad because I think my class has lots of potetial and we have great players like Azmi, Mirza & Nurul, I thought we should have won. I almost wanted to cry when I see my class keep losing.

At last we won 2-0 for our last match. Almighty Mirza! He scored twice! He's a better scorer than I. Lol! I think Im not suppose to compare me and him. Sometimes, I really envy people like Mirza & Nurul. They're not only good in sports, they're good in their studies and they're also very good looking! Haha!

To add on something, I think Desmond is a real gentleman. Haha! During the game, he accidentally knocked me down. Guess what he did next? Most guys will just say sorry but he helped me up. Hehe! Isn't he nice? Haha! But too bad he already has a girlfriend.

Talking about sports. Hehe. Im showing off some of my trophies and medals I have won. Hehe! They're real one ok. Those trophies are heavy. Haha! I won all these are either because of Volleyball or from field track events.

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Monday, September 20, 2004

The Terminal

Feeling: Great
Listening: Usher - Confession Part 2

I went to see The Terminal with my sis! This movie was really really awesome. I sugguest all of you to go and watch it. The show is really hilarious. I was laughing real hard when Navorski, the guy who stuck at the terminal, helping his friend to ask Dolores many many question.

There's also some part which are very touching, esp, when the Gupta, the cleaner, trying to stop the plane from flying and also when Navorski was telling Amelia that he promised to grant his late father's wish - to go to New York to get an certain jazz player's signature.

Erm.. I was bad in describing something because my English vocab. is limited. Haha! Hope whatever I said doesn't spoil the movie. Haha! It's a great movie! Tom Hanks is brilliant! Steven Spielberg is a great director! Oh.. what's more can I saw. You better go watch it, if you have not!

Tomorrow is going to be my D-Day!! Argh!!

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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Romanisti Per Sempre!

Mood: Angry
Listening: Scott Stepp - Relearn Love

Fuck those people who kept saying "Shame on Roma". Can't you people realized that IT'S ONE STUPID FAN'S ACTION that lead to the whole problem. It's none of Roma players' fault! You people shouldn't just point finger at them. Now Roma might face a hefty fine and might even ban from Champion League, which I hope it won't happen. I hate read those stupid comments from some people's blog. Can you people be more sensible? Even if you hate Roma, it's not right to attack them this way. It's not fair to them! Fuck you people!

Romanisti Per Sempre!

Btw, today is Saturday, nothing much about it. I wanted to buy Roma's jersey today but I think it'd be better if I'll make my POSB card first then I can use it to buy!! Somehow I can't make up my mind whether I want a the name 'Totti' or 'Cassano' at the back of the jersey. Never mind, I guess I still have time to think.

That day I found tons of lovely Ian's photos. I kept drooling over those photos. Lol! I kept disturbing my friends, saying how handsome he was. Haha! Hm.. can't believe what Kim said yesterday. Although I have heard a lot about this, I can never really accept when people says that he's a gay. Whether he is or not, it don't really affect me. Well, I really don't buy that theory. I guess I just hope he swim well for all events, it doesn't matter if he's gay or not because I know he will never be mine. Haha!

I'm SO HAPPY! I manage to get rid of the gettymage tag!!!!!

Anyway, I realized that I blog again in less than 24 hours! Haha! So I don't mind having only 3 comments. Haha!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Away for 1 week.

Feeling: Sleepy
Listening: Switchfoot - Dare you to move

Ok I'll be away for 1 week. I'm not going for holidays although I wish I am. Haha! I'm occupy with tons of exam for this week. During exam, I guess there won't be much things to blog about. Haha! Do miss me ok? I'll be back on Tue! I'd love you if you leave a comment and I'll check back your site soon!

Fabio Cannavaro
My boy..*wink*

Hm... I'll just talked a little about today. I dream again. Some rubbish thing. I dream that Singapore, Jurong area had a blackout again and I was there cursing the government. Haha!

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Monday, September 13, 2004

Super Slacker!

Feeling: *sigh*
Listening: Switchfoot - Dare you to move

Today Chem prelim wasn't so hard after all. I didn't really study, so for some questions I can't think of the answer. Haha! Who to blame? Me! Many of the question, I answered using my memory. What's worse is that I can't answer some stupid-super-easy question. Haha! Who to blame? Me! *sigh* I didn't study much for all subjects except for my humanities.

I'm like waiting to fail all my subjects. *sigh* After today's prelim, Hui Ting and I was like, "
It's just a prelim!!" Haha! I know I can't do this for my O level. *sigh* I have to prepare for tomorrow Math & MT prelim. *sigh*

Ok, talk about something more happier. Roma beat Forentia 1-0! Just as what I have expected. A good start for Roma but a bad start for Cassano as he was being sent off. *sigh* Not too happy after all. Argh! Just can't find some happy things.

Probably this...

Happy 31st Birthday to Cannvaro!

Image Hosted by
Wish him all the best in whatever he do!

Yay! I think of a new good news! is going to have a new hostee! Haha! I have to go and practice some Math sum now. All the best to myself.

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Sunday, September 12, 2004


Feeling: Excited
Listening: My Dad is listening to his oldies' song again!

I can't help it when I see him. I'll jump up and down. Haha! I'm so smitten with my new neighbor. He is young and has a shoulder length, dyed hair. Medium built. Handsome. Tan. About the type of guy that I like. Haha!

The first time I saw him was when I was walking to the lift, his house's door was opened and I saw him mopping the floor and he was shirtless! Whaoooo... I kept looking at him and I only turned away when he look at my direction. That was the time I have fallen for him. Haha! My sis told me that he was looking at me. If that was really true, I'll be flying. Haha!

It's not easy to see him as his door is always close. So sad right? Haha! There was also another time that I played with his son when he's not around. Haha! His son is sooooo cuteeee. How I wish I can play with him again. *sigh*

Yesterday night was a total madness. I saw his door opened! Sadly, he wasn't around. But that was enough to make me felt so great. Haha! I kept chuckling to my sis but later it end up in some bad inccident with my Mum. *sigh*

This afternoon when my family was going to eat lunch, I saw him again!!! I was so excited and I tried to look at him but I turned away when he looked at my direction. I saw him smiling. Aww...He's so cute. I think I'm crazy. He's married and he got 2 children! Don't you think I'm mad? Haha! Yes, I think I am. I don't stand any chance at all! I'm only 16 and I don't know how old he is. I remembered that I told my sis that I wanted to leave a note at his doorstep. Haha! I'm crazy, insane, mad. nuts & obsessive. Ok don't talk about this. Hehe!

Milan draw 2-2 with a newly promoted club. Dida was sent off. This was bad enough but Roma fans said that Milan cheated. One of their goal was offside. Argh. I don't know. Who ask me to like Roma and Milan.

Ok, I'll have my Chem prelims tomorrow. Good luck to me. Bye!

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Monday, September 6, 2004

Girly Totti.

Feeling: Great!
Listening: Maroon 5 - This love

I found these photos last night and I just can't help it but to laugh.

Haha! If you're those young teenagers who regularly went to take the neoprints. You'll know why. Haha! So girly! Haha!

OMG! I can't believe that Totti went to has his hair straighten!! Argh! Missed his wavy hair. *sob* Can you un-straighten your hair back?

Well, what you guys thing about guys having their hair straighten? Well, it all depends for me. Usually guys don't look really great with their straighten hair. It's more suitable for girls!!

I wanted to post another pic but I think it's too obscene. Lol! So I decided not to. Haha! I'm also looking for suitable Ian's pic to compare with Ibrahimovic. I have so much to say about the lost twins. Haha!

Today was a great day. Chemistry practical was the simplest practical I ever did!! Haha! After that during Math lesson we got back our Paper 1. I didn't pass but I just need 5 more marks to pass. It's a great achievement for myself because I'll usually get some shitty marks. Lol! I must work harder during this 1 week holiday. I always say that but I'm not sure if I'll do it. Hehe!

Hopefully, I will pass as my future is important. I'm going to study for the rest of this 1 week except for tomorrow because I'm going to buy my Roma jersey!! Well, there goes my money. Haha! But to me, it's always worth it. If I can't get the new jersey, I might get something else. I'm not sure yet!

Also, that stupid Mirza said that Roma won't get the top 3 spot for this season.
I'm sure that he's wrong!! I can't deny Milan is great and I like Milan too. Hehe! Inter? Cannavaro have left them and their defence will be leaking because Materazzi suck! Juve? If they continue to use Del Piero, all their summer shopping will gone down to the drain. Haha! has closed for don't know whatever reason. I didn't know this is going to happen and almost all my fanlistings that is hosted there has lost all it's members!! *sob* I have moved them to my domain now. Only the members' list at Cannavaro Fl is safe. Other Fls members' lists is gone. *sigh*

Saturday, September 4, 2004

Old folks ain't that bad...

Feeling: Sleepy
Listening: Nothing

I don't feel like watching WWE anymore and I'm going to sleep soon but before that let me said what I want. Haha! I went for CIP today. We have to teach the old aunties and uncles how to use the computer. Well, I thought it'll be very boring but it turned out to be quite interesting. The 2 old ladies that Im teaching was so funny. They laugh over small little things. Those elderly are quite funny at times. Well, I think I didn't waste my time during my CIP. It's meaningful.

Good news! I finally figure out how to setup the database!!! Now all the fanlistings can host under my own domain!! Yay! Haha! But the bad news is... is down and many of my fanlistings are hosted there. *cross finger* I hope the server will be back soo or else I'll cry!!

Another good news... I just done a new layout for Indulgence and it's featuring Ian Thorpe!! Actually there's still things to edit and I wanted to use flinx but I just can't wait to put up the layout so... haha! I have upload everything when something is not done yet. Lol! Also new desktop! It's Thopey again! Hehe!

I watched the news just now and I'm so sick about what the terrorists did to those young children in Russia. They're so inhuman! Can't believe that such things actually happen. I don't know what will I do if I'm there. *shiver* That's all guys! Good nite!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Last post... before I prepare for prelim

Feeling: Ok
Listening: Nickelback - How you remind me

Thanks Jojo for reading my crap. I promise this is my last post! *swear* I'll blog again after my Prelims and I'll do a new layout after my prelims. I Promise!

Ok, before I go, I just wanna ask... Anyone know what's the real meaning of being a friend?

Also leave me some message while Im away ok? Lol!

[EDIT] *Heartache* Canna with Ibrahimovic (The guy that people said he looks like Ian Thorpe.)

No matter where he go I'll still like/support him. All the best to him!

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