Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just random thoughts

Met up with my Monsterz today! We have our dinner and crap abit before we went home. I think we always like to bring up what other ex classmates are doing now? Haha. Oh! I realised something about me and spy, we seems like leave the most interesting topic when we reached her house downstairs! Lol!

Anyway, I was feeling awesome until I reach home. I felt sad when I don't see him at home. I was expecting to see him! I have some communication breakdown with him. *sigh* Sometimes I just wonder why he acted in a certain manner. Alot of things, I guess I will never understand. 说话和做事每次都婆婆妈妈,真受不了!

I wanna show and give him this but he is not here. Its just something that I modified to become that something he wanna buy yesterday.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's August already!

So fast so many months have passed and again, I have not been blogging. So now I decided to do a little update. As usual, I don't know where to begin. Probably, its because my life is too boring =O

My wedding preparation is about 50% done. I think so because I feel I have already booked the main things - venue, photograher,  videographer, bridal etc. Now, I'm only lacking of the details! Oh well, I think I still have alot of time right? But my friend keep asking me to prepare now -.-!!! Anyway, I did a video 2 days ago, it's about how we met each other and eventually got together. I think it's pretty funny because my bb was laughing hard while watching it. So now I have to show it to another 2-3 more person to confirm that my  own video making is a success. Lol! Im also in the midst of updating my another blog which consist of all my wedding preparation. Hehe! I think when the time is right, I will reveal the link to whoever is interested =)

Work has been the same as usual, my bosses just bought me a new laptop. That's really nice of them and I suspect I can bring it home for personal use because THAT IS MINE! *evil laughter*

Before I end this, I just wish to say, recently I am super duper disappointed with someone. I am so disappointed that I can't be bother to confront her or anything. *sigh* I wonder why she will do such things, is it because of someone's influence? I just hope that she can wake up her idea and reflect.

[EDIT] Hello SPY! It's not you! Lol! [/EDIT]

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

A trip to Vietnam - Chu Chi Tunnel (PART 2)

The next morning...

Morning breakfast =D

My mama eating happily

Love the scramble eggs

On the way to Chu Chi Tunnel

We stopped by some handmade craft shops for tourists to buy some of their stuffs. 


At the Chu Chi Tunnel...

Tour guide explaining some of the Vietnam history. 

The mini hole for the Viet Cong to hide.

Wee! I fit in too! LOL. 

I almost couldn't get out because my legs are too short. 

Some of the traps setup by the smart Viet Cong.

The food ate by the Viet Cong.

The shoe they wore for war. 

Another secret tunnel that they built. 

The food they ate. It taste pretty nice actually. 

My parent =D

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A trip to Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh (PART 1)

I went Vietnam 26th March with my family =) I saw the ticket which was selling at $65 per pax on Groupon so I just bought it without thinking if it is cheap or no. Anyway, it is selling on Groupon so it should be cheap right? LOL!

Taking our flight to Ho Chi Minh

When we reach Vietnam...

We took a cab to our hotel. Their cab is really new looking! 

Mifuki Hotel 

The bed is kinda huge. Big enough for 3 person to sleep. 
The moment I saw this, I wonder if this is a norm in all Vietnam hotel or because this is a 'La Sap' hotel -_-

Resting area.

The toilet is not very big but its ok. 

My mum was famished so we basiccally just went into any place that offers food. Lol.

My dad busy taking pictures. 

Anyone what is written here? haha. 

People sitting by the street. Seriously, I dare not try the streets food =(

Children playing by the road side. Seriously, not dangerous meh?

Add caption

Roadside vegetable stall 

Basically, their car just drove anywhere they like. 

Night snacks 


I shall continue part 2 tomorrow =)

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