Monday, January 15, 2007

Bad news

I was rather sad when I heard Randy broke out the new about Richard resigning due to health reasons. *sigh* He said he will teach me how to batch someday, how can he left without teaching me!!! Haha.

He taught me the most when I first came. He always tell me how good everything is and it's always so fun to joke with him. He really is a good assistant supervisor. I will really miss his presence in the office. =) I hope he do really come back to work again when he regain back his fitness.

Till then, we shall see...

Friday, January 12, 2007

Feeling warmth on rainy days

2 days ago, I went to work without my security guard - Umbrella. Then while Im waiting for the traffic light to turn red, I have to stand in the rain. Thankfully, there was this auntie carrying an umbrella, she sheltered me with her umbrella. I was shocked and looked at her. Nonetheless, I smiled and thanked her. She sheltered me all the way to Park Mall.

*sigh of relief* How many such kinds of people can we find in Singapore?

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Im the future supervisor!

Boring Work
First, I'd like to say... Email indeed works! Randy has do as what I said. Lol! The 1pm slot for lunch was removed. No one likes his idea of removing 1pm and 2pm. So I suggested again that we should just remove 1pm slot which I have already mentioned in the email and so everyone agreed! Hurray! 3 cheers to the future supervisor, Kristin! Lol! Guess from today onwards, I will have to buy bread & etc or prepare breakfast more often. Still, I'm glad that I mention that to Randy =)

On the other side of my life
By the way, I'm finally meeting the other 2 monsters on Saturday. Although SPY has already planned, we still get no answer from Grassy. Guess she must be thinking hard because she has to take her projects and school work into consideration. Hopefully, she can decide and give aunty an answer. Grassy, "Bu yao rang lao ren jia deng". Haha! I wanted to choose plan B because it's been sometime that I have not play "poke poke" but I think I want to buy new clothes also! So erm.. Just wait for Grassy/

Recently, I think I'm a little mad, a little too sensitive and erm... A little insane. I told SPY that I know why she likes to call me "Li shi ren" because I think I like to put my brain in the past and live in the present. Then I will begin to question and question about the past. Now, I'm no longer the "Li Shi Ren", she told me that I'm a "Wen ti er tong". Haha.

It's already 4th Jan 2007. Oh woah! -_- I must remember what to buy when I walk pass Watson later today. Too many things to remember, I can't think too much because they are wasting the space in my brain. My brain needs to store more useful stuffs.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New Year Resolutions

More in details

+ have more confident & more self esteem.
+ be victorious and positive in all actions & able to take the fall.
+ thank all those who have walked it like they've talked it and let them know i do not take them for granted.
+ take nothing personally.
+ make any amends that are left to make.
+ mean it when i smile.
+ don't get complacent.
+ save more money
+ take DPT (teaching)

Happy new year

New year and a brand new start. I hope everything will go on more smoothly than the previous year. As you see, I have already put up a new layout. Well, new year also means my blog must change something!

Well, I have wrote down my new year resolution on the left. Hopefully, I'm able to go through all these.

Well, New Year should be happy so I'm here wishing all a Happy New Year! Hope it's a brand new year for everyone. =)

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